Beat the Streak Report: Tuesday, Sept. 8



Today’s recommended picks

Brian Roberts, 2B, Orioles
.545 AVG (6-for-11) lifetime vs. Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz

Stephen Drew, SS, Diamondbacks
.394 AVG (13-for-33) lifetime vs. Dodgers starter Chad Billingsley

Miguel Tejada, SS, Astros
.474 AVG (9-for-19) since ’04 vs. Braves starter Javier Vazquez

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

The long holiday weekend turned out to be an ideal time for many BTS leaders to pick Matt Holliday.

The hard-hitting outfielder didn’t have one of his best games Monday, but his 1-for-5 effort was good enough for five of the Top 6 contestants. Included in that group was top dog tshalterman, whose 41-game streak is tied for the fourth-longest mark of the season.

The lone member of the top group to pass on Holliday was michaelh30, who received an identical 1-for-5 performance from Shane Victorino to remain in a tie with ichter4 for second place, at 37 games.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Albert Pujols (STL): 6.7%, 3-for-4
2. Torii Hunter (LAA): 6.6%, 1-for-3
3. Dustin Pedroia (BOS): 6.6%, 1-for-3
4. Derek Jeter (NYY): 5.9%, 0-for-8
5. Joe Mauer (MIN): 5.5%, 3-for-5


  1. dragbunt104

    Tuesday 9/8…..
    Beware——-CHISOX V. OAKLAND
    A.J. Pierzynski v. Brett Tomko of A’s
    They have never faced each other.
    They were teammates in 2004 at SF. Tomko spoke to the media and said AJ was a cancer in the clubhouse. Story goes that AJ was playing cards in the clubhouse and “didn’t have time to go over opposing team hitters” before a game. (Tomko maybe was the pitcher that day?). AJ is very volatile, Tomko will go hard against him – AJ will be squeezing the bat trying to hit Tomko. Does AJ strike out in his first at bat? Then get “buzzed” in his second at bat and charge the mound and both are ejected? It could happen.
    I’m going with Cubs Derrek Lee today. I watched the game yesterday and he is swinging the bat like the D Lee of old.
    I’m thinking that there is a hit v. Dukes in his bat tonight.
    Tough not to take Hanley Ramirez v. NYM at home though.
    Also, Longoria TB remains on a hotter than hot streak!
    Good Luck to all……

  2. dragbunt104

    I’ve mentioned before not to take anyone on the Cub team for bts. Being a Cub fan this is not an easy thing to say.
    But—-Derrek Lee has been very hot lately. So I took him today and I’m watching the game. The first 8, that’s right 8 Cubs to come to the plate everyone got a hit(D. LEE got a single). The first out recorded by Zack Dukes was on a sac bunt by the number 9 hitter, pitcher Ryan Dempster. Maybe, just maybe, the Cubs have broken out of their team hitting slump. Cubs put up a TD & extra point in the top of the first.
    Any ideas about Wednesday?
    David Wright, Evan Longoria?


    HaY good call picking lee drag and who the leader choose Derek jeter? Was working didn’t had the time to check is pretty cool working in Yankee stadiem to see this great team play and to watch history. I want with ichiro as we speaks he’s 0-3 so don’t look to good lol tomorrow ichiro again:)

  4. dragbunt104

    Ichirio does an 0 – fer against a rejuvinated lefty, Scott Kazmir. The bts guy who has the deep stat book on Ichirio – how many 0 – fer’s has The Little Magicain had this year v. lefties?
    Cubs v. Pirates – Cubs traded Kevin Hart, today’s Pirate starter, about 6 weeks ago. Hart is struggling and I’m going again with hot hitting Derrek Lee today.
    I was going to take Matt Holliday but Jeff Suppan MIL has been doing well lately. Holliday is 7 – 11 v. Suppan but I’m fearing a repeat of the Johnny Damon fiasco of last week.
    Holliday batting .267 in day games!
    Good luck to all today

  5. dragbunt104

    Do we need to take up a collection and buy an alarm clock for the guy who updates the blog? 5pm Central time and I’m typing on the Tuesday page.
    The bts gods hit back today with Matt Holliday leaving the game with a brusied knee and going 0 – 1. What a way to lose a streak – reminds me of Joey “The Black Cat” Votto.
    Holliday was having a great run.
    My luck with the Cubs Derrek Lee the past two days is too good to be true. I’m moving on now. Cubs are off on Thursday – no Cub picks on Friday for me.

  6. nardberg

    dragbunt – great call on Lee – thx for the tip. Same rule applies in NY – you do NOT root for both Yanks and Mets. It’s either the Yankees or that other team. 🙂 BTS obviously asleep at the wheel. By the time we get the Wednesday page it will Thursday. Hanley Ramirez looks good for tomorrow……

  7. dragbunt104

    FYI – Brett Tomko did hit AJ Pierezynski with a pitch on Tuesday night. But AJ did not charge the mound. AJ got a hit off Tomko by flicking a pitch that was about 6 in off the ground into left field for a single on a 0 – 2 count in the first inning. Ty Cobb would have been proud of AJ for his bat skills in that hit. Great thing about living in Chicago is that you get to see all the AL and NL teams. But – Native Chicagoans only root for Cubs or WSOX not both!

  8. dragbunt104

    Thursday, Sept. 10th
    Very short schedule………
    Hanley Ramirez looks good v. NYM Bobby Parnell
    Twins v. Cecil of TOR? Cecil is hittable but he is a lefty and all Twin big guns are lefties – Does a pick here make sense?
    Mauer, Marneau, Kubel, Spann all lefties.
    Cuddyear(R) hitting .234 over the last 30 days and hitting .261 v. lefties on the year.
    Ichirio looks tempting but Lacky LAA looks tough.

  9. nardberg

    Looks like the top two are the only ones with a shot now – both are at 35. I think picking Ichiro today might have shades of Damon from last week……Lackey does look tough – Seattle did get 10 hits off him but that was back on May 29th (Ichiro went 2-for-5.) Numbers of late are better though (WHIP numbers a bit wide but still looks good.) Ichie not giving me the warm, fuzzy feeling today….I like Ramirez better 🙂

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