Beat the Streak Report: Tuesday, May 20

Today’s top picks

robertsbts.jpgBrian Roberts, 2B, Orioles
8-for-19 (.421 AVG) in last 6 G
18-for-39 (.462 AVG) since ’03 vs. NYY RHP Mike Mussina
Carlos Guillen, 3B, Tigers
15-for-29 (.517 AVG) since ’03 vs. SEA RHP Carlos Silva 

Yesterday’s most selected players

Alfonso Soriano (CHC): 8.8% of total picks made, 0-for-4
Chase Utley (PHI): 6.6%, 2-for-4
Lance Berkman (HOU): 6.5%, 0-for-4
Manny Ramirez (BOS): 6.1%, 0-for-3
Albert Pujols (STL): 5.7%, 3-for-5

Yesterday’s results

dleebts.jpgDerrek Lee went 2-for-5, extending the current BTS leader’s streak to 31 games.

The two fans tied for second place held their ground and reached the
30-game plateau thanks to two-hit efforts from Chase Utley and Joe

Despite being the day’s most popular pick at 8.8 percent of all selections, Alfonso Soriano went hitless in four at-bats to snap his seven-game hitting streak.

Lance Berkman — the day’s third-most popular pick at 6.5 percent — also went 0-for-4 as his 17-game hitting streak came to a screeching halt. That spelled the end of one fan’s 25-game streak, which was tied for seventh place entering the day.

Also falling out of the Top 10 was the owner of the fourth-longest streak, whose 28-game run came to an end with Dustin Pedroia’s 0-for-3 performance. 

Fan of the day

Name: Brian D. Kauffman
Occupation: Banquet Manager
Streak length: 30 games

Brian, who resides in Collinsville, Ill., has been playing Beat the Streak for the past two years. As a fan of the Cardinals, Brian frequently makes Albert Pujols his pick in BTS, although he often goes with hit king Ichiro Suzuki as well.
Brian’s streak nearly came to a premature end a little over a week ago. He picked Yunel Escobar on a day when the Braves were playing a doubleheader, not realizing that Escobar needed to get a hit in BOTH games for the streak to continue. Fortunately, the Braves shortstop came through with two hits in the first game and another in the second, keeping Brian’s hopes alive for another day.

One comment

  1. spudart

    I would like to see more of these fan of the day features. So far this year we’ve only had two. One per each month. If you are going to do it just once a month, you should call it “fan of the month.”

    Actually, I can see that doing a fan profile every day would be too much. How about one a week? You can call it “fan of the week.” If you need people to interview, I am very available. I will give you more depth than the simple, “oh i live in chicago, so i pick Derrek Lee, and maybe mix it i up a bit with Aramis Ramirez.” I have a very interesting, and rather amusing strategy. If you want to know what it is, just shoot me an email, I’ll be happy to be interviewed by mlb for the “fan of the day” or “fan of the week.”

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