Beat the Streak Report: Thursday, July 9



Today’s recommended picks

Chase Utley, 2B, Phillies
.500 AVG (5-for-10) lifetime vs. Reds starter Micah Owings

Chipper Jones, 3B, Braves
.400 AVG (8-for-20) since ’04 vs. Rockies starter Aaron Cook

Scott Rolen, 3B, Blue Jays
.390 AVG (41-for-105) during 25-G hit streak

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

Illustrating how quickly a stretch of good luck can go sour in the BTS world, the Top 3 contestants all found themselves starting from scratch following yesterday’s action.

Leader greg4263 (32 games) and co-second-place fan racin248 (29) simply picked the wrong day to go with the normally reliable Albert Pujols, who went 0-for-4 vs. the Brewers. And while grebecks (29) made a seemingly smart choice by going with the hot-hitting Chase Utley, he couldn’t have foreseen that the Phils second baseman would be cooled off with an identical 0-for-4 effort.

The upheaval allowed ryancaraher to take over the top spot at 28 games with his selection of Ryan Braun (2-for-4). rook3256, sportsboom and wfahey all went with Ichiro Suzuki (1-for-5), giving them a share of second place at 27 games.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 12.7%, 1-for-5
2. Ryan Braun (MIL): 10.9%, 2-for-4
3. Albert Pujols (STL): 9.7%, 0-for-4
4. Derek Jeter (NYY): 2.5%, 2-for-5
5. Manny Ramirez (LAD): 2.5%, 1-for-5



    Washington and Houston conclude a suspended game, tied in extra innings, before they play their regularly-scheduled game today. Do players for Washington and Houston have to get hits in both the remainder of the suspended game and today’s scheduled game to extend a streak in Beat the Streak?

  2. champion_88

    I was wondering that too, but since there were not any real compelling picks in that matchup, I decided to skip over it.

    However, I think you only need to get a hit in the game scheduled for tonight, since there is no * next to the Nationals/Astros game on the selection screen today and any day there is a doubleheader, that * is on the page.

  3. dragbunt104

    Check the rules section of Beat the Streak.
    Doubleheaders and suspended games are treated totally differently.
    Seems complex – as suspended games that are resumed and completd within 3 days of the original game date are treated differently that games resumed and completed 4 days or after the original game date.
    Good Luck!

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