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Beat the Streak Report: Thursday, June 3


The roughly 25 percent of streakers who selected Robinson Cano, Ichiro Suzuki or Michael Young feasted like kings yesterday, as each of these sure-swinging batsmen collected hits last night.

Cano is currently riding high with a 16-game streak and is one away from tying Jorge Cantu for the season’s longest run. This leads us to perhaps the biggest dilemma that an aspiring Beat the Streak entrepreneur can face:

Do you keep dancing with the guy/girl you took to the prom, or do you scavenge for other options before your date turns into a pumpkin?

Clearly, Cano is beyond locked in right now, batting .525 over his last 10 games and an absurd .373 for the season. But in all likelihood, he isn’t going to last you the entire 57-game run …right?

So when do you cut bait and look at other options?

I’m not exactly sure, but I can tell you that it won’t be today with Kevin Millwood on the mound.

Gravy train all around! Who’s with me?

Also, if you haven’t already, take a look at yesterday’s Beat the Streak mailbag. I posted it in the late afternoon so there is a pretty decent chance you missed it.

As always, keep the e-mails coming at david.feldman@mlb.com.

Time for Thursday’s picks

Oh, hello there …

? Robinson Cano: 16-game hitting streak; .381 AVG (8-for-21) lifetime vs. Orioles starter Kevin Millwood

? Joe Mauer: .526 AVG (10-for-19) lifetime vs. Mariners starter Felix Hernandez

? Ryan Zimmerman: .500 AVG (6-for-12) lifetime vs. Astros starter Brian Moehler

? Jose Guillen: .444 AVG (8-for-18) lifetime vs. Angels starter Jered Weaver

? Nick Swisher: .355 AVG (11-for-31) lifetime vs. Orioles starter Kevin Millwood

Feeling kinda spicy?

? Garrett Atkins: .636 AVG (7-for-11) lifetime vs. Yankees starter CC Sabathia. Is this even possible?

? Erick Aybar: .455 AVG (5-for-11) lifetime vs. Royals starter Zack Greinke. Yeah, I think I’ll pass.

You’ll thank me later …

? Kevin Youkilis: .111 AVG (1-for-) lifetime vs. Athletics starter Brett Anderson

? Shin-Soo Choo: .167 AVG (2-for-12) lifetime vs. Tigers starter Rick Porcello

? Hanley Ramirez: .000 AVG (0-for-9) lifetime vs. Brewers starter Chris Capuano

Justin Morneau: .143 AVG (3-for-21) lifetime vs. Mariners starter Felix Hernandez

Leaderboard time!

Another one bites the dust, as Adrian Beltre’s 0-fer pushed the reset button on “agentstjohn”‘s 28-game streak last night.

This means we now have a six-way tie for the BTS leaderboard, as each of the following villagers of Streakville are rocking 26-game streaks:

? bathetruth

? jshoreyinsurance

? khouryboysan

? lisacco17

? scan15

? steveellis24

May the best streaker win.

Top MLB streakers

? Robinson Cano: 16 games

? Vernon Wells: 11 games

? Jeff Mathis: 10 games (DL)

? Daric Barton: 9 games

? Casey Blake: 9 games

? Jose Lopez: 9 games