Beat the Streak Report: Monday, May 17


A rather uneventful Sunday in Streakland, as the day’s top two picks, Mark Teixeira and Jayson Werth, each hit safely to extend the streaks of 25.6 percent of streakers by them lonesome selves.

The day’s biggest bearer of bad news was Albert Pujols, whose 0-for-3 performance judo chopped the streaks of 6.2 percent of our audience.

A little friendly tip to those jonesing to pick Prince Albert, if I may:

Pujols has gone hitless in two of his last four games and is “only” batting .310 on the year. Add in the fact that teams like to pitch around him, increasing his walks and decreasing his at-bat totals, and you might be looking at a guy who is better in real life than in Beat the Streak.

Time for Monday’s picks.

Oh, hello there …

? Brian McCann: .464 AVG (13-for-28) lifetime vs. Mets starter Mike Pelfrey. Our Picks of the Day page says McCann is a career .364 hitter vs. Pelfrey for some reason. It’s wrong. We’re fixing it.

? Miguel Cabrera: .455 AVG (5-for-11) lifetime vs. White Sox starter Freddy Garcia

? Prince Fielder: .429 AVG (6-for-14) lifetime vs. Reds starter Johnny Cueto

? Luis Castillo: .533 AVG (8-for-15) since ’05 vs. Braves starter Derek Lowe

? David Wright: .438 AVG (7-for-16) lifetime vs. Braves starter Derek Lowe

? Derek Jeter: .429 AVG (6-for-14) lifetime vs. Red Sox starter Daisuke Matsuzaka


Feeling kinda spicy?

? Ryan Church: .556 AVG (5-for-9) lifetime vs. Phillies starter Kyle Kendrick. Kyle Kendrick …yeah, why not?


You’ll thank me later …

? Dustin Pedroia: .000 AVG (0-for-11) lifetime vs. Yankees starter Phil Hughes

? Ryan Braun: .143 AVG (2-for-14) lifetime vs. Reds starter Johnny Cueto

? Alex Rodriguez: .063 AVG (1-for-16) lifetime vs. Red Sox starter Daisuke Matsuzaka

? Jason Bartlett: .000 AVG (0-for-15) lifetime vs. Indians starter Fausto Carmona


Leaderboard time!

Tons of new blood atop our leaderboard ,as “lukehartzheim” is now master of the year universe with a 26-game streak and is officially 45.6 percent on his way to buying a few hundred thousand of these. Just like he always dreamed.


Top MLB streakers

? Russell Martin: 11 games

? Jason Bay: 10 games

? Carlos Gonzalez: 10 games

? Cristian Guzman: 10 games

? Jeff Mathis: 10 games (DL)

? Orlando Cabrera: 9 games



  1. _em_

    rather uneventful, my *&^. I was listening to the Phillies/Brewers to see if the leader (“luke”) would go down for picking Ryan Braun. Braun didn’t get a hit until the 8th – an infield hit at that, off the glove of Howard, nearly scored an error.

    kinda exciting. 🙂

  2. vinny1979

    Well I will say that the blog guy is right on about Pujols and should help everybody out. On to today and I have Jeter as he hits great at home and it should continue tonight against Dice-K but I might change to McCann or Cabrera but I doubt it.

  3. vinny1979

    Cloudy right now but it shouldn’t affect the games this week in the BX. Will update if it does start raining or not.


    “Uneventful” except that Miguel Cabrera went 0-3 and killed my 8-game streak.

    Oh well, starting a new streak today with none other than….Miguel Cabrera…

  5. nardberg

    vinny – weather says showers thru tomorrow – how are the Bronx skies looking???? 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  6. darwri

    I wouldnt touch Derek Jeter with a 10 foot clown pole! Maybe he’ll get a hit off a Sox relief pitcher.. because hes not getting one off Daisuke if he pitches anything like he did against the Blue Jays.

    PS Is my name in the bloggers group? I joined yesterday but it gave me a some errors. Thanks

  7. vinny1979

    Yes darwri your name is in the Bloggers group. That is why I’m scared with picking Jeter. Which Dice-K will show up tonight?

  8. vinny1979

    Well Rip I look at the last 7 days, the hitters average at home vs road, at night vs day and lefties vs righties and than I make a pick.

  9. ohwow

    Surprised to see yesterday classified as ‘uneventful’. 7 of the 14 players that played did not get a hit. Usually, the top 15 picks selected by the contestants are always 50% – in fact, there’s only one day this year that has not been the case (May 7).

