Beat the Streak Report: Weekend, May 21-23


Ryan Braun (7.7 percent) and Jayson Werth (4.1 percent) were Thursday’s notable dragon slayers, as five of the day’s top six picks each got hits to combine to extend the streaks of about 30 percent of our users combined.

And with that, a graceful warning to all of those sitting at their computers without a seatbelt on:

This weekend is going to be a bit bananas because it’s …Interleague Play!!! Hiyooooo!

And you know what that means: an endless amount of hitters looking absolutely cross-eyed at the plate because they’re facing a bounty of pitchers they’ve never seen before, and likely won’t be seeing again.

Like beating a pinata full of peanut butter M&Ms (how good are those?), this is never not fun.

This would be even more thrilling but for the whole trying to win $3,000,000 thingy.

Oh, well…

On to the weekend picks.

Oh, hello there …


? Russell Martin: .500 AVG (4-for-8) lifetime vs. Tigers starter Dontrelle Willis; 15-game hitting streak.

? Michael Cuddyer: .429 AVG (6-for-14) lifetime vs. Brewers starter Dave Bush

? Raul Ibanez: .375 AVG (14-for-48) lifetime vs. Red Sox starter John Lackey



? Orlando Cabrera: .444 AVG (4-for-9) lifetime vs. Indians starter Fausto Carmona

? Jack Cust: .400 AVG (4-for-10) lifetime vs. Giants starter Matt Cain

? Mark Teixeira: .308 AVG (4-for-13) lifetime vs. Mets starter Mike Pelfrey



? Chipper Jones: .524 AVG (11-for-21) lifetime vs. Pirates starter Zach Duke

? Derek Jeter: .423 AVG (11-for-23) lifetime vs. Mets starter Johan Santana

? Bobby Abreu: .565 AVG (13-for-23) lifetime vs. Cardinals starter Chris Carpenter


Feeling kinda spicy?


? Jamey Carroll: .455 AVG (5-for-11) since ’05 vs. Tigers starter Dontrelle Willis. Anything goes when it comes to the D-Train.


? David Eckstein: .333 AVG (7-for-21) lifetime vs. Mariners starter Ian Snell. Yeah, why not?


? Martin Prado: .500 AVG (6-for-12) lifetime vs. Pirates starter Zach Duke. Actually, considering Prado’s .322 average, this one isn’t so crazy. At all.


You’ll thank me later …



? Justin Morneau: .188 AVG (3-for-16) lifetime vs. Brewers starter Dave Bush

? Jason Bay: .167 AVG (2-for-12) lifetime vs. Yankees starter Javier Vazquez


? Ryan Braun: .154 AVG (2-for-13) lifetime vs. Twins starter Kevin Slowey

? Prince Fielder: .182 AVG (2-for-11) lifetime vs. Twins starter Kevin Slowey


? Jorge Cantu: .200 AVG (1-for-10) lifetime vs. White Sox starter Freddy Garcia

? Alex Rodriguez: .217 AVG (5-for-23) lifetime vs. Mets starter Johan Santana

Leaderboard time!

Ryan Braun’s 0-fer cut the cord on “blakerockwell”‘s 28-game streak. This means that “pandrews59” is king of the castle with a 26-game run. 31 more consecutive days with hits and “pandrews59” can afford to have one of those gumball machines that has a spiral ramp at the bottom that looks like a waterslide.

A gumball waterslide.

I love those.

Top MLB streakers

? Russell Martin: 15 games

? John Buck: 10 games

? Jeff Mathis: 10 games (DL)

? Jhonny Peralta: 10 games

? J.J. Hardy: 8 games (DL)

? Prince Fielder: 8 games

? Travis Hafner: 8 games

? Derek Jeter: 8 games


  1. nardberg

    Despite being hitless last night against my beloved Yankees, am leaning towards Evan Longoria. Any thoughts fellow bloggers?? 🙂 Good luck to all of you – hope you all survive the big weekend!!!

