Beat the Streak Report: Monday, June 2

Picks of the day

youngbts45.jpgMichael Young, SS, Rangers

  • 17-game hit streak
  • .341 AVG last 10 G

Delmon Young, OF, Twins

  • 7-for-11 (.636) vs. NYY LHP A. Pettitte
  • Pettitte: .344 BAA vs. RHB in ’08

Top 5 current leaders

1. vandusenkfe, 32 games
2. konameisters, 31 games
3. mcsnow, 29 games
3. yokemstokem, 29 games
5. cfinch14, 27 games
5. jerryrod2500, 27 games
5. maysfan24, 27 games
cleebts.jpgSeason leader: jerrymohr, 39 games

Yesterday’s results

For the second time in less than a week, there was upheaval in the Beat the Streak world as a streak of 30-plus games came to an end.

The BTS leader tabbed Hunter Pence to keep his 34-game run alive, but Houston’s super sophomore went 0-for-3. Pence nearly got one more opportunity to pick up a hit, but he was left watching from the on-deck circle as Carlos Lee flew out to end the game.

That left a new No. 1 in the BTS rankings, who pushed his streak to 32 games thanks to a 1-for-3 day from B.J. Upton.

lancehr.jpgRight on his heels is the second-place holder, whose streak sits at 31 games following a 1-for-3 showing from Lance Berkman. The switch-hitter extraordinaire was a popular pick among the BTS Top 10, as his seventh-inning double extended five streaks to at least 27 games.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most
selected players

1. Lance Berkman (HOU): 9.8%, 1-for-3
2. Albert Pujols (STL): 9.8%, 0-for-3
3. Chipper Jones (ATL): 7.8%, 0-for-4
4. Chase Utley (PHI): 5.3%, 1-for-2
5. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 4.4%, 2-for-4

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