Beat the Streak Report: Weekend, Sept. 4-7



Today’s recommended picks

Kurt Suzuki, C, A’s
.500 AVG (8-for-16) lifetime vs. Mariners starter Ryan Rowland-Smith

Adam Lind, DH, Blue Jays
.500 AVG (5-for-10) lifetime vs. Yankees starter Joba Chamberlain

Carl Crawford, OF, Rays
.462 AVG (6-for-13) lifetime vs. Tigers starter Justin Verlander

Saturday’s recommended picks

Placido Polanco, 2B, Tigers
.500 AVG (7-for-14) lifetime vs. Rays starter James Shields

Dustin Pedroia, 2B, Red Sox
.389 AVG (7-for-18) lifetime vs. White Sox starter Gavin Floyd

Brian Roberts, 2B, Orioles
.381 AVG (8-for-21) since ’04 vs. Rangers starter Kevin Millwood

Sunday’s recommended picks

Albert Pujols, 1B, Cardinals
.591 AVG (13-for-22) lifetime vs. Pirates starter Paul Maholm

Joe Mauer, C, Twins
.667 AVG (6-for-9) lifetime vs. Indians starter David Huff

Scott Rolen, 3B, Reds
.375 AVG (6-for-16) since ’04 vs. Braves starter Tim Hudson

Monday’s recommended picks

Dustin Pedroia, 2B, Red Sox
.400 AVG (4-for-10) lifetime vs. White Sox starter Mark Buehrle

David DeJesus, OF, Royals
.412 AVG (7-for-17) lifetime vs. Angels starter Ervin Santana

Torii Hunter, OF, Angels
.357 AVG (5-for-14) lifetime vs. Royals starter Kyle Davies

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

Normally, the selection of Albert Pujols, who owns a stellar .333 career batting average, is about as safe as it gets in BTS play.

Of course, not even Prince Albert can get a hit in every game, and phadrus74 had the misfortune of picking the Cardinals masher on an off day. When Pujols struck out to finish a 0-for-4 performance, it ended phadrus74’s 41-game run, leaving him tied for the fourth-longest streak of the season.

Fellow Top 5 contestants thebcjman and chuppie21 also tabbed Pujols, leading to a bit of upheaval at the front of the pack.

As such, tshalterman stands as the new leader after getting a 1-for-3 effort from Miguel Cabrera to improve to 37 games. DoctorPeteRose moved into second place, at 35 games, on the strength of a 1-for-4 night from Matt Diaz, while five finished the day at the 33-game mark.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Albert Pujols (STL): 13.3%, 0-for-4
2. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 7.6%, 1-for-4
3. Curtis Granderson (DET): 6.7%, 1-for-4
4. Derek Jeter (NYY): 5.8%, 0-for-4
5. Chipper Jones: (ATL): 4.9%, 1-for-4


  1. dragbunt104

    This is a tough one……….
    Ichirio v. the new kid, Mortensen……….The kid was terrible v. KC in his last outing at KC. That’s right KC! Mortensen is an unknown quantity though – Yesterday the CHISOX Rookie, Torres, shut down the Cubs(not that big of a feat I guess) but it demonstrates that rookies are an unknown factor in the game – We all hate unknown factors. Does Mortensen show up wearing a superman cape and dominate the M’s or does the guy who got shelled in KC show up? He was 9-8 with a 4.32 ERA in Triple A – he is a Sept. call up with rosters now expanded.
    All BTS players like known quantities. We know that Johnny Damon for whatever reason has Halladay’s “number” .
    Damon has 20 hits in 59 at bats v. Halladay. Halladay is
    0-3 in his last 3 starts with a big ERA of 4.91, his last strong game was 7/24 v. TB. In all his starts since then he has given up a lot of hits. Damon is a good pick here even though he had a 0-fer on Thursday. He is batting .337 over the last 30 days.
    I’m switching to Damon.
    I hope Ichirio and Damon both go 4 -4.
    Good Luck to all today.

