5-17-08 Selections and Results

-To all,


Because of myself being upset about the 12-game hit streak lost Friday, I did minimal analysis for Saturday’s games

Looking at what did work Friday was Lance Berkman and Chipper Jones again.  Since very little was at stake Saturday, I directly plugged them into 2 of the 3 slots.  The better hitter gained responsibility of the 2-game hit streak, while the lower of the pair slid into a fresh streak of 0 games.

This still left us with an empty slot and I was not willing to go back to Albert Pujols or Hanley Ramirez right away, as their co-op failures for me, were particularly destructive.  I gave Ichiro Suzuki another shot after going 0 for 6 in a 12-inning game on Wednesday.




Here is a quick look at how I divided everyone up:


Beat the Streak:


1)  Lance Berkman  (Houston Astros)  (0)

2)  Chipper Jones  (Atlanta Braves)  (0)

3)  Ichiro Suzuki  (Seattle Mariners)  (2)



Beat the Streak:  Home Run Edition:


1)  Dan Uggla  (Florida Marlins)  (0)

2)  Lance Berkman  (Houston Astros)  (1)

3)  Conor Jackson  (Arizona Diamondbacks)  (0)


I still read through information about the games during the day to keep up with what is going on, but this was basically a day of from true analysis.


The results were actually really solid as Lance Berkman gave me a homer in the 4th inning to tie  (for the fourth or fitfth time,)  record of a 2-game Home Run streak.  This also started one of my hitting streaks off the ground to one.

My other core player, Ichiro Suzuki delivered in his 1st AB, extending my hitting streak there to 3 games.  However, Chipper Jones failed and gave me an 0 for 4.

Dan Uggla and Conor Jackson also failed to hit home runs for me, so those streaks remained at 0 games.


Overall though, the day was pretty good, since my core hitters both were successful, even though as a whole, I only split the day at 3-3!


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