Beat the Streak Report: Wednesday, April 7



Wednesday’s recommended picks

Miguel Cabrera, 1B, Tigers
.889 AVG (8-for-9) lifetime vs. Royals starter Luke Hochevar

Mark Teixeira, 1B, Yankees
.364 AVG (12-for-33) since ’05 vs. Red Sox starter John Lackey

Todd Helton, 1B, Rockies
.455 AVG (5-for-11) since ’05 vs. Brewers starter Doug Davis

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

Even with slightly less than half of MLB’s teams in action last night, BTS users showed a deft touch when it came to making their picks.

Fourteen of the 15 Top players selected whacked at least one hit, with only Stephen Drew (0-for-5) coming up short.

Clearly, BTS participants are already in midseason form. Now, it’s just a matter of sustaining that form through the coming weeks. For the huge pack tied atop the leaderboard, it’s three down and 54 to go!

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Derek Jeter (NYY): 13.0%, 1-for-5
2. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 11.2%, 1-for-3
3. Joe Mauer (MIN): 9.0%, 1-for-4
4. Chone Figgins (SEA): 6.8%, 1-for-4
5. Evan Longoria (TB): 5.9%, 1-for-4



    Hey all,

    My third season playing this. So far 2-2. I’m employing a new strategy this year and am curious to hear opinions.

    I typically look at matchups where there is a good team playing an absolutely terrible one and choose a player off the good team. This got me at my all-time best last year of 35 games before I blew it and strayed off course and picked a slugger who took the golden sumbrero that day.

    I tend to stay away from the big power hitters because they are so streaky. If you get lucky and catch one at the beginning of a hot streak, you can ride him for a good two weeks.

    Any thoughts?

  2. 001pastorjackaaron

    Well I usually don’t pick the big sluggers either, simply because knowing that they are going for the big fly automatically makes me assume they aren’t willing to just “get on base” late in a game. My favorite strategy is choosing about 4 or 5 players who hit for good avg. and rotate, if one doesnt get a hit one day, i’m sure to pick that player the following day, because he is more than likely to get a hit. Good Luck!

  3. darwri

    Sounds like a good plan, this has go to be the hardest fantasy game out there to win. You can have a strategy, but alot of it is luck and all you can do is hope for the best. Each year I’ve been playing ( i started from the beginning ) my best streaks have got up 1 game each year haha.. last year i hit 29.. hope to hit 30.. but even then your still a huge 27 games away from the encholota. Even Ichiro goes 2 games without getting a hit.. so if it can happen to our games best hitter it can happen to anyone.

  4. darwri

    I have alot of fun with this, I’ll take guys in the games I’m watching alot of the time. If you actually think you can win the 3 million you are out of your mind. I took Ryan Braun today, because it gives me something to do at work. Go Milwaukee! Hhaha

  5. darwri

    I’m from Toronto.. Texas is starting Harden who is a huge strike out pitcher but hes not the pitcher he once was.. take Aaron Hill. In a high scoring game in Texas.

  6. dragbunt104

    Nice to see guys sharing ideas. Keep the thoughts coming.
    We can help each other with this dialogue.
    Here is my tip of the day:
    Stay away from Chi Sox v. Indians
    This is a night game in Chicago Wed. 4/7/10.
    Raining, temp at game time in the 40’s – not a hitters day to say the least.
    I’m a Cub fan so I have Chicago info. I will pass info on the blog. Please do the same for your city/team.
    Good Luck to all,


    it is fun to play and so hit or miss at the same time. Based on last year, i see many patterns and techniques that people use but no one seems to even come close.

    As easy as you think it is, it’s that hard as well. Yes there are many great hitters in baseball but no one gets a hit every game.

  8. darwri

    well it looks like the 2 picks on the blog have already came through! Braun and Gonzalez! 🙂 Man this game is easy LOL nottt

  9. backrubs

    this is my fifth season to play and i find it fun to watch who picked who. i do not have any particular way to pick a player though i do look at who the site recommends, sometimes i like it and sometimes i go somewhere else.
    sometimes looking at the whos hot and whos not also works.

    its going to be a fun season, best of luck to everyone who is playing.

    maybe someone here should start a group so that all of us who post or read the blog can be in the same group


    My strategy which got me a 43 game streak last year is to 1) pick a few days in advance to make sure I don’t get shut out or forget to make a pick on any single day. 2) I take a look at individual hitting vs. starting pitching matchups and select a player that has good results against the starting pitcher he is facing that day (usually .400 or better with more than 7/8 at bats against the pitcher). I also take into account a hitter’s current hot/cold streak, how he has fared against the opposing team during his career. 3) I try to stay away from picking the same hitter in more than 2 consecutive games.

  11. vinny1979

    Did you guys notice Mauer’s numbers against Santana and in Anaheim. He hit .500 against Santana in Anaheim last year and is hitting .538 in his career against Santana and that is my pick for tonight.

  12. backrubs

    DRAGBUNT, im guessing that Helton didnt get the start because it was a day game after a night game…

    Miguel Cabrera goes 0-for3 then in his last at bat battles the KC all star reliever and on the tenth pitch of the bat, hits a home run. 40 people that i know of picked Cabrera, and that was only after looking at the first seven pages of leaders……………


    All I want to do is win among the Levi Ghetto Cats. There are four in our league. Last season’s champion won with a streak of 15. Two others tied for second with 11. Our fourth-place player had 10. My secondary goal is to win $3 million.

  14. btle

    Amazing how this game is simple yet so hard to win.
    I doubt Mlb even realized how hard it was for someone to win this game when they created it.
    The prize the first year for winning wasn’t even money. It was a trip to the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
    I bet they never would have assumed that after so many seasons of playing there would still be no winner.

    Hopefully someone will win this year. 🙂

  15. neil_p

    Click the Beat The Streak link at the top of this page, then click on Already Playing? Log in > and tell me if it works. Doesn’t for me.


    BTLE- I often say the same thing. Who would have thunk–especially with hitters like Ichiro and Mauer–this game was so great?

    If only we weren’t such a puritan dominated society, and betting of all kinds were legal, this is one of those games that would take in TONS of cash for MLB. I’d love to see interesting games like this all over the place.

    Tomorrow, its Mauer by a long shot for me. Thanks Uts for tonight. Go Phils.

    -the wizz

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