  2. deb23

    Braves @ Pitt is the only intraleague game today and the Braves have been putting runs on the board lately. Plus Hudson’s on the mound for the Bravo’s. TB Rays or ATL for the Survivor win today? SF reset my streak of 6 back to 0 last night so I don’t have much to lose. BTS… The Mets hit Vasquez well when he pitched for Atlanta, but I have a rule about never picking a hit, HR or win against my beloved Yankees! I’m leaning towards an AL Player from the Rays, NYY, MIN, or TEX. However, Scott Rolen (CIN) may be my pick to get me to 10. Good Luck!!!

  3. vinny1979

    Like I said I have Ichiro tonight. I’m going to stick it with him despite the fact that he is hitting .241 against lefties. He is hitting .357 in the last 7 days and .389 at night so numbers look positive.

  4. bravesfanforlife88

    nardberg..I think your pick of Longoria is a very good choice actually. Seeing as how the Rays are playing the Astros and opposing hitters are hitting almost .300 against Myers, you really can’t go wrong with picking any Ray that bats in the top 5 or 6 of their order. I personally am going with Carl Crawford today because I like the lefty-righty match up otherwise I would have gone with Longoria as well. GL to you and everyone else this weekend, it could get crazy!!!

  5. deb23

    dragbunt: Under STATS on you can see who is HOT in hits, HRs, RBIs, etc…. for the past 7 or 30 days.

  6. backrubs

    ive got Longoria. but i tell ya, after the week the Rangers are having this week and hitting almost everything in sight.
    wonder how many will be picked. BTS leader is 26 with only 13 people having active streaks of 20 or more.

    i have atlanta in survivor. wow the active streak leader in survivor is only 10

  7. dragbunt104

    Running with hot Rays and Crawford tonight.
    Taking Nationals to defeat O’s in Survivor. My new strategy is to take games with non-premier teams and it seems to be working.
    HR BTS = Ryan Zimmerman
    Is there a site that shows the top say 20 hitters over the past 7 days besidens the Current Hit Streaks site? I know you can see how each player is doing on ESPN or MLB sites individually but is there a site with a list of hot hitters?
    Good luck to all today.


    See if this helps, Mr. Dragbunt:

    (found by googling “hot hitters”)

    I haven’t attended my fellow bloggers the past couple of weeks; instead, I wasted time following my Reds, who yesterday awakened me to reality with their debacle in Atlanta (with a six-run lead blown in the bottom of the ninth, after they built an 8-0 lead in the second). I did, however, read someone’s motion to rotate a trophy among annual Blogger BTS champions. I second that, and propose a small, subtle award, one that can be mailed in a USPS flat-rate box.

    Professor Pete

  9. dragbunt104

    deb23 and Professor Pete thanks for the info.
    The prize for the year will be a trophy that I will mail to the blogger who has the longest streak at “The Bloggers” site.
    Should be interesting.
    Raining like crazy in Chicago – ChiSox v. Marlins will be played (if played) under tough conditions. You may want to stay away.

  10. bravesfanforlife88

    That’s a pretty cool website, thanks Pete. I know I’ll look at that when making my picks now. I’m surprised more people haven’t been on yet, who does everyone have picked for today? With inter-league starting this could be exciting for some and lousy for others, haha. Like I said previously, I have Carl Crawford as the Rays are playing the Astros and I think everyone in the Rays line-up will hit today, especially with Myers on the mound.

  11. vinny1979

    Well I had Ichiro but I don’t like his numbers against lefties so I switched to Michael Young of Texas.

  12. deb23

    I’m going with either Jeter or Crawford. Both visiting teams, Jeter has a small streak going and TB’s hitting vs. Myers may put double digit hits on the board. TB for the Survivor win and Longoria going long in BTS HR.

  13. backrubs

    Dragbunt, go back to the MLB home page and click on stats at the top of the page. it will give you leaders in batting average and other things. you can pick to see whos hot in the last seven or 30 days.

  14. nymets1979

    I’m going with Russell Martin. He has a .500 average against Willis and a 15 game hitting streak. Bad idea? Doesn’t look like it.

  15. vinny1979

    I’m locked in on Young and he looks like a great pick as well since Lilly is very inconsistent. Good luck to all tonight.

