Beat the Streak Report: Wednesday, June 30


Leader Kyle Barr upped his streak to a stellar 41-game clip last
night thanks to Miguel Cabrera, who extended the lives of 14.9 percent
of the BTS universe with a 2-for-3 evening vs. the Twins.

Barr is now 71.9 percent on the way to the big bucks and you
can already smell the white truffles, golden caviar and rich sea urchin
bustling along in his kitchen. Will our fearsome leader start counting
his cash and dare slap some insanely expensive saffron-season lobster
on his menu tonight?

We shall find out soon enough.

Regardless, it’s clear that our cook is on a mission and there is no stopping him*

* = Assuming he doesn’t pick Ichiro

Time for Wednesday’s picks

Dave’s Updated Note: Barr selected Denard Span. Span went 0-for-2. Well, that was fun. How Barr puts his $3,000,000 on Span, who has never faced opposing lefty Andy Oliver — who throws in the low-to-mid 90s by the by — is beyond me. Full post tomorrow. 

Oh, hello there …

? Corey Hart: 14-game hitting streak; .407 AVG (11-for-27) lifetime vs. Astros starter Wandy Rodriguez

? Hunter Pence: .471 AVG (8-for-17) lifetime vs. Brewers starter Dave Bush

? Aubrey Huff: .571 AVG (8-for-14) lifetime vs. Dodgers starter Vicente Padilla

? Adrian Beltre: .438 AVG (7-for-16) lifetime vs. Rays starter Matt Garza

? Matt Kemp: .412 AVG (7-for-17) lifetime vs. Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez

? Vladimir Guerrero: .429 AVG (6-for-14) lifetime vs. Angels starter Scott Kazmir

Feeling kinda spicy?

? A.J. Pierzynski: .400 AVG (16-for-40) lifetime vs. Royals starter Zack Greinke

Didn’t we see you here yesterday, A.J.? Don’t you get the message?

You’ll thank me later …

? Paul Konerko: .137 AVG (7-for-51) lifetime vs. Royals starter Zack Greinke

? David DeJesus: .000 AVG (0-for-11) lifetime vs. White Sox starter Jake Peavy

? Ian Kinsler: .115 AVG (3-for-26) lifetime vs. Angels starter Scott Kazmir

? Nelson Cruz: .167 AVG (2-for-12) lifetime vs. Angels starter Scott Kazmir

Leaderboard time!

Objects in Barr’s mirror are further away than they appear, as
our fearsome foursome each survived another day and are all riding
29-game streaks.

Can this pack keep up the pressure on Barr while he’s filleting kobe beef with his eyes closed while making his picks?

We shall find out soon enough.

Top MLB streakers

? Josh Hamilton: 22 games

? Corey Hart: 14 games

? Jose Lopez: 12 games

? Miguel Cabrera : 10 games

? Cody Ross: 10 games

? Mark Teixeira: 10 games 


  1. nymets1979

    Good thing I already had my pick made before the BTS Report came out. Nothing like being late. Went with Wright today. GL everyone!



    Going with Corey Hart to start a new streak. It could be Kevin Kouz trap though where the very day everything lines up, he goes 0fer after inexplicably puttin together a pretty long streak.

    Many of the picks are somewhat iffy today. Thought about Span but he has such a huge day yesterday so I was wary. Kemp looked good except for Sanchez pitching. I couldn’t tell whether Kemp is ready to bust out again after a long slump. M. Cab. looks good but you don’t know when he will have a off day because he always look good. Suzuki going against awfully tough Vaz this month. Mauer out of line-up.


    I think 95% certain that kbarr moves this afternoon. Span hits awfully well @ home. I just hope he is too tired from running out 3 triples last night!


    Sometimes the MLB pick of the day is just there to sink you. Sure Braun may get a hit but he is trapped in a worst split (@home & during day). He is batting like .130 in that box.

    Cano going against rejuvanated King Felix throwing 2 complete games.

