Beat the Streak Report: Tuesday, Aug. 18


Today’s recommended picks

Curtis Granderson, OF, Tigers
.409 AVG (9-for-22) lifetime vs. Mariners starter Felix Hernandez

David DeJesus, OF, Royals
.393 AVG (11-for-28) since ’04 vs. White Sox starter Freddy Garcia

Chipper Jones, 3B, Braves
.393 AVG (11-for-28) since ’04 vs. Mets starter Oliver Perez

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

Slowly and steadily, hammanm continues to move into highly select territory in the BTS universe.

A 1-for-4 day from Matt Holliday yesterday extended hammanm’s streak to 42 games, tying him with Dick Goulet for the second-highest mark of ’09. Tanner Nielsen set the season record of 45 games back in late June.

Sun_Tenshi isn’t far behind, though. The second-place contestant received a 2-for-4 day from A.J. Pierzynski to move up to 39 games and keep the leader within sight. jprin30571 also kept pace in third place, reaching the 35-game mark following a 3-for-4 showing from Derek Jeter.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Derek Jeter (NYY): 8.2%, 3-for-4
2. A.J. Pierzynski (CWS): 6.0%, 2-for-4
3. Albert Pujols (STL): 6.0%, 1-for-4
4. Alexei Ramirez (CWS): 4.8%, 1-for-2
5. Pablo Sandoval (SF): 4.5%, 1-for-5


  1. backrubs

    so im looking at the KINGS pick and notice that on Friday its listening Mauer facing Feldman. However on Friday, texas is in tampa and minnesota is in KC…. whoever does the kings picks need to change this ASAP so as to avoid any further confusion

  2. backrubs

    by the way Mauer and Feldman face one another tonight with Mauer being 3-for-8.

    Carl Pavano, with cleveland, the starter for Minnesota tonight in Texas, pitched a game there earlier in the season. April 9th… lasted on inning, 6 hits and nine runs


    So does anyone dare to ride the Mauer or Suzuki gravy train today? Both of them went 0-for against tonight’s pitchers last time they met. I believe it ended tons of streaks too.

    I talked to BTS God this morning and he said the leader will not be allowed any more freebies. He has been cut off.

  4. backrubs

    Well we are in for another interesting nite.
    there are 150 people with sreaks at 20 or more, and another 95 people at 19 alone.

    Here is your breakdown on the most popular picks….
    Ichiro 33… HRamirez 16… Crawford 11… Jeter 10… Mauer 9… ARios 8… CJones 7… Granderson 6… Young 6… Teixeira 5… Utley 4… Bartlett 3… 9 picked 2 times… 12 players picked one time.. AND TWO forgot to pick

  5. dragbunt104

    Who would be the only player in ML History that the greatest hitter of them all, Ted Williams, could get a hitting lesson from?
    A) Ichirio
    B) Ichirio
    C) Ichirio
    D) all of the above

    I looked today at 6:45pm and saw that Seattle was up in the second inning. I went to the box score and saw that Seattle got one hit. Said to myself, Ichirio singled in the top of the first. I went to game day and sure enough “The Little Magician” singled in the first inning!
    The leader would be smart now to bow out of the picking process each day by choosing Ichirio each day for the rest of his streak. This way he will not make a dumb mistake and lose the $1.5M.

  6. titantron

    I don’t know dragbunt. Ichiro is human. Remember that time two weeks ago when he went hitless? It does happen on occasion and it is something to consider.

  7. dragbunt104

    I agree titantron, Ichirio is human and could have a 0-fer. But it’s tough picking a hit each day – Felipe Lopez went 0 – 4 today and took one of the leaders down. Sometimes you need to step away and not over-think the situation. If I was the leader, I would check Ichirio v. pitcher each day. If it looked like a decent match up, I’d go with Ichirio.

  8. backrubs

    Two of the three “KINGS” went hitless today, C Jones and Granderson and that cost 13 people a streak. F Lopez cost 2 others. CJones cost people streaks yesterday as well, so thats two in a row. makes me wonder about the “Kings” for tomorrow

    Im watching the Rangers Twins, and Mauer just hit his second HR of the game. incredible!!!!!


    Like I said before, King’s picks are totally useless. The picker takes 5 minutes to peruse the stats quickly looking for high batting avg. against pitcher.

    Looks like the King will be fat zero today. As usual, his picks leads astray amateur pickers. There was no way Granderson and C. Jones would had so many people picking but for the endorsement.

    Maybe the whole Blog is run by the insurance company that wrote the contract on the prize. It can’t be completely bad picks but attractive bad picks (high avg. against pitcher by hitters who are not hitting well now) once every 3 to 4 days will keep people from getting to close to the prize.

    I think the leader’s board clean-up is due very soon. We had too many days of easy picking. This always happens. Watch for the wipeouts involving the popular picks (Suzuki, Mauer, Jeter, H. Ramirez). I remember 2 yrs ago, ALL of the suspects didn’t get a hit in one day. It was so funny. 2 out of top 25 survived that day.


    Who do you think will win tomorrow? Mauer vs. Millwood. Millwood is one of those strange righties who pitch well against lefties.

    “Left-handers are hitting .217 off him but right-handers are hitting .281.”

    Will Mauer’s prowess over power Millwood? My guess is Mauer might be due for a “bad” day anway.

    Ichiro vs. Verlander? Verlander is supremely dominant at home. Time to look for another possibility…


    Just went back and checked the Seattle game against the Verlander earlier this year. Ichiro went 1-for4 that day but he went 0-for-3 against Verlander with 2 strikeouts. Verlander wasn’t even pitching that well during that time.

  12. backrubs

    so we had 162 who had 20 or more and another 95 people who had 19 in a row…. 26 out of the 162 lost streaks tonight and another 8 didnt move because the players didnt play.

    Mauer, Ichiro, HRamirez are so hot, how can you NOT go against them right now? Mauer is hitting over .500 the past week, AND he’s one of six players hitting at .500 or better the past week………and 31 people total are hitting over .400


  13. darwri

    The streaks all do end in one day! very true. My family of 9 basically picks the same 4 or 5 guys everyday… weve got streaks of 15 10.. and 13… all 9 of us.. then one day.. and its happened probably 4 or 5 times this year… all 5 of those guys wont get a hit! 1 time we ended up with a streak of 26… and the only reason we did because 1 of those 5 picks just happened to not play that day of 0 hits.. we still have 3 streaks going right now.. and 5 streaks of 5 which have 0 chance at the million.. this game is certainly not easy!!
    GO JAYS!

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