Beat the Streak Report: Wednesday, Aug. 13

Picks of the day

mannydodgersBTS.jpgManny Ramirez, OF, Dodgers

  • 13-for-21 (.619) vs. PHI RHP Joe Blanton
  • .476 AVG in last 11 G

Stephen Drew, SS, Diamondbacks

  • 7-for-17 vs. COL LHP Jeff Francis
  • .344 AVG during 14-game hit streak

Yesterday’s picks, results

Brian Roberts (BAL): 1-for-3
Garret Anderson (LAA): 1-for-4
Top 5 current leaders
(yesterday’s pick)

1. bassman, 35 games (I. Suzuki)
2. eduneversaydie, 30 (V. Guerrero)
2. vidrohater, 30 (C. Beltran)
4. cali_kid, 29 (J. Reyes)
4. jpsteeleaz69, 29 (B. Roberts)
BTS season leader:  Robert Paradise, 48
BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

The Top 5, suddenly the model of consistency, remained intact again yesterday as all five members received key hits to keep their streaks alive. BTS leader bassman maintained his position at the vanguard courtesy of Ichiro Suzuki, who swatted a pair of singles in the Mariners loss to the Angels.

beltran.jpgSecond-place competitors eduneversaydie and vidrohater broke into 30-game territory thanks to Vladimir Guerrero and Carlos Beltran, respectively. Gurrero belted his 22nd homer of the year off Jarrod Washburn, while Beltran went 3-for-4 with a pair of doubles against Odalis Perez and the Washington ‘pen.

Fourth-place competitors cali_kid and jpsteeleaz69 moved to just one game shy of the 30-game plateau on the strength of key contributions from Jose Reyes and Brian Roberts. Reyes collected a pair of singles to go 2-for-5, while Roberts added an RBI-single as Baltimore fell to the Indians.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 7.4%, 2-for-5
2. Vladimir Guerrero (LAA): 5.2%, 1-for-4
3. Dustin Pedroia (BOS): 5.1%, 5-for-6
4. Jose Reyes (NYM): 4.5%, 2-for-5
5. Alex Rodriguez (NYY): 3.7%, 1-for-6 


  1. 00jvairo_7

    I have a question about the Survivor challenge, and since there is no survivor blog yet (when will one be implemented?,) I figured I’d post it here:

    If the leader of Survivor (currently at 25 games,) ends up reaching 27 or longer, does he automatically win the contest or does it still go until the end of the season?

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