Beat the Streak Report: Thursday, September 9


What’s good streakers? I’m Matt Chaprales and I’ll be handling the blog for a few days while Dave enjoys some much-needed time off.

It takes some spine to approach the territory our leader “bretzky26” is toeing these days, and once again he/she made a bold pick on Wednesday by selecting Orlando Cabrera.

However, O-Cab was given the day off.

That means “bretzky26” remains alone at the top with a 37-gamer.

Time for Thursday’s picks

Oh, hello there …

? Carlos Quentin: .417 AVG (5-for-12) lifetime vs. Tigers starter Rick Porcello

? Johnny Damon: .545 AVG (6-for-11) lifetime vs. White Sox starter Gavin Floyd

? Pablo Sandoval: .667 AVG (6-for-9) lifetime vs. Padres starter Jon Garland

Feeling kinda spicy?

? Omar Infante: .556 AVG (5-for-9) lifetime vs. Cardinals starter Adam Wainwright

You’ll thank me later…

? Miguel Tejada: .125 AVG (1-for-8) lifetime vs. Giants starter Matt Cain

? Edgar Renteria: .158 AVG (3-for-19) lifetime vs. Padres starter Jon Garland

? Albert Pujols: .200 AVG (2-for-10) lifetime vs. Braves starter Jair Jurrjens

Leaderboard time!

While “bretzky26” was essentially idle on Wednesday, second-place streaker “astoclubgoer” succesfully rode Martin Prado — who collected two hits vs. the Pirates — to a 32-gamer.

Both “bhovekamp” and “shinn_8” extended their streaks to 30 games apiece by selecting Albert Pujols and Ichiro Suzuki, respectively.

Top MLB streakers

? Carlos Gonzalez: 16 games

? Neil Walker: 15 games

? Adrian Gonzalez: 11 games

? Michael Brantley: 10 games

? Ichiro Suzuki: 10 games


  1. lavolpe

    What? Blog’s been up for awhile and no enries! Is it Dave abandoning us, elimination finally drained any interest, or is it Footbal!!!!
    Today’s current Top2500 listing. Note that list only includes those with streaks of 18 or greater, totaling 102 players. Anyone with shorter streaks mathematically eliminated from cash prizes
    Batter, Times Picked, Percentage of 102
    Paul Konerko, 19, 18.63%
    Matt Holliday, 11, 10.78
    Joey Votto, 8, 7.84
    Troy Tulowitzki, 8, 7.84 (2nd)
    Josh Hamilton, 7, 6.86
    Juan Pierre, 6, 5.88 (Leader)
    Omar Infante, 5, 4.9
    Alex Rios, 3, 2.94
    Johnny Damon, 3, 2.94
    Nelson Cruz, 3, 2.94
    Albert Pujols, 2, 1.96
    Brandon Phillips, 2, 1.96
    Carlos Gonzalez, 2, 1.96
    Ian Kinsler, 2, 1.96
    Martin Prado, 2, 1.96
    Michael Young, 2, 1.96
    Vladimir Guerrero, 2, 1.96
    No Selection, 2, 1.96
    Highest No Selection on page 2 with streak of 21, now eliminated
    Note: Will be down to 4 leader pages or less tomorrow

  2. lavolpe

    And on his 105th pitch, Porcello gets Pierre to fly out for possibly the last AB of the day (8th inning). If so, leader position changes.

  3. yanksgiantsdevils33

    Beat the Streak: Matt Holliday
    Survivor: White Sox (Fail) Should have taken the Rockies, another right pick loses with the White Sox losing 3 straight to the Tigers. Back to 0 again, I have not been above 3 in survivor since August 2nd. I knew today would be bad. Can Matt Holliday come through or is this going to be a double reset that I dread.

  4. lavolpe

    @yanksgiantsdevils33: Top of 9th, down by 3, no outs, 1 man on. A bloop and a blast and CWS tie DET. If so, your streak may continue and like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, the leader may get another AB.

  5. champion_88

    Today’s current Top2500 listing. Note that list only includes those with streaks of 16 or greater, totalling 163 players. Anyone shorter streak is mathematically eliminated from cash prizes. 39 different players picked.