  16. backrubs

    name, hit streak, and their pic
    1 pandrews59 26 Fred Lewis ….
    2 ggmiller12 25 Hanley Ramirez….
    3 aaronhande 23 Billy Butler….
    4 joey789 22 Dustin Pedroia….
    4 johnp k 22 Joe Mauer….
    4 myschellvandy 22 Dustin Pedroia ….
    4 rei105 22 Derek Jeter….
    8 derekmcconnell 21 Joe Mauer ….
    8 kwasoc 21 Joe Mauer ….
    8 markolet06 21 Manny Ramirez ….
    8 postbud32 21 Derek Jeter ….
    12 kneetgma 20 Michael Young ….
    12 rdonovan 20 Joe Mauer ….

    interesting pick for the leader

  17. shoey101

    Hey guys, first time posting but read everyday. Went with Braun tonight and he doubled first at bat to get my streak to 3. I’m going with Crawford tomorrow. Good luck to everyone tonight.

  18. vinny1979

    Young got a single to center in first AB so I’m up to 6 now. Going with Tex tomorrow as of now but may change.

  19. nymets1979

    Again I pick a player only to have him not play! Grrrr!! I just hope he doesn’t pinch hit. Or if he does, he better get a hit.

  20. backrubs

    who would have thought that the twins have 17 hits and Mauer right now has none of em.

    hanley ramirez and dustin pedroia have gone hitless

  21. nardberg

    bravesfan – thanks! thought i was dead in the water but Longoria went 1-for-3. So onto Saturday we go……..right now am leaning towards Ichie……good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. vinny1979

    Hey Nardberg. Ichiro is going to be a good pick this series but I have him on Sunday. I have Teixeira tomorrow but he isn’t hitting right now and will be changing him but to who? I don’t know yet.

  23. vinny1979

    I’m leaning towards Prado right now on Saturday. Pirates pitchers are hittable and did you see that. Twins score 15 runs and have 17 hits and Mauer goes 0-3. This is why Dragbunt said to never pick him in BTS.

  24. oneheartbeataway

    Joe Mauer MIN 14.5% 0-for-3 lol
    Dustin Pedroia BOS 3.5% 0-for-4
    Ryan ZimmermanWSH2.5% 0-for-3
    Albert Pujols STL 2.4% 0-for-3 lol
    Carl Crawford TB 2.0% 0-for-5
    Hanley RamirezFLA 1.5% 0-for-4 lolololololol
    Matt Holliday STL 1.4% 0-for-5

    27.8% of streaks are reset because of these players. cant believe anyone would pick hanley during the current hustle fiasco. anyway Tulo extends my streak to 16 games, not sure who to pick tomorrow but thinking about taking someone goofy. gl

  25. oneheartbeataway

    i dont know rip2 i just make statements sometimes without checking the previous games, but the simple fact that mark buehrle was on the mound should have been enough to stay away from hanley. After I saw hanley kick that ball into the left field corner and then take a stroll through the park jog to go get it, I wont be having many nice things to say about hanley. But I also believe strongly in redemption and the possibility for someone to change, so Hanley its about time you wake up and realize just exactly how fortunate you are to be making millions playing baseball as well as living in the greatest country in the world. All the fans want is for you to give 100% effort every game, not so much to ask for is it?

  26. rip2thecompetition

    @OneHeartbeatAway – Why would you be shocked? Before today’s game H. Ramirez was 4-for-8 in the 2 games since he was back in the lineup. 3 hits Wednesday, 1 yesterday. Just a dominant game by Buehrle.

  27. rip2thecompetition

    I agree about both. Buehrle’s too risky for me to choose Hanley & he is probably the most spoiled player in baseball. Hopefully after the talks he had with David Ortiz, Andre Dawson, & Tony Perez, all who gave him a stern talking-to & had him apologize, made him realize that.

  28. nardberg

    hi vinny – Tex still scares me. I was actually considering Brett Gardner but I got scared off by this last 7 day average (which is under .300.) Might just stick with Ichie. Not sure who else to go with. Been getting burned so much lately!!! good luck – will keep my eye on Tex. Since I’m not picking him today, he’ll likely hit for the cycle lol………..

  29. vinny1979

    Well guys and girls I went with Prado today. He is facing Morton and he may not of have faced him yet but Morton always gets hit so I’m going with Prado. Love the pick and this is going to be my last post for today as I have to work and I won’t be able to check the site on my Ipod as it takes too long to load. So good luck to all today.

