Beat the Streak Report: Thursday, Sept. 25

Picks of the day

hardy_bts_sept.jpgJ.J. Hardy, SS, Brewers

  • 10-for-17 (.588) vs. PIT LHP Zach Duke
  • .513 AVG in last 8 G

Lance Berkman, 1B, Astros

  • 4-for-7 (.571) vs. CIN RHP Johnny Cueto
  • .396 AVG vs. CIN in ’08

Yesterday’s picks, results

  • Ichiro Suzuki (SEA), 0-for-5
  • Hanley Ramirez (FLA), 3-for-5

Top 5 current leaders (yesterday’s picks)

1. ali2win2 (Milton Bradley), 25 games
1. dalegerman (David Ortiz), 25 games
3. alperins (Placido Polanco), 22 games
3. ChaChalex (Dustin Pedroia), 22 games
5. tlerche (Dustin Pedroia), 20 games

BTS season leader:  Robert Paradise, 48
BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56


  1. champion_88

    I just saw this link:

    in the “Yesterday’s News” section of the 9-19 entry and I am shocked that I had never seen it before. It should be more prominently linked on this website or at least the HR contest should get its own blog, because I had been operating without any professional HR guidance all season, since I never saw that link!

    Also, I would recommend engineering a HR and Survivor blog for next year, with more robust leaderboard options like Beat the Streak currently has.

    Finally, why have there been no “Yesterday’s results” writeups since this past Monday?

  2. champion_88

    Another quick question: Are there any plans to return to the actual Survivor format from 2006 back, because the current format is not very emblematic of its title.

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