Beat the Streak Report: Sunday, June 29

Pick of the day

Michael Young, SS, Rangers
20-for-54 (.370 AVG) career vs. PHI LHP Jamie Moyer

craw.jpgTop 5 current leaders

1. spooky93, 43 games
2. dalmeetz048, 25 games
2. pacioccoj, 25 games
4. bfitzg01, 24 games
4. eugenethom, 24 games

Season leader: spooky93, 43 games

Yesterday’s results

Spooky93 inched closer to $1 million, thanks to a 1-for-6 day by Tampa Bay’s Carl Crawford. Spooky93 is now 14 days away from becoming a millionaire.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 5.1%, 0-for-4
2. Derek Jeter (NYY): 4.0%, 0-for-4
3. Derrek Lee (CHC): 3.5%, 5-for-5
4. Adrian Gonzalez (SD): 3.4%, 0-for-4
5. Aramis Ramirez (CHC): 3.0%, 0-for-5



    Good luck, Spooky93 – 44 and counting!!!! Hope you make the million!

    Fraz from Glasgow, Scotland.


    Man. Jamie Moyer blows. Its like watching a grandpa throw underhand softball. His fastball is 82 and his change up is 77. What is the difference*%^&%&^. Even I can hack those pitches. I think Wakefield’s knuckerball hits mid 70s. What a bummer.

    I guess we just better hope that Barry Zito, Paul Maholm, Roy Oswalt, or Maddux throw a game of their life time.

    I guess the obvious choice is to go with Derek Lee but my sense Spooky93 will go with Jason Bay just to taunt us all. I figured out his pattern. He first looks for worst pitching first then look for a hitter who will hit it. I don’t think he will go with Atkins (against Maddux) and Derek Lee (against Zito). The pitchers there are capable of pitching like in their glory days. So my guss is either Jason Bay or Brandon Phillips.

    All we can hope is that 14 people made greater than 40 last year and 3 went 45 or higher without winning.


    hey btsplayer.its sounds like your a little upset that spooky is doing so well.whats so wrong with someone having a nice run.give the guy a have a lot of time on your hands if your trying to figure who he’s gonna pick next.GO GETT’M SPOOKY TAKE HOME THE MILLION.

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