  30. dragbunt104

    Sat – Prado – Zobrist?
    As a Cub fan I also keep my eye on ChiSox. Take these two bits of advice to the bank.
    1. Never pick against Mark Buerele when he pitches at home at “The Cell”. Think of yourself as the mailman and you see a pitbull (Buerele) snarling at you behind a fence where the mailbox is located. A wise mailman would skip the delivery to that mailbox on this day just as a wise BTS player would look to another game that day.
    2. Stay away from games that Freddy Garcia starts as he is hot right now.
    HR BTS hoping that Jayson Werth can go deep against a vulnerable Matuzaka of BoSox.
    Survivor: Braves

  31. vinny1979

    Nardberg, I switched to Prado. Tex has one hit in his last 19 ABs so I don’t think so. Prado is hot again and I’m going with him against the Pirates. I have the Braves in Survivor and Youk in HR BTS.

  32. tolvar

    Who to pick? Prado, McCann, Jeter, Mark Tex, Crawford or Orlando Cabrera? Decisions…. decisions…..

  33. nymets1979

    I have Cabrera today, but I’m thinking of changing to someone else. Not sure who. Can’t pick any Yankee as I’m a Met’s fan. Wait, yes I can because $3M is on the line.

  34. nymets1979

    OK, changed to Brett Gardner. Not too sure if I’m happy with that pick, but I guess we shall see. GL everyone!

  35. backrubs62

    Michael Young is probably is the hottest hitters going right now. batting 481 in the last seven games.
    first number is games played, AB, Hits, avg.
    1. M Young TEX 3B 7 27 13 .481
    2. L Scott BAL DH 7 25 12 .480
    3. A LaRoche ARI 1B 7 24 11 .458
    4. B Zobrist TB OF 6 23 10 .435
    5. R Howard PHI 1B 7 28 12 .429
    6. J Gomes CIN OF 6 19 8 .421
    6. S Rolen CIN 3B 6 19 8 .421
    8. M Ordonez DET OF 5 17 7 .412
    9. J Morneau MIN 1B 7 27 11 .407
    9. C Ross FLA OF 7 27 11 .407
    11. B Butler KC 1B 25 7 10 .400
    11. C Guzman WSH 2B 7 25 10 .400
    11. T Helton COL 1B 7 20 8 .400

  36. backrubs62

    Here are the choices of those who have 20 or more

    1 pandrews59 27 David Eckstein
    2 aaronhande 24 Jayson Werth
    3 rei105 23 Victor Martinez
    4 markolet06 22 David Freese
    4 postbud32 22 Justin Morneau
    6 kneetgma 21 Vladimir Guerrero
    7 budmanbill 20 Martin Prado
    7 jbossert 20 Matt Holliday
    7 johndobbs 20 Dustin Pedroia
    7 m991 20 Michael Young
    7 marlinsfan4lifeisme 20 Casey McGehee
    7 njjs444 20 Ichiro Suzuki

  37. oneheartbeataway

    I said I would make a goofy pick today with a 16 gamer on the line , so I went with Todd Helton after his 0-4 last night, Im banking on the due factor and the Kyle Davies factor, not an incredibly goofy pick but haven’t seen anyone else pick him today. gl

  38. hwnhrt

    Finally out of the double Ofer’s on the Bloggers standings. I read that Austin Jackson hit in 19 of 20 road games so went with him yesterday….sticking with him again today. Good luck to all!!

  39. schenk015

    took christian guzman today and he got a hit in the 1st inning. that brings my streak back up to 3. at this point ive got orlando cabrera tomorrow against the very hittable david huff

  40. schenk015

    Finally out of the double Ofer’s on the Bloggers standings. I read that Austin Jackson hit in 19 of 20 road games so went with him yesterday….sticking with him again today. Good luck to all!!

    thats a good plan but i will say you should stay away from him tomorrow. kuroda has pitched well this year and i think there is a decent chance jackson wont be in the lineup tomorrow

  41. yanks22442

    Extended by streak to 11 (bts career high) with a hit from Matsui today. Going with Michael Young tomorrow.