    Batter, Times Picked, Percentage of 163
    Paul Konerko, 30, 18.40% (3rd, 5th, 5th, 5th)
    Matt Holliday, 16, 9.82% (5th, 5th)
    Joey Votto, 12, 7.36%
    Troy Tulowitzki, 11, 6.75% (2nd)
    Carlos Gonzalez, 9, 5.52%
    Josh Hamilton, 9, 5.52%
    Juan Pierre, 9, 5.52% (Leader)
    Omar Infante, 5, 3.09%
    Scott Podsednik, 4, 2.45%
    Ian Kinsler, 4, 2.45%
    Albert Pujols, 4, 2.45%
    Pablo Sandoval, 4, 2.45%
    Vladimir Guerrero, 3, 1.84%
    Nelson Cruz, 3, 1.84%
    Alex Rios, 3, 1.84%
    Martin Prado, 3, 1.84%
    Michael Young, 3, 1.84%
    Brandon Phillips, 3, 1.84%
    Johnny Damon, 2, 1.23% (5th)
    No Selection, 2, 1.23% (21-game hit streak and 18-game hit streak)
    Miguel Cabrera, 2, 1.23%
    Jose Bautista, 2, 1.23%
    Andre Ethier, 2, 1.23%
    Chris Johnson, 2, 1.23%
    Hunter Pence, 1, 0.61% (3rd)
    Johnny Damon, 1, 0.61%
    Will Rhymes, 1, 0.61%
    Gerald Laird, 1, 0.61%
    Carlos Quentin, 1, 0.61%
    Ryan Raburn, 1, 0.61%
    Ryan Theriot, 1, 0.61%
    Buster Posey, 1, 0.61%
    Jeff Keppinger, 1, 0.61%
    Rafael Furcal, 1, 0.61%
    Ramon Castro, 1, 0.61%
    Jay Bruce, 1, 0.61%
    Adrian Gonzalez, 1, 0.61%
    Adam Lind, 1, 0.61%
    Alex Gonzalez, 1, 0.61%
    Ramon Hernandez, 1, 0.61%
    Highest No Selection on page 2 with streak of 21, now eliminated

    Bloggers Group Top2500
    UserName, Streak, Page#, Pick
    Everyone eliminated

  6. yanksgiantsdevils33

    Home run: Brian McCann

    I’m endanger of FAILING in survivor for the season with my current streak ending at 3 and my longest streak is 9. Another reset to 0 because of another team that made a mediocre pitcher look like an ace with FEWER than 7 hits, 4 to be exact.
    Now I’ve got to examine matches a day or 2 early incase of any signs of an upset. Tomorrow I’m considering the Reds over the Pirates, the Phillies over the Mets or the Tigers over the Orioles.

  7. champion_88

    Afternoon Update:

    Paul Konerko: 30 move on: 1 for 4
    Alex Rios: 3 move on: 1 for 4
    Brandon Phillips: 3 move on: 1 for 1 so far
    Johnny Damon: 3 move on: 4 for 4
    Miguel Cabrera: 1 stays steady; has off-days to spare: did not play
    Will Rhymes: 1 moves on: 3 for 4
    Gerald Laird: 1 stays steady; has off-days to spare: did not play
    Ryan Raburn: 1 moves on: 2 for 4

    Juan Pierre: 9 eliminated: 0 for 4
    Miguel Cabrera: 1 moves from needing 1 extra day to needing 2 extra days: did not play
    Carlos Quentin: 1 eliminated: 0 for 3
    Ramon Castro: 1 eliminated: 0 for 1

    Joey Votto, 12: 0 for 1 so far
    Troy Tulowitzki, 11: 0 for 1 so far
    Carlos Gonzalez, 9: 0 for 1 so far

  8. lavolpe

    bretzky26 hit the brakeski with Juan Pierre going 0 for 4
    astoclubgoer gone clubbing with Tulowitzki had a good time – HR style
    One down, one to go…

  9. lavolpe

    Good nite all. Cubs & Starlin for Survivor/BTS tomorrow. Could be a slugfest, or lopsided, but not a pitcher’s dual

  10. dragbunt104

    As the Beatles sang: Here comes the sun, here comes the sun and I say: It’s alright!
    The Sunshine Boys shined again today as both Alex “El Sol Gatto” and Troy “The Sun God” Tulowitzki both went deep.
    Neither was in the top 15 picks of the day but both were in the top picks of the top 2500.

