Beat the Streak Report: Thursday, July 30



Today’s recommended picks

Manny Ramirez, OF, Dodgers
.556 AVG (5-for-9) since ’04 vs. Cardinals starter Kyle Lohse

Orlando Cabrera, SS, A’s
.462 AVG (6-for-13) lifetime vs. Red Sox starter Jon Lester

Matt Holliday, OF, Cardinals
.455 AVG (5-for-11) lifetime vs. Dodgers starter Hiroki Kuroda

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

Every once in a while, a quiet game from one player causes serious upheaval in the standings.

Such was the case with Shane Victorino, whose 0-for-3 night ended the streaks of an eye-opening 20.4 percent of the BTS field. Among the casualties were Roscoe1333 and ber92961, who fell from the Top 5 with their respective 31-game and 29-game runs coming to a close.

But there was no slowing rbgoulet1, who pushed his BTS-high streak to 37 games following a 3-for-7 showing from Albert Pujols in the Cardinals’ 15-inning contest. bigshowmarko received a 1-for-4 performance from Miguel Tejada to move up to 31 games and take over sole possession of second place, while brian2460 reached the 30-game plateau on the heels of Ryan Braun’s 1-for-3 effort.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Shane Victorino (PHI): 20.4%, 0-for-3
2. Joe Mauer (MIN): 6.3%, 0-for-3
3. Ryan Braun (MIL): 6.0%, 1-for-3
4. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 4.7%, 2-for-4
5. Prince Fielder (MIL): 3.4%, 1-for-4


  1. dragbunt104

    Be very wary of the advice given by the “Kings at the Plate” section of the game. 20% of you bit on the fact that Shane Victorino was 4 for 5 against Yusmeiro Petit yesterday.
    5 at bats isn’t enough of a “history” with that pitcher to feel confident about Vicotriano’s “mastery” over that pitcher.
    Did you ever go to the race track and look at the program and see the horse that could not possibly lose? You bet on that nag and it comes in 4th place and out of the money!
    The Kings at the Plate section, in my humble opinion, is there to try to fool you, not help you. Take tomorrow, Friday 7/31 as an example – Dustin Pderoia is 11 – 33 against his opposing pitcher and Ichirio is 16 – 34 against his opposing pitcher but they are not mentioned in the Kings at the Plate site. Gee – could it be that the insurance company that has underwritten the $1 million dollar policy with Burger King does not want anyone to really win?
    Who does the Kings at the Plate site recommend for Friday 7/31? Chone Figgins 7- 12 against opposing pitcher – We all know that he walks alot and is not a tremendous pick.
    Joe Mauer, my condolences to bigballer who lost a streak the other day on Mauer. Mauer seems streaky e.g. 3 for 4, then 2 for 3 then he goes 0 – 4, not the best pick. Then Miguel Cabrera who is 5 – 8 is the final King of the Plate selection. I do not follow him at all. I see that the Kings at the Plate usually picks the players with the best batting average against their opposing pitcher each day – this is a faulty selection process to follow. I locked in for Friday 7/31 with Ichirio. LOL to the guy who said that Ichirio hasn’t gone hitless in a day game since he was in 3rd grade. Were do you find stats like that? Thanks for reading this long comment. We have to band together to beat the streak.
    I hope this helps you.


    What a luck for rbgoulet1. That Jeter single in his last at bat was not a legitimate hit. It was an accidental hit that just happened to be 1/2 inch short of Wise’s glove. Wise trapped it and should have been an out. rbgoulet1 has been having lots of luck with pretty much mediocre picks for awhile. Time for him to go down!

  3. blained

    Firstly I love to congratulate top 5 most selected players! You guys did a great job in proving that you can be on the top to be heard and recognized. Also to rbgoulet1 who pushed his BTS-high streak to 37 games following a 3-for-7 showing from Albert Pujols in the Cardinals’ 15-inning contest. Gees, I would surely bet my no fax payday loans just to see you guys all played for your fans and country. Seeing you all doing your very best to put up a good game, win or lose you deserve all the cheers and yells!

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