  42. nymets1979

    I wish I could get back to my career high. I’ve only gotten to 7 this year and a few years ago or so it was 12 and that was about it. Tonight isn’t looking good as I picked Gardner and he’s gone 0-4 so far with one more at bad coming.

  43. rip2thecompetition

    I’m basically BS’ing, trying out different strategies. A few guys I passed on got hits tonight but instead I wanted to see if taking a guy like Braun, even though he was 3-15 against a not-so-great pitcher like Slowey, would come through. 0-6 was pretty awful, though.


    Back to a 0 game win streak and a 0 game hit streak.

    Doing horrible as of late.

  45. oneheartbeataway

    Heltons 1st inning double gets me to 17, just 9 away from my season high. Im gonna stick with my hometown pick tommorow, only the 2nd time ive done it, this is starting to get fun again. I am very fortunate after having a 26 gamer to be back to 17. it almost makes me more upset at jeter who was my only 0-x this season, without that BTS killer my streak would be at 43 games now, but cant think about what coulda been, one pick at a time as they say. sunday funday coming up gl

  46. oneheartbeataway

    heres a question to ponder for the bloggers. As of right now who are your top 5 teams to pick against in BTS?

    5 KC
    4 Houston
    3 Texas
    2 Baltimore
    1 Pittsburgh

  47. schenk015

    there arent any teams i focus on picking against but i can say that i do tend to pick against a few teams quite frequently:


  48. 00liber

    I’m the same as Schenk, in that i focus more on the pitcher than on a specific team, however… My picks for this season.
    1)PIT 11 times
    2)BAL 4 times
    2)WASH 4 times

  49. 00liber

    4)OAK, DET, CLE, ATL, KC, LAA 3 Times each
    10)MIN 2 times( incl Sunday pick)
    Then 10 teams that I have picked against once.
    9-11 correct vs PIT
    2-4 vs BAL
    4-4 vs WASH
    1-3 vs OAK
    2-3 vs DET
    2-3 vs LAA
    3-3 vs KC
    3-3 vs CLE
    3-3 vs ATL
    Then all my single picks have all been good execpt vs TOR
    9 0-fers for me this year.

  50. schenk015

    after looking through my results im actually surprised with some of the teams ive picked against.
    4-5 correct vs was
    4-5 vs minn
    4-4 vs hou
    3-4 vs clev
    3-3 vs mil/cincy/bos
    2-3 vs bal
    2-2 vs pitt/la angels
    1-2 vs kc
    1-1 vs sea/ari/col/tor
    0-1 vs oak/sd/philly/chi whitesox

    i was surprised ive picked against the twins 5 times already and the pirates just 2 times

  51. rip2thecompetition

    @OneHeartbeatAway – I love the fact you’re good at this game & you comment your every pick/talk your strategy. For as long as I’ve been playing this game I don’t think there’s ever been a guy who made it to the top & wrote on the blog. Most the time they’re very secretive & superstitious.

  52. hwnhrt

    thats a good plan but i will say you should stay away from him tomorrow. kuroda has pitched well this year and i think there is a decent chance jackson wont be in the lineup tomorrow

    Thanks for the heads-up. I just read the preview for tomorrow’s game and you may be right, he might not play. I was lucky to advance to 2. Jackson wasn’t in the starting lineup today and only came in to PH and lucky for me he went 1-1. Gonna go and pick another player for tomorrow. Thanks again! Good luck with your pick.

    BTW, my longest streak stands at 9.

  53. nardberg

    rip – i love this blog but you are absoluely right. dragbunt pointed out what i noticed as well – everytime a leader is profiled on the blog, they crash and burn within a day or so. so i will defy fate and say i might go with morneau today. last minute switch yesterday paid off. ichie still did well, too (my previous pick.) good luck to all!!!

  54. vinny1979

    I can’t believe it. Prado had an 0 fer against the Pirates of all times. The numbers looked good except for against the pitcher since he never faced him. I have Ichie today to try to start back up. My longest in 10 years is 13 and my longest this year is 7 but I’m hoping to once again change that.

  55. yanks22442

    Out of the lineup for Sunday

    -Joe Mauer
    -Brian McCann
    -Austin Jackson
    -Chipper Jones
    -Lance Berkman
    -Ivan Rodriguez
    -Michael Bourn

  56. nymets1979

    Well I’m back to 0 again after Brett Gardner’s 0fer last night. I’m going with Joey Votto today because of his success against Huff and the fact that he has a ton of hits so far this season and he’s done well in the past 7 days. Good Luck everyone!!