  11. champion_88


    Batter, Times Picked, Percentage of 163
    ***Paul Konerko, 30, 18.40% (3rd, 5th, 5th, 5th)
    ***Matt Holliday, 16, 9.82% (5th, 5th)
    XXXJoey Votto, 12, 7.36%
    ***Troy Tulowitzki, 11, 6.75% (2nd)
    XXXCarlos Gonzalez, 9, 5.52%
    —-Josh Hamilton, 9, 5.52%
    XXXJuan Pierre, 9, 5.52% (Leader)
    ***Omar Infante, 5, 3.09%
    ***Scott Podsednik, 4, 2.45%
    XXXIan Kinsler, 4, 2.45%
    ***Albert Pujols, 4, 2.45%
    Pablo Sandoval, 4, 2.45%
    ***Vladimir Guerrero, 3, 1.84%
    ***Nelson Cruz, 3, 1.84%
    ***Alex Rios, 3, 1.84%
    ***Martin Prado, 3, 1.84%
    XXXMichael Young, 3, 1.84%
    ***Brandon Phillips, 3, 1.84%
    ***Johnny Damon, 3, 1.84% (5th)
    XXXNo Selection, 2, 1.23% (21-game hit streak and 18-game hit streak)
    —Miguel Cabrera, 2, 1.23%
    ***Jose Bautista, 2, 1.23%
    ***Andre Ethier, 2, 1.23%
    ***Chris Johnson, 2, 1.23%
    ***Hunter Pence, 1, 0.61% (3rd)
    ***Will Rhymes, 1, 0.61%
    —Gerald Laird, 1, 0.61%
    XXXCarlos Quentin, 1, 0.61%
    ***Ryan Raburn, 1, 0.61%
    XXXRyan Theriot, 1, 0.61%
    ***Buster Posey, 1, 0.61%
    ***Jeff Keppinger, 1, 0.61%
    XXXRafael Furcal, 1, 0.61%
    XXXRamon Castro, 1, 0.61%
    —Jay Bruce, 1, 0.61%
    Adrian Gonzalez, 1, 0.61%
    —Adam Lind, 1, 0.61%
    ***Alex Gonzalez, 1, 0.61%
    ***Ramon Hernandez, 1, 0.61%

    *** = player successful
    XXX = player failed
    — = player did not play

  12. champion_88

    Since there are no day games tomorrow, I decided to stay up for the last game, to watch the remaining players’ fates be determined.

    I also suppose it would comfort them to know that someone else IS watching for them.

    The ones I am waiting on right now before I can rest comfortably are Pablo Sandoval and Adrian Gonzalez.

    Outside of those two, 43 more players were eliminated today, bringing the count of players still in contention down to 120 players.

  13. champion_88

    Both Pablo Sandoval and Adrian Gonzalez went 0 for 4, so that eliminates another 5 players, which means 115 players remain heading into Friday.

    I am pretty tired though so I probably will not be awake tomorrow until the afternoon to talk about picks for tomorrow ngiht.

    Thank heavens there are no day games!

    Goodnight everyone!!!

  14. champion_88

    Oh, one more thing before I sign off for the night.

    This question is actually for Dave: Can you tell us how many total hits the leaders at 43 each have? Maybe answer that in the blog entry tomorrow?

    Or if you are not allowed to tell us who is winning right now, can you tell us how many total hits the current leader had during their streak?

    Just curious what benchmark the tiers are chasing???

    Goodnight again!

  15. lavolpe

    I called it an early nite yesterday and looking at BTS this AM, appears the money chasers took a big hit overnight. I know champion_88 buffers his cutoff to include streaks that would end +2 days after Oct 3rd, but I only include those that are still mathematically alive (streaks of 19+ for Friday). And looking at the leaderboard this AM, only 57 of 102 made it thru to this morning. Almost a 50% cut!

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