Beat the Streak and Survivor Community  Introduction!

-Hi all,



Since this is my first post, I thought I should introduce myself first.

My name is John and you probably know my last name, if you have participated in Survivor last year. 

I won the 2007 Postseason Survivor tournament with a record-setting 17-game win streak that did not end until Game 3 of the World Series! 

That was not my first year playing though.  I have been playing that and Beat the Streak since 2003, although I took a small break from Beat the Streak last year. 

I also have played Beat the Streak:  Home Run Edition sporadically since its inception, but this year is my first full year in action there!

In case you are curious, my records for the three contests are as follows:

     1)  Beat the Streak:  22-game hit streak in 2005

     2)  Beat the Streak:  Home Run Edition:  3 or 4  runs of 2 games this year

     3) Survivor:  A 16-game run in 2006 on the old format, which left me with just 2 other people, battling it out for the right to go on to the Tournament of Champions!  All 3 of us lost that day and I was eliminated on the 18th day, while the remaining pair went on for another 4 or 5 days of both winning or both losing before a winner was crowned.

I also had a trio of 16-game win streaks during the regular season in 2007, slotting me three times on the leaderboard!


I stumbled onto this site through the  “Dig In”  Article that


I then searched the blogs for a  “Beat the Streak blog,”  but was shocked to not find any!


So that is the aim of this blog. 


To be the OFFICIAL community of the players of Beat the Streak, Beat the Streak:  Home Run Edition, and Survivor  (whenever it starts.) 


I will put up my analysis and thoughts of the top 3 players/teams, where I think the best picks are, per day.  Obviously they will not be put up until after picks lock, but it can be a way to compare various angles to see which strategies work and which don’t. 

I will save today’s analysis for another post though, since this one is long enough to begin with. 


I also want to leave this post’s comments section for any suggestions you might have, on improving this blog to better serve the BTS community! 


The URL to this page is


By the way, I have no idea if there is any way to further customize the page beyond the three design choices, so if this blog looks bland to you, comment me as to a way to improve it!


Finally, I have no idea when Survivor is starting this year.  My records tell me last year started around May 6-7, so I have no idea what the holdup is this year.  Whether this means another format change is beyond me?


Happy Posting!



-From, John


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