    Lucked out extending my streak to 8, when Elvis got one pinch-hitting chance and made good (while losing streaks are never fun, losing them on 0-for-1 pinch hitting appearances almost seem unfair). Gonna roll with him again today – he should be back in his leadoff spot.

  10. rip2thecompetition

    How much stock do you guys put into a player’s career average against a pitcher? A handful of times I’ve picked a guy with ridiculous numbers against a pitcher, hot with the bat, good splits, & he still didn’t come through with a hit.

  11. darwri

    Thanks Vinny. Derek Jeter is one of the games best, so picking him against anyone is still a decent bet. Just I’d avoid this one..

  12. vinny1979

    I’m still thinking about Jeter since he is hitting great at home but Dice-K is very unpredictable.

  13. schenk015

    instead of podsednik im taking callaspo tonight. he hasnt gone hitless in consecutive games all year and if playing great in night games. also hes only gone hitless 1 time in a night game all year or 3 times if you count dome games but im not cause the lighting is different

  14. schenk015

    rip i dont put to much stock in the players career success against a pitcher but i do look at that a bit. i usually check to see how hot a player is then how the player hits in night/day games and home/away. then i look at the opposing pitchers recent games and see how hes doing. if i think the player can get a hit i take him if not i look for a different player


    I need some help….way to many guys to choose from today. Here are my thoughts on waht I have it narrowed down to……

    M. Cabrera – hitless yesterday, good numbers vs. garcia.
    M. Ordonez – great career #’s vs garcia, large sample size
    H. Ramirez – no one on arz can pitch, but was 0fer yesterday and 0-6 lifetime vs jackson
    Utley, Polanco, Victorino…morton pitching better as of late apparently.

    At the start of the day i had utley cuz he was hitless yesterday, but now im torn between one of the two tigers or someone on fla. Please someone give me some info to help me peg one of these guys as ‘the play.’ thanks and g.l.

  16. schenk015

    stay away from the tigers. it may get rained out or there will at least be some rain during the game. not a great day for hitters in detroit. phillies players would be some good picks. morton has been better lately but that was against lesser offenses than the phillies

  17. schenk015

    stay away from the tigers. it may get rained out or there will at least be some rain during the game. not a great day for hitters in detroit. phillies players would be some good picks. morton has been better lately but that was against lesser offenses than the phillies


    Thanks Schenk. Ive only ever posted twice on here and both times youve given me some valuable information. Going to have to go with polanco. Dont like the righty vs righty matchup but its better than victorino’s numbers vs. right handers and I dunno why but i just cant stick with my original pick of utley. Hopefully old man polanco can get it done tonight. GL

  19. schenk015

    you can always take werth again tonight if polanco doesnt make you feel great. they both hit well for avg and hardly ever look to get walked so you can expect at least 4 at bats to get the hit in instead of 3 at bats and a wasted at bat from a walk


    Last minute change……opted to go with Prado rather than Miguel Cabrera….hopefully being lead-off will give him that one extra AB to get a hit…Hope he stays hot….Looking forward to being a lot richer two months from now………Drinks will be on me boys…….

  21. backrubs

    nothing but gray skies in arlington.(Texas-LA Angels)
    some lightning, but no rain as of yet though there are strong storms in the area

  22. fireballollie48

    Chase Utley is out of the lineup against the Pirates tonight…I went with Travis Snider early on only to learn he was placed on the DL…so I went down the bench a little and picked Adam Lind against Kevin Slowey.

  23. oneheartbeataway

    holy cow dudehammer made no selection with a 22 game streak on the line, thats border line insane. Once again leaderboard full with Phillies. Lets go Billy Butler for me.

  24. vinny1979

    13% of the field don’t even lose their streak for tonight as that is how many people chose Cabrera. They live to see another day.

  25. dragbunt104

    Sorry about the late post!
    I read all the posts above me and it really is great to see all the posts of bloggers taking who and why. This is what the blog should be about 🙂
    Got on too late to revist my pick – Jayson Werth.
    TB in Survivor and Jayson Werth in HR BTS.
    Weather is cold and nasty in Chicago. Wrigley Field is a pitchers paradise today. HR’s will be few if any. Not a hitters kind of day. Ditto this weather for Tuesday in Chicago and Wrigley Field. Tuesday will also be a pitchers kind of day,
    Post #1 of the day – emily – you are a tough official scorer!
    That “rocket” off the bat of Ryan Braun last night in Milwaukee was a hit all the way. Even a great fielding 1B like Derrek Lee of Cubs would not have made that play.

