Beat the Streak Report: Thursday, May 21



Today’s recommended picks

Lance Berkman, 1B, Astros
11-for-26 (.423 AVG) lifetime vs. Brewers starter Jeff Suppan

Chipper Jones, 3B, Braves
7-for-17 (.412 AVG) lifetime vs. Rockies pitcher Aaron Cook; Cook: .299 AVG against in ’09

Ichiro Suzuki, OF, Mariners
.355 AVG during 14-G hitting streak

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

Life has been getting dicey for the BTS front-runners, as yesterday’s action resulted in the end of the leader’s streak for the third straight day. This time, it was Chase Utley’s hitless performance that halted the run of redlandsrick at 28 games. Might we have a BTS hex on our hands along the lines of the S.I. Cover Jinx and the Madden Curse? Let’s hope a savvy and fearless contestant proves us wrong.

With redlandsrick back to square one, Choterita took over first place at 28 games after tabbing Cardinals catalyst Skip Schumaker. adnaz and eric.hubler held steady in their positions behind the new leader, pushing their respective streaks to 26 and 25 games.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Nick Markakis (BAL): 8.0%, 0-for-4
2. David Wright (NYM): 6.4%, 1-for-2
3. Evan Longoria (TB): 3.7%, 1-for-4
4. Johnny Damon (NYY): 3.4%, 0-for-4
5. Torii Hunter (LAA): 2.7%, 1-for-4



    I had Alberto Callaspo yesterday. He went 1-5, but my account says that my streak is at 0?

  2. olewheat

    I had the same thing happen to me! I picked Chase Utley and he had several hits and my streak is at zero! I hate this happened to someone else too but I’m also relieved that I’m not alone! I’m going to try to contact someone at to get this fixed. I will mention your pick situation to them. Hopefully they’ll get this fixed asap! I’ll update if I hear any news!

  3. titantron

    I had a similar issue earlier this season. They will probably have it fixed in a matter of hours, but if not, go ahead and contact them.


    I have question too. There was a double header game for Washington Nationals it was Ryan Zimmerman who hits 2 at first game, no hits at second. Why is that someone streak increased instead back to zero. It mentioned at the rule at least 1 hit for both game during double header. This game was on 5/16

  5. neil_p

    “your streak will only continue if the player gets at least one hit in both games”

    Keyword = in


    Nope their streak continued. It never got fixed, not sure about now I don’t remember their entry name/id. This game should allow you to go back and type (player) and entry name with show up who picked that player.

    I hope you understand that. I’m a foreigner/english is second language.


    Also PH player shouldn’t count at all or at least 2 Attempt Batting. This is hard to avoid. I think this way we might have a winner this year of 2009 or possibly this July/August

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