Beat the Streak Report: Monday, June 23

Picks of the day

hollidaybts.jpgMatt Holliday, OF, Rockies
.412 AVG during 9-game hit streak

Vladimir Guerrero, OF, Angels
.442 AVG during 13-game hitting streak
5 multi-hit efforts in last 7 G

Top 5 current leaders

1. spooky93, 37 games
2. jmc51966, 33 games
3. jml985, 31 games
4. abozzella, 28 games
4. coreycoxon55, 28 games

Season leader: jerrymohr, 39 games

Yesterday’s results

It was a good day for most of the BTS Top 10.

Spooky93 boosted his streak to an impressive 37 games with a 1-for-3 performance from Rays speedster Carl Crawford, leaving him two shy of the top mark posted by a participant this season.
The No. 2 and 3 ranked fans also extended their streaks of 30-plus games thanks to the respective 1-for-4 efforts from the Big Apple’s Alex Rodriguez and Jose Reyes.

Two members of the Top 10 saw their luck run dry. The fourth-place holder had his 29-game streak snapped with Ichiro Suzuki’s 0-for-5 day, while Hanley Ramirez also went 0-for-5 to end a 24-game run and knock the fan from a tie for eighth place.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

Chipper Jones (ATL): 10.4%, 0-for-0
Alex Rodriguez (NYY): 5.1%, 1-for-4
Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 3.7%, 0-for-5
Derrek Lee (CHC): 3.6%, 2-for-4
Chase Utley (PHI): 3.6%, 1-for-4

Fan of the day

Jeff Landgraf, a physicist who resides in Long Island, N.Y., has surged up to third place in the BTS rankings with a 31-game streak.
A huge Mets fan, Jeff usually picks Jose Reyes, his favorite player. Every once in a while, he mixes things up and goes with David Wright or Carlos Beltran, “just so that Jose doesn’t feel any pressure to get a hit.”

Jeff won’t pick any member of the Yankees to help along his streak, and it’s not just because he roots for the crosstown Mets; as a child in Minneapolis, Minn., he watched in agony as the powerful Yanks beat up on his hometown Twins too often. Of course, Jeff concedes that he broke that own rule a few times early this season, when he had trouble stringing together a streak of significant length.

Other than that, Jeff’s only other rule is to not change his mind once he submits his pick for the day. As he explains, “This is just a little superstition that’s grown up during the current streak. I’m not superstitious, but somehow you can’t follow baseball without allowing a little bit of magic in.”

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