  2. doctorpeterose

    I switched to Damon as well. More important, to me, than the fact that he’s 20 for 59 lifetime is that he’s 5 for 10 this season (and 5 for 13 last season) against Halladay….seems he’s gotten progressively better against Halladay for some reason. I’m uneasy about it because…ya know…the guy can pitch; but it really seems to be the best choice of the day, there’s not much out there to pick from.

  3. doctorpeterose

    oh, ps. Meant to say 20 for 59 in the last four years….looks like 32 for 90 lifetime, which actually brings the lifetime BA a hair better to .356. Fingers crossed…


    Hay guys picking Damon vs maybe the best pitcher is kind of silly. Ichrio vs a call up got to be the most sure thing. Span vs sowers also a pick to look at span killing the bAll. J.d drew vs Freddy Garcia another good pick. Damon great history vs Roy but you got remember it’s Roy it just hard going against that dude. What you guys think?

  5. darwri

    I think Damon is a great pick. Roy pitches for contact.. thats why he gives up 7 or 8 hits a game with 0 BB. Thing is Halladay could have everything working and Damon might only end up with 3 AB’s… but that wont happen today. Halladay is pitching for a team 26.5 games out of first. His head isnt 100% in it like it was earlier in the year. He knows hes the best pitcher in baseball.. and he his next 4 or 5 starts wont make any difference of that.

  6. doctorpeterose

    Best pitcher in baseball or not, I really think you need to go by the numbers and the history, and the fact is, there’s a paper trail on Damon v. Halladay, and there just isn’t on Ichiro v. Johnny Call-up. That’s not to say Ichiros not gonna get a hit, Im sure there’s a good chance he will…but there’s just nothing to go by. Like dragbunt said, its an unknown quantity and unknowns are something to stay away from in this game, in my opinion. Then again…so is Roy Halladay. πŸ™‚ So…bottom line, who knows. I think Ill stick with Damon.

    Span’s history against Sowers doesn’t inspire confidence in me; Drew v. Garcia a bit more favorable history, but still just not enough there to win me over.

  7. doctorpeterose

    Just one more note on Damon tonight (I’m trying hard to rationalize my pick, I don’t feel 100% confident)…he’s faced Halladay three times this year and has hit safely in each (one one hit game and two, I believe, with two each). Ok. I’m done. Gonna put this outta my head until the box score later. Good luck all.

  8. dragbunt104

    Damon v. Ichiro?
    A nice spirited discussion!
    Remember that when Damon got all those hits v. Hallady earlier this year – the real effective RH was on the mound.
    Something has happended since 7/24 when he dominated TB. If it was a mechanical flaw in his delivery, they can look at video of all his games since he was in HS to find the problem and correct it by now. Does he have a “dead arm”, no way, they would have shut him down – does he have a tired arm, perhaps. I like the history of JD hitting Halladay well in recent history and I’m going to let it go now and stick with Halladay.
    I really beleive that both of these guys will get hits today.
    ronaldrod – Your comments on the Ichirio v. Morgensten matchup are accurate.

  9. nardberg

    Got burned by Damon last night but after all this chatter I changed my pick to give him another shot. Today is a hard one….

    Been doing my own research on and some related sites – does anyone have any recommendations? I’ve only been playing since July but I did make it to 26 until Cabrera’s O-fer last week. UGH.

    Good luck to all and Happy Birthday ronaldrod – now you can have beers legally lol.

    Other than Damon or Ichiro, my pick would be the Toronto cop who could’ve hit ARod with a nightstick. πŸ™‚

  10. vinny1979

    For those who have doubts about Damon. Well he’s leading off tonight and Jeter is out of the lineup so if you have Jeter I suggest you switch.


    Thank you team peanut πŸ™‚ I hope Damon comes thro for you guys. I choose j. D drew today hopefully he gets 1 quick fast lol good luck you guys.


