Beat the Streak Report: Opening Day Preview


Welcome back to the Beat the Streak Report.

With Spring Training winding down and the 2009 regular season rapidly approaching, it’s time to start preparing to compete for $1,000,000 — by far the largest grand prize for any fantasy baseball game.

Be sure to check back on Opening Night for the lowdown on the best picks for Opening Day. Until then.


  1. rip2thecompetition

    It starts with ATL/Philly game right? I’ve been waiting for this thing to be updated, it’s still showing 2008’s results. Anyways, I’m back guys! Who else from last season that chatted on here is back for more?

  2. champion_88

    I am back! My longest streak last year ws 17 games and longest streak career was 22 games!!!

    My question is: When will the contest home page open up, allowing me access to tomorrow’s picks?

    I am going to be out for the day and will not have access to a computer until after the game starts, so I want to put my picks in tonight.

    If you do not open up the contest, until after 9 AM tomorrow, I will probably lose my picks for the day.

    I do not find it fair to open the contest 2 hours before the game starts. The contest used to open 7 days, in advance of Opening Day.

    Are all 3 contest: Beat the Streak, Beat the Streak: Home Run Edition, and Survivor, start on time this year? Last year, the Survivor contest did not start until the beginning of May?!? Why such a delay?

    Also, how are the picks of the day calculated and who does those calculations?

    Finally, will you be adding picks for the Home Run Edition and Survivor this year as well???, because I find this feature to be useful, but would like to have this guidance for the other 2 contests as well.

    I hope someone from MLB sees my post and can answer all of these questions!

    Thanks for your help!!!

  3. champion_88

    Sorry for not including this in the last post, but I think you should offer us some type of lobby-based/Gameday-based chat system where players of each of these contests can congregate, share ideas, etc.?

    If not, can everyone list their screenames for AOL/AIM, so we can form a lobby that way?

    Let me know if you like this idea.

  4. joefalls

    still waiting for BTS to open up. hello, today is opening day. not like this is an easy contest to win.


    I’m assuming that they are waiting because roster spots aren’t official until the start of the first game, but how many people are going to pick roster spot #25? Come on already.


    Well I don’t think they normally even list all 25 roster spots. I’m ready to make a pick!

  7. rip2thecompetition

    I’m starting to think it’s beginning with tomorrow’s games..seems like it would be open by now if it was starting day isn’t a big deal but I’d like to get started tonight

  8. fuzzynrhye

    So when does the contest begin? I was all set to make my pick for tonight’s game and was never able to get on.

  9. rip2thecompetition

    Well it should be good to go by tomorrow, as the blog clearly states, “Be sure to check back on Opening Night for the lowdown on the best picks for Opening Day. Until then.”

  10. apujols1986

    This is embarrassing and annoying: it’s April 6th and the game isn’t up and running. For shame

  11. champion_88

    It appears to have been updated between your post and 830 AM!

    Contest on!

    I love the integrated format by the way. I hope the same is done for Beat the Streak: Homerun Edition and Survivor, although I still would like to see the lobby-based system introduced that is used in the Gameday games!

  12. backrubs

    Last year the game started on opening NIGHT.
    I tried to log in today to see if the game had started and it was showing that it had not. then i check back about a few minutes before NY and Cin started and it said game locked for the day. its too bad that since the problem was not the players wanting to pick that instead of locking for the entire day, those games that had not started could have stayed open until it was game time for each to start.
    i would be sitting at 2 if it worked last night cuz iwas ready to pick jones and kinsler today

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