Beat the Streak Report: Thursday, Sept. 3



Today’s recommended picks

Chipper Jones, 3B, Braves
.500 AVG (10-for-20) lifetime vs. Marlins starter Ricky Nolasco

Jhonny Peralta, 3B, Indians
.429 AVG (12-for-28) lifetime vs. Tigers starter Nate Robertson

Curtis Granderson, OF, Tigers
.448 AVG (13-for-29) lifetime vs. Indians starter Fausto Carmona

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

An infusion of pinstriped love somehow seeped into the computers of the BTS field yesterday, as 11 of the Top 13 contestants picked either Derek Jeter or Robinson Cano.

Cano was the choice of front-runner phadrus74, who extended his streak to 41 games following a 2-for-5 effort from the Yankees second baseman. DoctorPeteRose also went with Robbie to remain in a tie for third place, at 34 games.

On the other side of second base, Jeter delivered just enough (1-for-5) to help out those who were relying on him. tshalterman moved up to 36 games to hold onto second place, thebcjman remained in a tie for third and chuppie21 held onto his share of fifth, at 33 games.

The lone member of the Top 5 to look outside New York, roxandrays17, went with Rays speedster Carl Crawford (1-for-4) to finish the day with a 33-game mark.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Derek Jeter (NYY): 11.7%, 1-for-5
2. Brad Hawpe (COL): 7.6%, 1-for-4
3. Robinson Cano (NYY): 7.6%, 2-for-5
4. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 5.9%, 2-for-4
5. Joey Votto (CIN): 4.3%, 1-for-2


  1. nardberg

    I’m sure there was a huge sigh of relief after Jeter’s 5th at bat.

    DoctorPeteRose – your old name was hilarious!!!!!!!

  2. dragbunt104

    The BTS gods “giveth and taketh away” Jeter bats twice in the 9th inning on Wed and gets a hit in his final at bat to save a lot of players. But – Thursday, what “appeared” to be a slam dunk pick, Albert Pujols, has an 0 – fer and this backfired on many top players.
    A big dragbunt thank you and a double tip of my Cub hat to bts player who pointed out the error picking Pujols today and hammanm, whose 43 game hit streak earlier this season makes him a superior source of info. Hammanm had a well researched choice of Grady Sizemore who got a hit on Thursday. I did switch from Pujols to Sizemore and my streak continues.
    It is great to see hammanm and bts player making the effort to put out good info on the blog for all to see and make use of the info when choosing each day.

  3. dragbunt104

    Observations: I stay away from Bronson Arroyo games as he can look good one day and be terrible the next day.
    Also, stay away from the Cub Team, the whole team is in a slump.
    I’m looking at Ichirio v. Vin Mazzaro for Friday.
    Ichirio has never faced Mazzaro(R) who gives up alot of hits.
    Game is in Oakland though. Ichirio seems to be back to his old self with 4 – 8 the past two days.
    Cards seem to beat up the Pirates badly – Schumaker v. ex-Cub Kevin Hart(R) at PITT also looks promising. Schumaker hits righties well and is batting .347 over last 30 days.
    Lefties are batting .333 v. Hart and Hart’s ERA for past 30 days is 6.04.

  4. champion_88

    I am completely puzzled on how Pujols has an average in the .300’s. Every time he looks good he goes 0 for X. I have stopped picking him long ago, as in terms of purely # of days with hits, he is only 3rd on the team at best.

    Matt Holliday is the best pick if you want a Cardinal now and I liked Skip Schumaker more often than not, when Holliday was still with the A’s.

    Oh yeah and dragbunt, I figure I should pitch this idea to you now. I was thinking that when the season and the postseason end, that we take all the regulars of 2009 this year and maybe some top propsects expected to start in 2010 and provide a comprehensive catalogue ranking players in several different categories.

    We could use the last post on this blog to hammer out the details throughout the offseason.

    What do you think?

  5. nardberg

    Yeah well their loss for no sense of humor. Good luck – I was right behind you until last week when I got burned by Miguel Cabrera.

    I also gave up on Pujols long ago for the exact same reasons. And my personal superstition – I do not pick a Yankee when they’re in Fenway. šŸ™‚

  6. dragbunt104

    champion_88 – Great idea for the blog regulars to evaluate players after the season is over with an eye toward 2010.
    Thanks for including me in. Let’s stay in touch on the blog and exchange email addresses via the blog later this month.
    We all have “superstitions” – I would like to take Matt Diaz ATL on Friday as he is hot but —–Cincy has Bronson Arroyo on the mound – I can’t do it! Diaz has one hit so far on Thurs. night.


    Ichie looks good for tomorrow too. I have not looked at anything else yet. Tomorrow being night game, I will not touch BTS until tomorrow. Mazzaro should be hittable. Ichie will most likely get 5 at bats. He just got a hit off Tomko in his first at bat. I knew that Tomko’s resurgence with A’s had to be BS.


    Tomorrow I am going with Kurt Suzuki vs. Rowland-Smith. Also going on vacation this weekend and going to be away from a computer, so here’s my picks through Monday.

    Saturday – Ichiro vs. Brett Anderson
    Sunday – Mauer vs. David Huff
    Monday – Torii Hunder vs. Kyle Davies

    Good luck to all this weekend.

  9. dragbunt104

    Great to see all the informative posts (hammanm, vinny1979, champion_88, btsplayer). Givng concrete info is the key to success in this game. The King can be beaten if guys work together. This time of year is now our “spring training” to tweak our game plan for 2010. After we exchange email address later we can continue that process.
    PITCHING CHANGE FOR TODAY – Clayton Mortenson(R) goes for Oakland tonight v. Seattle and Ichirio. Mortenson was traded from Cards to A’s and this will be his 3rd ML start.
    Was he part of the Holliday deal?
    vinny1979 – Halladay is struggling lately – Damon has his number and really should be a “King at the Plate” today.
    Good Luck to all today.


    What’s happened to the “Group” function? Three friends and I have formed a league called the Levi Ghetto Cats, but for the last couple of days, when we’ve tried to check our standings, a click on “Groups” has resulted in a small box in which is written, “Groups are temporarily unavailable. Please try again shortly.” We’re in a tight race and it’s frustrating not to know without exchanging phone calls or e-mails who our opponents have selected or where their streaks are.

  11. doctorpeterose

    The group function seems to be down since they started the “September Edition”, it’s frustrating. One way to get to it, though, is to log in and go to the leaderboard. Between your stats and the leader’s stats at the top of the page is a drop down menu that says “select group”. That should work.

    So Ichiro still a good one for tonight against this new kid? Currently have Adam Lind against Joba Chamberlain but not at all confident.

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