    This was quite foreseeable. I actually imagined something like this happening. This is Roy Halladay. He is a fighter. He wasn’t gonna let another month of mediocre pitching to continue.

    I didn’t say anything here because I didn’t want to jinx you guys. Especially, the doctor with his long streak. I also thought possibly that even if Halladay pitches a 3 or 4 hitter, I thought if anyone, it has to be Damon batting at the top of the line-up who would get the hit. Then when I saw that there is no Jeter, I thought Damon won’t get as many good pitches. Also, if you look at the month of August for Damon, he has been ripping the lefties. Against righties, he has not been spectacular. All of that stopped me from messing with Damon.

    Doctor, you should have stuck with Lind. I have been tracking your picks and that goes with your style of picking. Always a bit left-of-center picks but somehow they all get hits. I was always thinking this guy who is a doctor of male genitals is making some good picks.

  13. doctorpeterose


    whos idea was that!?!?

    πŸ™‚ Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. The fact that Lind came through in such a fashion puts even more salt in the wound, but oh well. Next year I guess.


    So Ichie again tomorrow? Visiting the same well too much? It looks like a good match up but I just visited the only game Ichie went against Anderson this year. From the looks of it, he went 3-for-3 (4-for-4) but all 3 hits were BS hits. Ground balls to infielders. I will have to think about this one.

  15. champion_88

    I wanna know why the hell Eric Hinske was batting second anyway??? He is batting .248! And why is Cano batting seventh, when he is hitting .316?

    He should have flipped Cano and Hinske. That would have made much more sense.

    Honestly, I never thought I would see a manager worse than Torre for the Yankees.

    And also, I do not know why I talked myself into it with Damon. I think in the offseason we need to develop a hard set of rules for making a good pick and establish an order of what is most desirable.

    One of my rules has always been to side with the hitter going against a pitcher who has never or very rarely thrown a dominating game. That is why I went with Scott Podsednik against Sergio Mitre a few weeks ago. Never imagined he and the Yankees bullpen could combine to throw a 1-hitter.

    But here, Halladay has done this many times, especially against the Yankees. In fact, his BAA was abnormally high this year. I was shaky about this pick to begin with, so I told myself if his BAA was lower than .250, I would change it and it was .266.

    Whereas I had someone like Chris Coghlan with the same battting average going against Garrett Mock and the Nationals bullpen. Same leadoff matchup. Same lefty batter VS righty pitcher. Same hot hitter. But Coghlan had never faced Mock and I had wanted some history there, especially when Damon’s average was sooo high against Halladay. And look, Coghlan went 2 for 4.

    As for DoctorPete, if I had a 35-game hit streak, I would not have looked at this board at all, or if I did, not until after picks locked for the day.

    You could maybe have just came in quickly, closed your eyes, went to the comment box, and told us who you liked for the day, and then come back after locking point. That way, if your pick got scratched, you could still look at this objectively.

    On the contrary, if we establish a tradition next year of having us all go for a consensus pick, then of course, we should continue that tradition all the way through our streaks. But to change systems at 35 games is generally not a good idea.

    I have toyed around with the idea that one cannot go 57 games on the same method of thinking, but the disappointment I find is greater when you mess up for going against your principles, then for when you mess up for going what has worked for so long.

    I mean if you have a gut reaction, then fine, but I do not think anyone here was all that confident with Damon from the beginning. We kind of talked ourselves into thinking it was a good pick. I kept looking for reasons to replace hi, but then noticed Damon had a hit in the last 9 games before last night, so I thought that somehow he was still doing it despite a sub .300 batting average.

    I guess it is easy to criticize now, but rejecting Chris Coghlan and Ichiro Suzuki, in addition to Skip Schumaker, was probably never a good idea. I mean I understand rejecting Matt Diaz, but we sort of replaced him with a guy whose batting average is lower against a better pitcher. That did not make much sense, did it?

