Beat the Streak Report: Wednesday, June 16


Streakers successfully went back to the well once again yesterday,
as Ichiro Suzuki (10.5 percent) and Albert Pujols (7.3 percent) were
Tuesday’s most popular selections for the second consecutive day.

After a couple tumultuous months, we’re really starting to look like a family once again.

Anyway, Justin Morneau was the day’s biggest Debbie Downer,
uppercutting 3.9 percent of our users’ streaks and watching them make
fatalistic plunges onto a bed of spikes with an 0-for-4 night.

And with that said, I’d like to officially announce that I am fully on
board with whatever Kevin Kouzmanoff has got going on right now.

Kouz is currently rocking a 15-game streak, is batting a cool
.500 (21-for-42) over his last 10 games, is 4-for-8 lifetime vs.
tonight’s opposing pitcher Ryan Dempster, and arguably has the coolest
nickname (Krushin’ Russian) over any athlete not named Siphiwe
Tshabalala (ya know, the guy who scored for South Africa last week vs.

I know it may be reckless, but I’m putting my one-game streak on the line with the Kouz. Please don’t try to stop me.

Who’s with me?

Time for Wednesday’s picks

Oh, hello there …

? Kevin Kouzmanoff: 15-game hitting streak, .500 AVG (4-for-8) lifetime vs. Cubs starter Ryan Dempster

? Placido Polanco: .500 AVG (4-for-8) since ’05 vs. Yankees starter A.J. Burnett

? Casey McGehee: .429 AVG (3-for-7) lifetime vs. Angels starter Joel Pineiro

? Miguel Cabrera: .344 AVG (11-for-32) since ’05 vs. Nationals starter Livan Hernandez

Feeling kinda spicy?

? Jason Kendall:
.308 AVG (4-for-13) since ’05 vs. Astros starter Roy Oswalt. I’d
potentially touch this one but for the fact I took a lifetime oath to
never select Jason Kendall in BTS upon taking this job. Whoops.

You’ll thank me later …

? Jayson Werth: .143 AVG (1-for-7) lifetime vs. Yankees starter A.J. Burnett

? Adrian Beltre: .222 AVG (4-for-18) since ’05 vs. Diamondbacks starter Rodrigo Lopez

? Prince Fielder: .235 AVG (4-for-17) lifetime vs. Angels starter Joel Pineiro

Leaderboard time!

A rare Michael Young 0-fer dashed the hopes and dreams of “Raysball8455”, whose 32-game streak was vaporized.

This means that “fromomma” stands alone atop the leaderboard
with a swanky 33-game streak, tying “olifante” with the longest streak
of the season behind BTS heartthrob “cruj” (36).

As predicted yesterday, “brentandcam” picked the Red Sox to defeat the
D-backs in Survivor. After an Ian Kennedy AL East meltdown (where have
we seen that one before?), our leader now stands strong with a 28-game

Nine more successful consecutive picks and
“brentandcam” will become eligible to win $10,000 and a trip to the 2011
All-Star Game (assuming no one else passes them).

That doesn’t sound too awful.

Top MLB streakers

? Kevin Kouzmanoff: 15 games

? Sean Rodriguez: 15 games

? Vladimir Guerrero: 12 games

? Josh Hamilton: 11 games

? Delmon Young: 11 games 


  1. lavolpe

    Dan (Blog Guy): Regarding Survivor: “Nine more successful consecutive picks and “brentandcam” get $10,000 and a trip to the 2011 All-Star Game. ”
    This is not so is it? Isn’t the game the best record after the entire season vs. first to 37?

  2. lavolpe

    … Updated your comments. I thought those were the rules and started 2nd guessing myself. Glad you cleared it up. Cheers.

  3. nardberg

    Demoralized yet again by Michael Young. So why not – I’ll jump on the Kouzmanoff train with our illustrious Mr. Feldman and take a ride. šŸ™‚ Good luck everyone!

  4. goober85

    Good Morning to everyone (good afternoon to those of you on the east coast)! I was having a difficult time trying to make my pick today and I just can’t buy into Kouzmanoff right now and with a 15 game streak he is due for an 0-fer. I was thinking of Cabrera or a Cardinal again today. Finally I settled on Matt Holliday who got me a hit two days ago so I’m hoping he will get me to 9 tonight. He is hitting 4-5 against Vargas and Mariner pitching in general is not very good. I’m hoping this will be a good pick. GL to everyone today.

  5. dragbunt104

    Be wary of the Crushin’ Russian Kuzmanoff tonight v. The Canadian Dempster of Cubs – aye! Dempster is tough at Wrigley Field. Check out his effectiveness v. lefties.
    Lavolpe – What section were you sitting in when the Cubs won the world series back-to-back in 1907-1908. My mom wouldn’t let me skip school to go to the game. lol
    I remember my dad talking about a old time Cub player named Lou Novikoff that they called the Mad Russian (pre Iron Curtain Days) lol
    How about Loney today v. Reds?

  6. lavolpe

    @dragbunt: What section? Wasn’t Wrigley though, it would’ve been the The Second West Side Park, if memory serves šŸ™‚ BTW, also leaning towards a Dodger to up my streak tonight.

