Beat the Streak Report: Thursday, May 7



Today’s recommended picks

Placido Polanco, 2B, Tigers
12-for-29 (.414 AVG) lifetime vs. White Sox starter Mark Buehrle

David Wright, 3B, Mets
14-for-36 (.389 AVG) lifetime vs. Phillies starter Jamie Moyer

Ryan Zimmerman, 3B, Nationals
ML-high 24-G hit streak; 11-for-21 (.524 AVG) in May

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

A hitless performance from Ichiro Suzuki derailed many of the front-runners Tuesday, but that didn’t stop the ensuing crop of leaders from selecting him yesterday. Their faith was rewarded, as the Mariners speedster went 2-for-5 to push the streak of bj_hotfox_22 to a BTS-best 27 games, and to keep jenner43wilson in second place at 26 games. Both remain in the running to top baltimore20’s season-high streak of 28 games.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Carlos Beltran (NYM): 9.4%, 0-for-4
2. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 6.7%, 2-for-5
3. Albert Pujols (STL): 5.3%, 4-for-4
4. Dustin Pedroia (BOS): 4.5%, 0-for-4
5. Jason Bay (BOS): 4.4%, 0-for-3



    Did anyone else pick Markakis yesterday and not get credited with getting a hit? I thought he went 2-3, so why am I back to zero?

  2. lavolpe

    Scoring may not be complete or fouled up temporarily. Here are a couple that should be reset to zero, but have not been (current streak vs longest streak):
    6th place pick of Wright went 0-2, not reset to zero.
    21st place pick of Theriot went 0-5, not reset to zero
    several 21st picks of Pedroia went 0-4, not reset to zero


    I’m just glad I only have a very small streak started. If I was rbcaliguy009 sitting on 25 games and actually contending right now… I would be IRATE!!!

  4. vinny1979

    It’s the same problem on all the fantasy games. I had Pujolsin the Homer Streak one and didn’t get credit for it yet and had the Blue Jays in Survivor and still didn’t get credit yet.

  5. birdlandfan

    I picked Nick Markakis and am also not being credited with a hit. The game was called in the 6th, which means since they completed a full 5 innings the score and numbers are official. I don’t understand why his 2-3 night isn’t counting? I checked the rules but can find nothing that has to do with this. Hopefully it will get fixed.


    I didnt get a credit streak for Orlando Hudson went for 2 out 3 last night May 7th

  7. neil_p

    I’m sure they’ll fix it soon.
    My streak also didn’t advance.
    I picked Fielder who went 2 for 5.


    It’s funny that people picked Manny Ramirez, hes suspended 50 games as of today


    Also chose Markakis. . .not credited.
    I know the game ended after midnight Central time because of the delays. Is there a cut off time for this contest?
    Anyway, it seems there are a lot of players with fouled up results. I hope they fix this soon.

  10. baileys1219

    I thought Manny Ramirez is out…so why did some players continue on and some are back to zero?



    I picked Yodier Molina yesterday and he did not play so why did I get knocked back to zero? I thought your streak continue if your pick does not play?

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