    Sorry if this came off as a rant.


    hay we know picking demon was horrable and wat champion_88 said with jeter out and hinske batting second it seem even worest. ok here some picks you guys should consider for saturday E Longoria vs Armando Galarraga. longoria been destroying the ball lately and armando aint no roy Halladay lol. no big history here 7 at bats 2 hits but expect longoria to come thro. another solid pick Ian Kinsler vs the lefty Brian Matusz from the Os. ian kinsler over M.young because i think young is in a slump and Ian is starting to heat up. Then of course the great jeter after a day off expect to have some fresh legs and ready to smack that ball vs Brett Cecil. hope i help you guys and good luck of course

  17. nardberg

    I have Ichiro for today but am considering going with Cano. According to reports Jeter’s in the lineup today but be wary because he jammed his pinkie. Of course now that I said this people will switch and he’ll go 4-for4. Brandon Phillips maybe?

    I’m off the Damon train – he burned me two days in a row.

  18. dragbunt104

    champion_88 – Your comments are on target, not a rant at all. We all had good ideas but got off track when we saw Damon was 20 – 54 v. Halladay. We ignored, what should go into our “Smart Selection Book – 2010” that we need to develop over the winter. That is: Stay away from certain pitchers 100% of the time. When we see their name in the box score, ignore the game and look elsewhere. Roy Halladay would have to be on this list of pitchers.
    drpeterose – Sorry about your streak ending. You were on a major roll.
    For the rest of us – Friday was a learning day. As hard as it is to swallow, remember, with the season closing out, we are in spring training and this is the time to learn from our mistakes. Lesson #1 – Stay away from Albert Pujols. Lesson #2 – Do not play the game v. top line pitchers
    I haven’t gone fishing since I was a kid but here goes:
    The fisherman (“The King”) baits the shiney hook (Halladay)
    with the worm(Damon) the fish(us) sees the worm and bites. The fish/us becomes the “main course” at the King’s shore lunch/ our streaks are at Zero. The other day it was the same scenario with Pujols but we got a post that was strong that said stay away from Pujols and we did not bite, we swam away!

  19. vegasjs

    Only front page (25 people) with a shot at 57 now. I am fairly certain that they don’t count tiebreaker games – season/game ends on October 4th.

  20. dragbunt104

    After what happended on Friday, I did not want to post today until after the game time closed on Sat., I had Ichirio but I took Derek Jeter at the last minute when I saw he was in the line up. Put this in your memory bank – Bronson Arroyo CINN has had 8 quality starts in a row. He won again on Friday v. BRAVES , Matt Diaz did have two hits off Arroyo though. Diaz was on my Friday short list but I avoid games where Arroyo is the pitcher – I should have avoided the Jays Halladay on Friday.
    champion_88 – I’ve opened a file on my computer of do’s and don’t for 2010. What is the saying? “Those that do not learn from their mistakes will keep repeating them.”
    ronaldrod – Michael Young TX has a bad leg muscle he is on the DL.


    Thank you dragbunt I made a list of the players of not to pick for a hit
    Shane victorino this guy got the nice numbers and all fast scrappy but will drive u crazy with all the walks and fly ball swings. keep away from this guy
    m. Cabrera just like pujols this cat gets to many walks for you to take a risk with a decent streak on the
    These are just a few players that can cause you to start punching yourself for picking them. I hope I help you guys like to know dragbunt do and don’t list πŸ™‚

  22. champion_88

    “Only front page (25 people) with a shot at 57 now. I am fairly certain that they don’t count tiebreaker games – season/game ends on October 4th.”———————————————————————————————————-

    Not true. The Padres/Rockies tiebreaker game in 2007 counted for Beat the Streak/HR Edition/Survivor. Not sure about fantasy leagues though.

  23. champion_88

    Miguel Cabrera actually tends to be pretty consistent this year. He does tend to have a lot of 1 for 3 with 1 walk lines though.

    I have found Shane Victorino to be pretty good too, but maybe that is a function of him getting hits on days when he is facing weak pitchers?


