Beat the Streak Report: Wednesday, June 25

Picks of the day

loney.jpgJames Loney, 1B, Dodgers

  • .452 AVG during 11-game hit streak
  • 1-for-2 vs. CWS RHP Gavin Floyd

Vladimir Guerrero, OF, Angels

  • .431 AVG during 15-game hit streak
  • 1-for-2 vs. WSH RHP Tim Redding

Top 5 current leaders

1. spooky93, 39 games    
2. jmc51966, 35 games    
3. coreycoxon55, 30 games
4. ljhomesinc, 27 games    
5. tnelson003, 26 games
Season leader: jerrymohr, spooky93, 39 games

Yesterday’s results

vladyes.jpgSpooky93’s success in Beat the Streak is becoming … well, spooky.

The BTS leader extended his run to 39 games thanks to a 1-for-2 day from Vladimir Guerrero, tying him for the longest streak posted by a fan this season. Last year, 14 participants reached the 40-game plateau, with the winner topping out at 49 in a row.

The second-place fan extended his own lengthy streak to 35 games with a 1-for-5 day from Ian Kinsler, while the 30-game club got a new member thanks to a two-hit performance from Lance Berkman.

There was one notable fall from the top ranks as Jeff Landgraf, Monday’s fan of the day, saw his 32-game streak come to an end.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Alex Rodriguez (NYY): 6.7%, 0-for-5
2. Hideki Matsui (NYY): 5.0%, 0-for-0
3. Chipper Jones (ATL): 3.9%, 1-for-1
4. Derek Jeter (NYY): 3.8%, 1-for-4
5. Lance Berkman (HOU): 3.8%, 2-for-3



    When I looked after the deadline, spooky93 had No Selection . Does he get to pick after the deadline?


    This is spooky. How does Spooky93 manage to pick after the 6:55PM cut off time. It clearly stated next to his name all night yesterday “No Selection”.

    If Spooky93 was allowed to make his selection after the cut off time for any reason, owes rest of us contestants a good explanation.


    I am glad someone else saw the page. Did he pick after Vladimir Guerrero got his hit? makes you wonder.


    I bet all of the people in top 25 are wondering that right now. They all thought Spooky93 was elimineated and probably breathed sigh of relief.

    What I want to know is whether he was allowed to make the selection after 6:55PM. Even one second after the cut off is unfair to other contestants. If he was allowed to do so, for what reason. I remember oone of the leaders rly i the season was eliminated because he didn’t make the pick for the day.

    I am sure JERRYMOHR who had the highest streak of 39 up to yesterday is wondering the same. He could have walked away with consolation prize if nobody passed him.

    I think needs to make a public announcement has to what exactly happened. Things like can easily get the class action lawyers salivating.


    The Angels game started at 7:pm eastern time.Guerrero got a base hit in the top of the first inning.To pick the hitter who gets a hit that early is very lucky.? He picked the same hitter the day before, but not today.

  6. mlbmark

    I wish I were eligible to win this thing because I definitely would get 57 straight. Is someone going to win the million from us this summer? It looks like our leaders are pushing 40 now, we’re past the Benito Santiago/Luis Castillo range and starting to get up to Molly numbers. It would happen by the All-Star Game. It is so easy to play this game it’s ridiculous.




    If you work for, you should look into this. Spooky93 did NOT pick anyone by the cut off time at 6:55PM last night. Magically, he has somehow picked V. Guerrero and survived another day when I checked the standings this morning. How is this possible?

    And if SPOOKy93 found a way to enter the selection after the cut off time and the games have started already, that is CHEATING. And isn’t it convenient that V. Guerrero got the hit right with 10 minutes of 6:55PM.

    Where can I report this to? I already wrote to but got no reply back.



    IS THIS GAME RIGGED????????????????????????


    I still had a window open to yesterday’s leaderboard,
    so can confirm that spooky93 had NO SELECTION.

    Strangely enough, there were three other players
    whose picks changed between that window and when
    I look today:

    p.perlman: from Placido Polanco to James Loney;
    beanbag2004: from Derek Jeter to Manny Ramirez;
    bfitzg01: from Hanley Ramirez to Chone Figgins.

    Since Polanco, Jeter, and Ramirez all got hits, it
    doesn’t seem like switching just because their picks
    didn’t get a hit.

    MLB should definitely figure out what’s going in and
    owes us an explanation.



    Thanks for pointing that out. I think why why that happened. These guys are cheating. Those hitter they initially chose did not get hits right away. So they CHANGED to the ones they did. CHEATERS!!

    (p.perlman) Derek Jeter did not get the hit until 7th inning. Luckily James Loney did during the second inning. The Dodgers game did not start until 10PM.

    (bfitzg01) Polanco did not get his first hit until 6th inning. Luckily Manny Ramirez did on his first at bat.

    Hanley Ramirez did get a in the first inning so change to Figgins who did not get his hit until 4th inning does not make sense. Was there a delay in the Florida game?

    This is just like last year with CNN Million Dollar stock challenge. All of the top finishers cheated because they found a loophole in a system that allowed them to change their picks. It had something to do with leaving your browser open and something.



    I’m not quite ready to believe it’s malicious yet, though I do think MLB needs to investigate for a possible bug.

    I think the key will be to keep an eye on these players and some screenshots, if necessary.

    And at least for p.perlman, we’ll know more tomorrow – he/she picked Matt Holliday (at least when I opened the standings earlier tonight), so if he/she somehow has something different, then I think there could be reason to suspect cheating.

  12. Beat the Streak

    There was a minor page caching issue on Tuesday night that caused some display issues. Spooky93 picked Vlad Guerrero at 9:09 AM on Tuesday, 10 hours before the deadline. The Standings page on Tuesday night was showing all user’s picks as of 4 AM Tuesday morning, which is why it appeared that no pick had been made.

    The display issue was fixed around 9:45 PM and all proper picks displayed then, at which point the correct pick of Vlad Guerrero appeared. Hope that helps clear up any confusion.



    Screenshots is one way, but a better way is to go to files, save as and save the file on your computer. You can rename each days file anything you want. I use bts+date .htm

  14. backrubs

    i always write down the top players picks so i can look at the scoreboard and games in progress. I, too, saw NO SELECTION beside Spooky’s name as late as 7 30 Central time Tuesday evening.

    im not so sure im buying the excuse of a page cache problem. im betting he DIDNT pick

  15. 00jvairo_7

    I don’t buy that he didn’t make a pick.

    When you’re playing for a million dollars, you don’t just forget, especially when you made successful picks on time for the past 38 days.

    I know I’ve told my friends sometimes that I can’t play ball because I have to do picks and I never got more than a 22-game hit streak.

    Also, why are people assuming he will win the contest? He’s only at 41 now and we’ve never had anyone break into the 50’s in 7+ years of the contest?

    All it takes is another 0 for 7 from Cristian Guzman to end it. Damn you Guzman!

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