  7. dragbunt104

    Kuzmanoff bats Right should be a good matchup v. Dempster. Mano e Mano.
    !907-08 – West Side Grounds I think around where UIC campus is today.
    Survivor – RSox or Giants?

  8. lavolpe

    @00liber: I always pick against Moyer & have never been reset doing so. I avoided that game cause pretty much indicated 70%+ chance of rain. Checking again just now, it dropped to 10% during 1st half of game & 50% towards end of game…. Decisions, decisions

  9. 00liber

    If you?re going to poke fun at us Polar Bear Tamers from the great white North, at least get the lingo right. Its ?EH? not ?AYE? LOL

    Anyways I?m looking at leaning back onto the Bronx Bombers tonight, Moyer got rocked last game, haven?t yet decided who, but liking Cano.
    Jeters got good numbers too. HMMMM Decisions, decisions.
    Survivor, at a season high of three( yippee) going with LIncecum to continue his dominant pitching this month.

  10. champion_88

    I went with Cano today.

    All the hot hands seem to be going against extremely stingy pitchers, so I figured going with a warm hand against a somewhat stingy pitcher would be a good compromise.

  11. vinny1979

    U want to talk about guts. Top 2 both chose Rios and last tome that happened Rios failed to come through. It may happen again. I chose DeJesus as I have nothing to lose and he hits Oswalt good and had 3 hits last night. Sleeper today is Josh Hamilton as he is red hot.

  12. lavolpe

    Today’s Top Picks of the current Top2500. All games included, 141 different batters picked overall
    Player, Times Picked, Percentage
    Robinson Cano, 442, 17.68%
    Derek Jeter, 382, 15.28
    Alex Rios, 215, 8.6
    Miguel Cabrera, 122, 4.88
    Kevin Youkilis, 88, 3.52
    Martin Prado, 71, 2.84
    Matt Holliday, 71, 2.84
    Adrian Beltre, 62, 2.48
    Justin Morneau, 55, 2.2
    Albert Pujols, 53, 2.12
    Erick Aybar, 51, 2.04 (safe no-pick?)
    Joe Mauer, 48, 1.92
    Ichiro Suzuki, 48, 1.92
    Michael Young, 46, 1.84
    Victor Martinez, 44, 1.76
    … No Selection, 29, 1.16
    Highest “No Selection”: Page #11 with a streak of 15 now at zero.
    Another typical day yesterday with 22.5% Top2500 being reset.


    damn it just realized anibal sanchez has only given up 2 hrs this yr… oh well my streaks at zero anyways


    noone on here going with a white sock? dukes opponents are batting .330 this year and rios is a righty batting over .300 and then alexi and beckham are capable right handers as well


    I went with The Captain. Don’t feel that confidant about it though. I think Moyer finds ways to turn back from an awful start like the one he had against Boston. My prediction is either me or Cano pickers will come up empty tonight. Just don’t see both of them getting by. We’ll see.


    I think Rios pickers saw Duke’s #s. My experience with Rios and Duke is they look great on stats until you go for or against them. Both of them burned me twice each this year.

  17. 00liber

    Rios is good, and Robinson just homered so on to a stress free night of just score watching. GL to all.

  18. yanksgiantsdevils33

    4 O-fers in the last 6 days yuk.
    Also the Yankee game is ruining my 5 game survivor streak. The Yankees can beat up Halladay but not touch Moyer?


    I guess time for me to reset to zero. Don’t look good for The Captain against the youngster.

  20. dragbunt104

    Loney or Ethier v. Reds Arroyo
    Cano v. Kendricks
    Jiminez pitching for Rox – How long can we ride his streak in Survivor?
    HR BTS – Help me…………….

  21. dragbunt104

    Canadian Dempster puts the 0-fer collar on the Crushin’ Russian Kuzmanoff’s 15 game hit streak. As a Cub fan, I see this enough to tell you to put this info in your memory bank. Don’t go against Dempster when he pitches at Wrigley Field.


    Wow. I am getting so good with my predictions. My demise predicted down to the bone. No regrets not picking Cano but not having the balls to go outside the box & pick Konerko. My gut said Konerko but the I took the comfortable pick and lost. Good luck to everyone for tomorrow. Pick Jeter. Everytime my streak broke, the very next day the hitter comes through. This one is one me!

  23. lavolpe

    I think I’ll stay with Dodgers for the series. Just got 3 in the HR BTS with Youk, tying my all time high; who to pick now? Rhetorical ony, I’ll settle on someone by tomorrow.

  24. champion_88

    picture perfect day today!

    BTS: Cano: 2 for 4
    HR BTS: Howard: 1 for 4, 1 HR
    Survivor: Giants: 6-3 Win

  25. vinny1979

    I’m very happy with DeJesus. 4 for 4 tonight and now begins my run. Prado tomorrow in BTS. Josh Hamilton even had 4 hits tonight as well. Rockies in Survivor tomorrow and let u know about HR BTS. I know I will have a good run after tonight.

  26. champion_88

    I am just worried about DeJesus flaming out. I did not check this stat specifically, but I feel like he is 10 for his last 13.

    You cannot just keep going at a .700 batting average forever.

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