    So tomorrow is easy picking, huh? There is only one night game so we all know who to hit tomorrow. I guess its all over for this year. Too bad. I surely could used the dough. I guess back to eating beans and franks. This thing has lot more luck running and less control than we all give credit for.

    I think Tanner was the only person who had a legitimate shot this year. His picking style almost could have worked. Only if he went with Ichie instead of Mauer that day.

    Miggie has been very consistent this year. Only time he let down was that fiasco in Boston with him getting hit and walked like crazy. But Miggie is only good home games though.


    Shane cost me so many 16 12 hit streak that he is never going to see me choice him for 2010. I’m give migual another shot both time I pick him this 0-2 2 walks lol. If only I got a crystal ball I be 1.5 million richer lol. Well guys at least is sways next year hopefully 2 million the priZe. I say this ichiro will be my choice 90 percent of the time lol

  26. champion_88

    Don’t forget about the September edition. The prize is not much, but everyone still has a shot at winning still, so it adds some incentive to the proceedings. Plus, MLB will finally get to try out their tiebreaker rules, as I assume more than 1 person will reach 34.

    On an unrelated note, I would have liked to see Hillman stick with Greinke in the 9th inning in tonight’s game. Sure he is at 125 pitches, but the Royals have no postseason hopes and the only run he gave up was unearned.

    Stretch him to 140 pitches and you add more stamina for the future and maybe another win to help him win the Cy Young award. Soria cannot get the save now anyway.

    btsplayer: Did you lose a streak today?

  27. dragbunt104

    Ichirio goes 3 – 5 – He is a hit machine and plays in a day game on Sunday.
    hammanm, who had a 43 game streak earlier this year is going with Joe Mauer v. Huff on Sunday – This is a lefty v. lefty matchup.
    ronaldrod – I do not pick Albert Pujols(too many walks), Joey “The Black Cat” Votto(bad charma with him), Hanley Ramirez(gets hurt and leaves games), anyone on the Cub team(hurts to say this as I am a Cub fan but the whole team, except Derrek Lee, is in a season long slump.)
    My 6th sense tells me not to go against some pitchers:
    Bronson Arroyo, Scott Kazmir, CC Sabathia, Justin Verlander
    I try to look for players that bat no lower than 4th in the lineup. I stay away from guys who don’t mind getting hit by a pitch to get on base: Brian Roberts. Also leadoff men who will take a walk(Granderson, Figgins, Sizemore).
    Please don’t take any of this as the “gospel truth” these are my “quirks and observtions.”
    Leaning toward Ichirio on Sunday.

  28. dragbunt104

    champion_88 – KC mgr Hillman just got an extension to manage the team next year. He will need Grienke’s arm in 2010. 125 pitches is beyond what a pitcher today throws especially in a meaningless game. If something pops in Grienke’s arm on pitch 129 Hillman’s head would roll. If it was a playoff game or World Series it would be another matter.
    It seems that it is the time of year for all bts players to be careful in choosing players in meaningless games as you never now how long someone will play in the game etc.
    Seems as if Grienke a longshot at Cy Young Award as his team is so bad.


    Thank you dragbunt you got a twitter get in contect with you for 2010 you can hit me up @btsron that goes for anybody in here that need help for a pick for the day or that help me with useful info like injury that will be great

  30. doctorpeterose

    As a Phillies fan, I can tell you that Victorino, like the rest of their entire offense (this year, with no exceptions) is streaky and unpredictable, definitely not a good pick for this game. Much as I hate to say it, I wouldn’t risk a significant streak on any Phillie.

  31. dragbunt104

    Jeter looks tempting as he is a killer of lefties and Tallet of JAYS is a lefty who holds righty batters to .245.

    Ichirio v. Lefty Gonzalez of A’s in a day game.
    Got to go with Ichirio
    Will Ichirio play? Recent leg injury and a day game after a night game? As he goes toward his 9th season of 200+ hits I think he plays. He could sit a few days after he reaches this record.

    Good luck to all today.