  57. dragbunt104

    Well the pressure if off me as my streak is at zero. I don’t have to worry about doing an interview with our Grande Amigo for at least a month. lol
    Tip of the Day – Don’t let Freddy Garcia of ChiSox numbers fool you. He has done will lately and game is in Chgo. Move along to another game for your pick today.
    Michael Young is hot and Carlos Silva of Cubs has done well but I think there is at least one hit in his bat today so I’m going with him.
    HR BTS = Adam Dunn
    Survivor = Reds and Homer Bailey v. The Tribe


    Justin Morneau looks good today. Brewers starter today is a reliever who pitched yesterday. It could be quite a hit fest in Twin cities today.

  59. lavolpe

    @yanks22442. Where do you get your info from, regarding players out of the line up? One of the games you identified starts 3 hours after 1st game today and 3 hours prior is better than MLB GameDay’s 1 hour prior notice.

  60. yanks22442

    Jason Bartlett out too

    Rotoworld gets a lot of the out of lineup news from the various beatwriter’s twitters.

    I also search “out of lineup” on google news for last 24 hours.

  61. hwnhrt

    Laynce Nix, who had homered in each of the last three games, was left out of the Reds’ starting lineup on Sunday.

  62. lavolpe

    @yanks22442: That info is good to know. I had Longoria as a pick today & changed it a few mins ago. I also had Tampa as Survivor pick but will change it too now that 2 starters are sitting — Twins are a good alternative.

  63. schenk015

    im sticking with orlando cabrera for today. huff cant get guys out consistently so cabrrera should be able to get at least 1 hit off him. im also taking the reds to takedown the indians in survivor.

    yanks. thanks for the tip about rotoworld. i will be looking at that site more often now before i make my pick

  64. lavolpe

    BTS leader is in jeopardy. The last 2 times I got reset, I shared same pick as leader & “took one for the team” — resetting myself and taking the leader down too. Today is the 2nd day in a row the leader & picked the same player. Odds are not looking good for pandrews59 😉

  65. schenk015

    well its nice to know i didnt have to wait long to see if my streak would go to 4. orlando cabrera gets a leadoff single to start the game

  66. backrubs

    here are the picks for 20+ games

    1 pandrews59 28 Martin Prado
    2 postbud32 23 Carl Crawford
    2 rei105 23 Albert Pujols
    4 kneetgma 22 Michael Young
    5 imageta57hitstreak 21 Ryan Braun
    5 jbossert 21 Martin Prado
    5 m991 21 Derek Jeter
    5 njjs444 21 Derek Jeter
    9 BadgerBK 20 Hanley Ramirez
    9 biolabaseball9 20 Martin Prado
    9 jamie_ackers 20 Ryan Braun
    9 johnniemason1957 20 Vladimir Guerrero
    9 sircobra88 20 Derek Jeter

    Prado taken 3 times. Jeter 3 times. Braun 2. Crawford, Pujols, Young, HRamirez, Guerrero

  67. backrubs

    HAS Anyone noticed, there are ONLY FOUR games on Monday. Now talk about an interesting day of picking

  68. nymets1979

    My pick for Monday is already done. As you said there’s very little choice of picks. Hopefully I made the right one. So far today I’m not doing too well. Only 2 AB in though.

  69. schenk015

    yea it will be interesting to see which players everyone takes. luckily there are some hittable pitchers going out on the mound

  70. schenk015

    i think i will be taking orlando cabrera for the 2nd straight day tomorrow against the pirates

  71. oneheartbeataway

    ut oh prado now 0-2 two double plays. bad news for for 17 gamer as well as the leader and friends. LETS GO MARTIN!

  72. yanksgiantsdevils33

    I picked Prado also. I expected him to bat first (which he was the past two days) no third and now he has the bad omen of 2 double plays back to zero again.

  73. nymets1979

    There are players I just don’t pick and Martin Prado is one of them. He has burned me on numerous occasions. I also don’t pick Manny Ramirez, Joe Mauer, Ryan Braun, or Hanley Ramirez. I’m sure there are others but they seem to be the ones that end my streaks so I’ll pick them no more.

