Beat the Streak Report: Weekend, Oct. 2-4



Today’s recommended picks

Carlos Beltran, OF, Mets
.455 AVG (5-for-11) lifetime vs. Astros starter Wandy Rodriguez

Aaron Rowand, OF, Giants
.462 AVG (6-for-13) lifetime vs. Padres starter Kevin Correia

Cristian Guzman, SS, Nationals
.429 AVG (9-for-21) since ’04 vs. Braves starter Derek Lowe

Saturday’s recommended picks

Joey Votto, 1B, Reds
.643 AVG (9-for-14) lifetime vs. Pirates starter Zach Duke

Chase Utley, 2B, Phillies
.438 AVG (7-for-16) lifetime vs. Marlins starter Anibal Sanchez

Matt Kemp, OF, Dodgers
.529 AVG (9-for-17) lifetime vs. Rockies starter Jorge De La Rosa

Sunday’s recommended picks

Magglio Ordonez, OF, Tigers
.550 AVG (11-for-20) lifetime vs. White Sox starter John Danks

Howard Kendrick, 2B, Angels
.625 AVG (5-for-8) lifetime vs. A’s starter Edgar Gonzalez; Gonzalez: .292 AVG against in ’09

James Loney, 1B, Dodgers
.583 AVG (7-for-12) lifetime vs. Rockies starter Jason Marquis

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

With the regular season heading into its final weekend, BTS participants are looking to finish up on a winning note by logging the longest streak possible.

Nearly every member of the Top 10 picked Ichiro Suzuki, a smart move considering his knack for making contact and legging out hits. Sure enough, Ichiro came through with a 2-for-4 day to keep his fans alive in the standings.

Co-leaders da_wid and flipperjoints hit the 30-game mark thanks to Ichiro, while golgota33 and janejohn rode the Seattle speedster up to 25 games and a share of fourth place. Third-place contestant rwildi took the bold step of selecting a different player, but Jimmy Rollins’s 1-for-4 effort helped him stay in the running, at 27 games.

mark-henry also avoided Ichiro, but his selection of Dustin Pedroia didn’t work out so well. The normally free-swinging Pedroia collected two walks but no hits in five plate appearances, ending mark-henry’s run at 26 games.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 13.9%, 2-for-4
2. Joe Mauer (MIN): 6.2%, 2-for-4
3. Kevin Youkilis (BOS): 5.7%, 1-for-3
4. Albert Pujols (STL): 5.3%, 0-for-3
5. Vladimir Guerrero (LAA): 5.2%, 1-for-2


  1. dragbunt104

    Friday 10/2
    Staying with a game that still has meaning for my pick today. Denard Span of Twins is hot – going with him.
    Good Luck to all today…….

  2. champion_88

    I am quite confused as to how the leaderboard for the September edition operates.

    The column showing “today’s pick” has FIVE people on the front page not making a pick today, including the one remaining person with a chance to win?

    We do have one winner though so far, so the move was not a complete bust and its implementation is probably what allowed us to get postseason beat the streak.

  3. champion_88

    By the way, are all the regulars on here also playing Postseason Beat the Streak?

    The threads have been very quiet recently and I am wondering if that means that the rest of the regulars have decided to shut it down for the year???

  4. dragbunt104

    Saturday 10/3….
    I’m staying away from the Twins game as KC is pitching Grienke. I’m going with LAA Torii Hunter for today.
    Troy Tulowzicki of Roxs is hot.
    champion_88 – I’m going to be playing BTS for the post season. It will open, probably, as soon as the teams are set. Both leagues are still up in the air as Dodgers v. Rockies and Tigers v. Twins are still not settled. Will the LCS start on Tuesday?
    good luck to all today…….

  5. dragbunt104

    CONGRATULATIONS! – Looks like one player, flipperjoints, won the Sept BTS 30 Game streak challenge. The total prize give away is a ******** $100. The King is like that Uncle you may remember as a kid. He drove a nice car and had a gold watch but stiffed you at your birthday party each year. The King’s prize closet is really a vault with a time lock tumbler that is set to open once a year. Congrats to flipperjoints on beating the King out of $100 in tickets to a 2010 opening game. I hope you live in KC or Washington DC so you can get a decent ticket.
    Will the King’s the censor/jester will bleep the word
    wh#@$%^g again?