    Going with Ichie. Feeling somewhat queasy about it though. I hope it does not turn out to be a bad sushi I picked up for lunch at a Korean deli during the day of a huge exam.

    I think there is a chance that Geo can throw a dandy like he did a couple of times in July. If this was not a day game, I think I would have not picked Ichie.


    That was a close one. Just as I suspected, Geo did pitch pretty good. Mauer pickers got really lucky that he got the hit off a reliever in the last at bat.

    This is what makes this game so hard to win. Even the dog will have his day. Huff seems like he is finally coming around.

    BTW, tomorrow is a real tough day. I think those who survive it might have a chance at the grand price. At the least, take Tanner’s money. But who wants that? To be so close and get 1/150 of the big prize. The disparity in the prize size is just like playing the lotto. 5 numbers will get you zip.


    congrats to ichiro 2000 hit the guy is 1 of a kind. dragbunt i will go with matt holliday great pick just hope bush dont have the stuff that finish us real early in the season when everybody pic chase ultay do u guys remember lol. i had a 16 game snap by bush so i still got that in my mind lol. but i will go as well with matt and hope for the best

  35. nardberg

    To anyone with a good streak going, keep in mind that NYY/TB is a doubleheader tomorrow. I would avoid it. I don’t usually like the King’s picks but I’m going with Torii Hunter. LAA seems to have a lot of high-hitting games in the past month. 11 hits today (Torii had 1). Hopefully they’ll keep it going. Not a big fan of Boston picks (Pedroia had an 0-for today) and despite KC having a lot of hits today, they’re 24 games out and no one in their lineup is hitting over .300 for the season.

    Good luck everyone – I was one of the Mauer lucky ones LOL. πŸ™‚


    Wow. Top dogs all went with Holliday. I don’t feel love for him though. His numbers during day time against righties are appalling. I guess they’re hoping Bush is still having lingering effects from his injury as in his last start. Bush and Correia are two pitchers whom have consistently beat my picks so I am staying away from those guys.

  37. dragbunt104

    Tuesday Sept 8th………..
    Seth Smith – ROCKS – HOT
    Derrek Lee – CUBS – HOT
    Matt Holliday – CARDS – HOT
    Scott Podsednik – CHISOX – HOT
    Ichirio v. re-juvinated Scott Kazmir LAA – ?
    What do you guys think?

  38. nardberg

    dragbunt – totally agree with you! Am going with Holliday tomorrow actually. Hanley Ramirez perhaps. Tomko pitching tomorrow so maybe AJ? Jason Bartlett has good numbers tomorrow but he’s only hitting .286 in the past week…..

    Also – does anyone have any idea how many people are playing this game? Just wondering……

  39. nardberg

    dragbunt – totally agree with you! Am going with Holliday tomorrow actually. Hanley Ramirez perhaps. Tomko pitching tomorrow so maybe AJ? Jason Bartlett has good numbers tomorrow but he’s only hitting .286 in the past week…..

    Also – does anyone have any idea how many people are playing this game? Just wondering……


    Wow, the leaders get another crappy pick freebie. I don’t think they can honestly say they picked Mauer (yesterday) and Holliday (today) to have them get a hit in their last at bats against the relievers. Oh, it would have been so sweet to see them crumble. Looking forward to more crappy picks tomorrow!

  41. champion_88

    I would say there are at least 100,000 players playing this contest, because you have at least 2,500 players with streaks of at least 20 games this season.

    Let us take a look at some data:

    45: 1

    44: 0

    43: 1

    42: 1

    41: 4

    40: 0

    39: 4

    38: 1

    37: 4

    36: 4

    35: 10

    34: 15

    33: 15

    32: 22

    31: 26

    30: 43

    29: 58

    28: 78

    27: 77

    26: 115

    25: 150

    24: 222

    23: 297

    22: 447

    21: 488 (279 done at the mid k-s level or ~57.2% done

    20: 417 (up to mid k-‘s before the cut off; )

    If you set up a proportion between the percentage data between the 21 and 20 pieces of data, you get 417 = 0.572X and X = 417 / 0.572 = ~729

    Notice the numbers are increasing as the streaks get longer.

