Beat the Streak Report: Friday, Aug. 8

Weekend Picks


andersonBTS.jpgGarret Anderson, OF, Angels
.442 AVG during 13-game hit streak
.414 AVG since All-Star break

Jose Reyes, SS, Mets
8-for-15 (.533) vs. FLA RHP Ricky Nolasco
.362 AVG over last 12 G

Carlos Lee, OF, Astros
10-for-28 vs. CIN RHP Bronson Arroyo
.360 AVG since All-Star break


Mark Teixeira, 1B, Angels
10-for-21 (.476) vs. NYY LHP Andy Pettitte
.355 AVG since All-Star break

Yesterday’s picks, results

berkmanbts.jpgPlacido Polanco: 1-for-4
Lance Berkman: 3-for-5

Top 5 current leaders
(yesterday’s pick)

1. bassman, 30 games (Jose Reyes)
2. taswanso, 26  (Lance Berkman)
3. cali_kid, 25 (Lance Berkman)
3. eduneversaydie, 25 (Lance Berkman)
3. vidrohater, 25 (Lance Berkman)

BTS season leader:  Robert Paradise, 48
BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

BTS leader bassman reached the elusive 30-game plateau courtesy of Jose Reyes, who went 1-for-5 in the Mets win over San Diego. Reyes tripled off Padres starter Josh Banks to help bassman maintain his hold on the top spot heading into the weekend.

reyesbts.jpgMeanwhile, yesterday’s five-way, third-place knot was cleared up as two competitors dropped out of the Top 5. One fan fell into sixth place when his pick, Jermaine Dye, did not play in Chicago’s loss to Detroit, while another saw his streak revert to zero after Albert Pujols went 0-for-2 with a pair of walks against the Dodgers.

Four members of the Top 5 were among the 16.8% of contestants who made Lance Berkman Thursday’s most-picked player. The Astros slugger rewarded those who showed faith in him by delivering a stellar 3-for-5 effort against Josh Fogg and the Cincinnati ‘pen.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Lance Berkman (HOU): 16.8%, 3-for-5
2. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 6.7%, 1-for-4
3. Alex Rodriguez (NYY): 6.6%, 0-for-4
4. Albert Pujols (STL): 6.4%, 0-for-2
5. Matt Holliday (COL): 4.3%, 2-for-7


  1. rip2thecompetition

    I’m out boys, Randy Winn didn’t come through with a hit and there’s not enough games left to get to 57. Sucks cause my second choice was Matt Kemp.

  2. rip2thecompetition

    Actually I probably won’t play anymore lol..yano wat would suck? If I, or anybody, started tomorrow, went for the 48, beat that and got to 52 or watever the max is you can get at for this season and yeah you get 10K but knowing you were less than a week away from a million but you had to stop because you ran out of time..

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