  26. oneheartbeataway

    sweeet Butler extends my streak to 12 with 1st inning RBI single. Im out see you guys later


    Wow. Everyone thinks Phils will kill Morton. I don’t recall him being that bad last year. I wonder if Utley will need to pinch hit tonight? It was reported more than 2 hours ago that he wasn’t going to be in the lineup. Only reason I didn’t pick Philly was because there are too many candidates who can get hit. One or two choices will bound to be a 0-fer.

  28. vinny1979

    Like I said earlier today. Dice-K is very inconsistent and he’s getting hit hard. First 4 Yanks have all gotten on and 3 of them are hits.

  29. vinny1979

    Dice-K got rocked in the first inning. Yanks are up 5-0 and they have 5 hits already. Jeter started it off and they will destroy him tonight. I have The Reds in Survivor and A-Gonzalez in HR BTS.

  30. dragbunt104

    Josephcarlmoratto – Gutsy to take Pujols today or any day for that matter. Do not fall for him too often because he will doom you. IDo you know anything about fishing? t This is how it goes: The line is tossed in the water with a shiny lure attached by the angler (Pujols who is say 5 – 10 lifetime v. the starter of that day) the fish (you) see the lure and bites = Albert takes on 0-fer and as a fish you are the main course at the shore lunch that day. Beware of the MVP list = do not ever take Maurer/Votto/Pujols.
    Werth HR’s and my two streaks advance. Some days you get lucky.

  31. vinny1979

    Good stuff Drag and the blog guy even said not to take Pujols so I don’t think I ever will take Pujols.

  32. oneheartbeataway

    well everyone and their mother got a hit tonight, which means Ichiro is doomed to 0-fer. anyway glad i changed from mccutchen to billy butler tonight.

  33. vinny1979

    I have Werth for tomorrow to extend my streak to 3 hopefully as he is hitting .500 against Duke in his career. Victorino in HR BTS as wind will be blowing out in Philly tomorrow and I have the Rays in Survivor tomorrow.

  34. dragbunt104

    schenk105 – Take a look at Longoria’s stats on the player option at the MLB home page. Not the best stats recently.
    He is hitting .200 over past 10 games.

  35. schenk015

    anyone debating on taking a player from tomorrows tigers/whitesox game. it definitely will not be a doubleheader so you can safely pick a player knowing he wont have to come through in 2 games. at the moment my pick for tomorrow is evan longoria but thats likely to change

  36. dragbunt104

    I missed the email that went out about the Phillies having an extended batting practice tonight from 6pm to 9pm eastern time v. the Pirates. I’m locked in on Vicroriano for Tuesday for the moment and also like Werth – but I’ve taken Werth two days in a row. Vinny we are on the same wave length here – I hope that is a good sign. Duke is very hittable and Phils are at home too. It could be another big day for the Phils. Any thoughts from our Philly bloggers?

  37. vinny1979

    Well all of my picks came through tonight. A-Gonzalez hit a HR in his first AB to put me up to 1 in HR BTS and the Reds beat the Brewers and I’m up to 2 in Survivor right now and Jeter came through to put me up to 2 in BTS.

  38. vinny1979

    I forgot to mention that the wind is blowing out to Right Field in San Diego which is why I felt that Adrian would go deep tonight.

  39. schenk015

    i watch alot of phillies games. i think tomorrow will be another good day for phillies hitters. but i think howard would be the one guy to stay away from he hasnt hit duke well and i belive its because he doesnt stay back on the frequent off speed that duke throws. polanco ruiz and werth are probably the safest choices and maybe victorino.

  40. backrubs

    REMEMBER picks lock at 1230 Eastern.
    did anyone see this stat on Jose Guillen against Kevin Millwood 14-for-26 a .538 average and this isnt one of the top three picks of the day.

    Tomorrow i have roy halladay and the philles in survivor.
    my hitter as of now, is magglio ordonez who is 10-for-27 .370 against freddy garcia. this could change depending on the weather

  41. rip2thecompetition

    So who’s the best on this blog for the Survivor game? Your suggestions on who will win will help me greatly living in Las Vegas lol…I’ve bet on football & basketball, but surprisingly just started betting on baseball even though it’s the sport I’m by far most confident in.

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