  74. lavolpe

    Prado for me too. But, fingers-crossed, my picks generally get hits on 3rd AB and never had one get only hit on last AB. Bad omen is that when I pick same as leader, I generally go down and take leader with me. So 3 outcomes possible: 1) take leader down with me 2) gets hit at next AB, 3) finally get hit on last AB. Odds not looking good at the moment.


    Monday is going to be tough.
    TB home v. RSox?
    Morneau singles in the 1st – YEESSS

  76. schenk015

    the only thing i will say is dont take a blue jay tomorrow. none of the blue jay hitters have ever seen much success against saunders and hes starting to get back into a groove


    Wow. Prado looks like he will have only 2 more ABs left. Three double plays just canceled out 3 hits so unless ATL starts to bang out tons hits or walks.

    Prado is the biggest tease on BTS. He is absolutely the worst. He teases you with his stats but he only comes through when you least expect him to. I thought I avoided his trap by not picking him yesterday but walked into the double Prado trap door.

  78. schenk015

    prado wasnt a good choice for today. yes hes been great against zack duke in his short career but with the lineup hes in today duke doesnt need to pitch to him. instead duke can just pitch around prado and go after the other braves hitters and thats what he has done which is why prado hasnt had anything great to hit


    Put him in a Prada shoes and make him go down a BTS runway. I am sure paandrews would love to see him strut his stuff with 6-12 Duke plastered on his shirt.

    What really blows is Bobby boy. He rests on Chipper on the very day he owns the pitcher. Its not like ATL is already loaded with Seattle caliber hitters. I knew I was doomed when I saw Prada bag placed on the third shelf.


    Prado 0-4 (tied ninth inning)and Pujols 0-2 (6th inning) hitless so far….that will take a few of the streakers down…Morneau gave me my hit on the first AB, giving me five in a row now…Tomorrow may be slim pickens but I’m sure there are a few diamonds in the rough. I’ve all but given up on the HR BTS…..seems like more luck than the other two by far…Anyone that gets more than two in a row should be bragging about it. Frosty

  81. lavolpe

    Prado replaced in X-tra innings, the leader, 130+ other BTS players and myself back to zero. Oh well.

  82. deb23

    Been out of the house all day, but checking on my phone watching for Prado’s ABs. Thought I picked Prado before I left, only to come home and realize that I picked Crawford again today. I was going back and forth between the two of them and thought I switched it from Crawford to Prado before leaving the house… Luckily, I did NOT. Just watched Prado go 0-5 in the 10th… Hopefully, he’ll get another at bat and hit big for the 4.8% who picked him..
    GOOD LUCK !!!

  83. yanksgiantsdevils33

    Braves just lost 3-2 to the Pirates. With Prado’s 0 for 5 this is 3 O fors in my last 5 days. Back to 0 again another player hat dominated a pitcher and then goes hitless when I picked him. That is 11 O fors already! 11 hitless picks including to pinch hit outs. How does anyone get to 57? Getting to 15 seems hard enough!

  84. yanksgiantsdevils33

    I got to 10 to start the season and lost with an 0 for 4 by Matt Holiday and have not been back since. I lost a 9 game streak on that recent pinch hit strikeout by Manny Ramirez. Ramirez, Holliday and Prado are being faded from my list and Pujols will be if he goes hit-less the next time I pick him. If I don’t reach 15 this season I should quit. That pinch hitting out has turned my luck downwards.

  85. deb23

    Tie game in STL. Hopefully, it stays that way and perhaps AP may get another AB in the bottom of the 9th.

  86. deb23

    Tie game in STL. Hopefully, it stays that way and perhaps AP may get another AB in the bottom of the 9th.


    LOL. We should all just picked BTS workhorse. We all know who that is. All this “deep analysis” got us nowhere. I am just sticking with sashimi from now on. No more taco for me!

  88. deb23

    Tie game in STL. Hopefully, it stays that way and perhaps AP may get another AB in the bottom of the 9th.