  6. dragbunt104

    Looks like I’m in the penalty box again for using the word:

  7. champion_88

    Well the first round is the LDS not LCS. And surprisingly I saw it does not start until Wednesday this year, as the scoreboard has no games listed there, but has 3 games listed for Wednesday, so we know the reason cannot be because we do not know the exact matchups yet.

    I went with Scott Podsednik of the White Sox today.

    I just meant that the comment threads have been quiet with most of the regulars not here posting who they have and why, which is why I asked if these regulars are going to be playing Postseason Beat the Streak?

  8. dragbunt104

    champion_88 – Now I’m understanding why some big time pitchers are pitching so late into the weekend (eg: CC Sabathia). I expected LDS to begin on Tuesday.
    There will be plenty of time for us to work on our picks for
    Wednesdays games. If you would like to join us (vinny, hammanm, me and stikid) put your email address on a post and I’ll add you to our group that is putting our heads together over the winter to beat the King in 2010.

  9. dragbunt104

    Sunday 10/4………..
    Going with Victor Martinez RSOX. He has been very consistent for the past month.
    The King has Tuesday set up for a playoff game Tigers v. Twins if needed.

  10. vinny1979

    Yo fellas. I’m still around and I’m playing all the postseason games. I have to win something this year and maybe I can get the opening day tix for next year. I didn’t post since my highest streak all year was 11 so it wasn’t a great year for me at all.

  11. champion_88

    Not sure if this is too much trouble, but I was wondering if people would like to post what their overall record is for the year, both in terms of # of hits VS # of AB’s and # of successful days VS # of total days?

    I will post mine by tomorrow.


    My best all year came to 14… had a number of 8-10’s but some one who SHOULD of got a hit went offer… I have enjoyed reading the comments on this blog and did change my way of making picks late in the season… I ended the season on a low note however and took Mauer today…. Enjoy the post season and hope my Red Sox make it to the end… I will be playing in the post season…. Best of Luck to ALL


  13. champion_88

    The Tuesday tiebreaker game counts as part of the regular season dan, so you can try to finish the season on a high note!

  14. champion_88

    As an example of what I asked everyone for, here are my overall 2009 statistics through the end of today:

    176/679, .259 batting average

    117-53, 9 did not play days, .688 success rate (.654 success rate if you count did not play days as part of total days.)

    Preliminary 2010 Goals:

    -at least 190 hits

    -at least 700 AB

    -at least a .270 batting average

    -at least 130 success days

    -no more than 5 did not play days

  15. champion_88

    Also, I think it would be prudent to use the next 2 rest days to start analyzing the hitters that are hot for each of the 9 remaining teams for the postseason and maybe also analyzing which starters/relievers are getting hit particularly hard by which groups of hitters?

    I have a feeling there may be a wrinkle to the postseason contest limiting the number of times you can pick an individual hitter, to prevent lots of players from running a perfect record throughout and then having tons of tiebreakers.

  16. dragbunt104

    champion_88 thanks for posting your yearly stats – very complete.
    Mine are not so complete but here goes:
    178 days with player in the game
    140 days with a hit
    36 days with no hit
    2 days with player not in the game.
    78.6% success rate
    I had 215 hits and even won a bts trophy for having a batting average of +.300 for June.
    You can check out your trophies in the “Results” drop down menu. Click on the trophy icon and you get to your trophy page. Gives you a good idea of your results in all games you played.
    Does not seem to by any restriction on how many times you can take the same player for post season BTS.

  17. champion_88

    I just want to clarify the logic behind some of my preliminary 2010 goals.

    First off, assume I go 2 for 4 tomorrow. That brings my final line to 178/683, .261 batting average.

    If I get to my goal of 700 AB next year, which is likely if I reach my other goal of getting 4 fewer did not play days (17 extra AB / 4 = only 4.25 AB’s per game,) then just staying on pace with my .261 batting average, would cause me to pick up 4-5 more hits, which already brings me to 182-183.

    Prorating a .270 batting average over 700 AB’s gives me 189 hits, which is close to my goal of 190.

    I was actually originally writing this post to show why I was bumping my expected hits total to 200, thinking that the extra AB would cause there to be very little difference in an improvement, but I now see that to get 200 hits, I would have to bat .286 for the season and a 25-point increase in batting average is probably unlikely.

    Although I suppose it is still possible if I am doing well towards the end of the year. Part of the problem was how I sort of gave up towards the end of the year. I never considered not picking, as I always feel you need to play out the string, but my results really slumped towards the end, hitting a paltry .205 in September, which was coming off a .318 August.

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