    There seems to be quite a lot of noise with the data at the higher end, namely from 36 games and up. Another problem is whether or not we want to accept the estimate of 20 games, as being reasonable. You could look at the percentage of mid-k names in all of the categories from 21-35 (again, I think 36 up will suffer from noise problems,) and average them together to get a better estimate, but I do not want to dive that deep into that analysis right now. Finally, a problem could be that assuming the rates increase down to a 1-game hit streak might be inaccurate, as do you really think 5,000 people have a longest hit streak all season of 1 game?

    In order to address those problems, I will run 4 regression analyses over a few different regression models and then compare the results against each other. One set of data will be using the data from 45 games down to 21 games, another from 45 down to 20, a third from 35 to 21, and a fourth from 35 to 20 and then running the regression analysis to get the rest of the plot points and finally adding up all the generated y-values.

    Finally, I will show the correlation coefficient with each graph, to see which graph we can trust the most.

    I have to go do some data entry right now to find these graphs, so I will post what I have so far, so you can take a look at it.

  42. champion_88

    For Vago:

    Tomorrow everyone is pickable, minus the Indians/Rangers game, because the rainout is being made up tomorrow, so there is a doubleheader.

    Without looking at the matchup yet, I would recommend Derek Jeter, since he just came off an 0 for 8 in the doubleheader, it seems highly likely that he will come through with a hit.

  43. vago5150

    Well, they at least got a hit. But I thought I was done yesterday when Mauer finally got a hit, so I am just stoked to be in the top 5. On to 1.5 mil….

  44. dragbunt104

    Tuesday 9/8…..
    Beware——-CHISOX V. OAKLAND
    A.J. Pierzynski v. Brett Tomko of A’s
    They were teammates in 2004 at SF. Tomko spoke to the media and said AJ was a cancer in the clubhouse. Story goes that AJ was playing cards in the clubhouse and “didn’t have time to go over opposing team hitters” before a game. (Tomko maybe was the pitcher that day?). AJ is very volatile, Tomko will go hard against him – AJ will be squeezing the bat trying to hit Tomko. Does AJ strike out in his first at bat? Then get “buzzed” in his second at bat and charge the mound and both are ejected? It could happen.
    I’m going with Cubs Derrek Lee today. I watched the game yesterday and his is swinging the bat like the D Lee of old.
    I’m thinking that there is a hit v. Dukes in his bat tonight.
    Tough not to take Hanley Ramirez v. NYM at home though.
    Good Luck to all……

  45. nardberg

    champion_88 – thank you so much for the response! i’m wondering if you’re an engineer – this is something my husband would do lol…..

    dragbunt – it will be interesting to see the Tomko/AJ matchup. I say AJ hits off him at least once – and he doesn’t have that reputation for nothing!! I changed my pick to Jeter for the same reason champion_88 mentioned – a very unlikely 0-for-8 day will likely not be followed by another 0-for. Has not had consecutive 0-for days since mid-July (7/19-7/20 vs. Detroit/Baltimore.)

  46. nardberg

    champion_88 – thank you for the response! wondering if you’re an engineer – this is something my husband would do lol…

    dragbunt – the Tomko/AJ matchup will certainly be interesting but my money’s on AJ…..I did change my pick to Jeter though for the exact same reason mentioned by champion_88 – unlikely to have no hits following a highly unusual 0-for-8 day. Also doesn’t have too many consecutive day 0-fors. Last time was mid-July (against Detroit & Baltimore.) I’m sure yesterday’s ticketholders thought they were sitting on some pretty valuable stubs considering 8 plate appearances and only 4 hits needed to pass Gehrig. Hanley Ramirez also a great pick for tonight.

    The Matt Holliday close call was pretty close….I thought the current leaders were done…..

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