    I really don’t know if anyone will ever win this game. I’ve been playing since 2003 and got to 34 games and lost my streak when Crawford went 0-1 then was pulled with an injury. Lost my 10 gamer today with Votto’s 0-3. But have to start again tomorrow.

    I’m going with Zobrist he hit well today and should get 4-5 AB’s against Boston.

  90. lavolpe

    Tomorrow, I’m going with the player that last reset me before today: Rios. Feel like doing so may scare off the jinxies for a little while.

  91. lavolpe

    Oh, Sir Albert probably won’t get another AB. LAA giving the game away: Walk, Hit By Pitch, Walk & just one out. Unless they squirm out of it — game over this inning.

  92. deb23

    Tie game in STL. Hopefully, it stays that way and perhaps AP may get another AB in the bottom of the 9th.

  93. nymets1979

    Actually it posted 4 times total. I was wondering why myself, but probably just the servers acting up.


    Monday – Zobrist looks promising. He also led off on Sunday I usually see him batting 3rd.
    Longoria did not play Sunday is he OK?

  95. 00liber

    Zobrist led off b/c Madden gave Bartlett as well as Longoria the day off. Nothing wrong with either of them. Bartlett even came in to pinch hit.
    Braun moves me up to 7. GL to those with yanks and mets. Also GL to all tomorow, only 4 games to choose from.

  96. nymets1979

    With so little to pick from tomorrow I’m stuck deciding between Orlando Cabrera and Shin-Soo Choo. I could also go with Crawford, Longoria, or McCutchen. I suppose there are others, but I’m not too keen on some of them. Any thoughts?

  97. deb23

    Wondering if it would be “better” tomorrow to pick a player that never plays, but is on the roster. Ex: Angel Sanchez (BOS) who was called up when Scutaro (SS) was injured. The odds of him getting in the game against TB would be slim and it would “continue” our streaks another day if he does not get an AB. Risky, sure… but very few games tomorrow so the odds are stacked against us more than usual.

  98. nymets1979

    @deb23, I thought of that, but like you said it’s risky. If he doesn’t get an AB, then we’re good. If he does and only gets one and no hit, back to 0 we go. I’m already at 0 now, so I’m not too worried about tomorrow.

  99. oneheartbeataway

    well i had my 26 game streak riped apart by jeter and i bounced back only to see my 17 gamer go down in flames with Prado, I hate this game yeeeesh only 57 more to go now.

  100. schenk015

    oneheartbeataway i kinda know how you feel. i havent had any streaks as high as your 26 and 17 but i lost both my 10 and 12 game streaks when the guy i took went 0-1 in 4 at bats. very frustrating to see a guy get walked 3 times in 1 game

  101. dragbunt104

    Monday – Juan Pierre of ChiSox is my pick. Tribe’s Masterson per the MLB “Schedule” site comment on him says he is having trouble getting lefties out. Lefties are hitting .360 v. Masterson. Pierre has been doing well lately and is a speed demon who is always a threat to get an infeld hit and has a nice batting average v. righties.
    What happened to the MVP boys on Sunday?
    Mauer 0-fer, Votto 0-fer and Pujols 0-fer all 3 were in the top 15 most chosen players. I am now encouraging all the leamings out there to keep picking these guys to make room on the leader board for the rest of us!
    Totally illogical to take Votto in HR BTS on Monday so I’m going with him. TB in Survivor!

  102. deb23

    Monday picks: HR =Jonny Gomes …. CWS = Win…. and either Pierre, Rios or AJ for the hit. @ Drag: I think we read the same MLB post. AJ “had” a six game hitting streak including four double in those six games before today’s game. He went 0-fer today though.

  103. vinny1979

    Well me and Drag are thinking alike on Votto in HR BTS. I’m at 1 in that and BTS as Ichiro came through. I have McCutchen on Monday in BTS but still thinking about it and I have the Reds in Survivor. Facing the Pirates so yeah.

  104. dragbunt104

    deb – AJ may not play today for ChiSox as he got him in the elbow yesterday by a pitch. “Had a big ice bag on his elbow after the game.”

  105. vinny1979

    I’m going to name my sleeper for today. It’s David Ortiz. He has been red hot in May and he didn’t play out of the 3 games in Philly but you know he will be playing tonight. He is a guy who will be a sleeper for tonight.

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