  5. lavolpe

    Top2500 (adjusted) posted later tonight. By that time, we’ll know if kbarr is within a day of tying top mark this year.


    Went with Braun today. Looks like it paid off with his double in the 2nd inning.

  7. sevarb26

    Span is now 0-2 with a walk and a sac bunt with likely no more plate appearances left in the game. Good run while it lasted, kbarr.


    kbarr overlooked a couple of things. Span went 4f4 with 3 triples last night. He had to leg those out. He is gotta be kindd tired. Span hit 5 days in a row. Plus, Span’s home game prowess is not as stong during the day. His lucky charm seemed to have ran dry too. That sac bunt & walk totally sapped his chances. But he has gotten so lucky in the past. He got away with Mauer & Morneau off days. Dick must be pretty happy now. His 10k seems to be safe for the moment.

  9. liveuptoit

    well good bye streak leader. Span is 0 for 2 as of now going into the 8th and he just batted and Minnesota is winning by 4 at home so the Twins would have to hit around the order just for him to get another chance but I dont see that happening. The leader is now going to be from the 29 streakers assuming at least one of their picks get a hit

  10. sevarb26

    I actually changed my pick like two or three times earlier today before finally sticking with my pick of Werth. It ended up being worth it with him getting me a hit in his second at-bat. I’m back at my typical 7-gamer at the moment. Definitely hoping I can finally beat my own streak tomorrow and get to 8.


    I was actually afraid kbarr wsa gonna go with M. Cab. It seems he is on a role these days and he hits better during the day. I was somewhat relieved when I saw Span as his pick.

  12. lavolpe

    Unlikely, but kbarr still has a chance: MIN, this inning (1 out), gets 5 players to the bags w/o double plays and/or DET ties it in the 9th.


    Why would you tease kbarr like that? I don’t want to be eating @ his restaurant tonight for sure. What sucks for him is at Dickie get 10K but he gets like $50 GC to buy an overpriced jersey or a cap from mlb store. They should at least hand him a $1000 for getting to 40+.


    If there is any team capable of scoring 5 runs in one inning, it has to be the Tigers. I think even more so than the Yankees. Unfortunately, their moneymakers are due up. Those are guys you need when you have man on base already.


    This games seems to be lot more about chances than we’re lead to believe. There are so many dead streakers at 40 to 43 over the years. Sure, we control whom to pick but maybe they will only grant so many lucks your way. I thought Span was a good pick but not a great pick today. I certainly would not have picked him but I understand kbarr’s logic behind it. Maybe he doesn’t realize the curse of big day after. I played this strategy during my first year. Look for guys having a big day for the next day. It was worst than 50/50. Most of those guys are too tired, pitchers are extra careful and probably the hitters are cocky for big swings. That would have been the main reason why I would have stayed away from Span today.

  16. lavolpe

    @btsplayer: Hmm, why not charge anyone that plays this game, say $20 entry fee. Assuming a cool million+ join (countrywide/worldwide?), the entry fees (less some admin fees) are scaled for say the top 50 or 100, with 1st place the only one guaranteed to be millionaire? I’d pay the $20!

  17. sevarb26

    And as I am typing this, Brandon Inge just struck out to end the Twins’ game, thus ending Span’s day at the plate with an o-fer.


    Yeah. I agree. Most contests/games charge $ anyway. I mean the all other prizes are basically a slap in the face. Its like the time I got 4 out 6 # in lottery. What a joke.

  19. kevmaan

    Corey Hart is the man, bumped my mediocre streak back up to 9….only 48 more to go!

    i agree with you lavolpe, i would put down 20 for bigger payouts….it seems people can get so close just to be rewarded the same as those who suck all year


    Check out this guy. Second trip up the front page. Braun got a hit today so he is up 26 now. 26+27= 53. I wonder how many days og gap between 2 streaks. Just imagine though that it is one and he got a hit that day. He would be at 54 now.

    lukehartzheim 27 25 Miguel Cabrera Ryan Braun


    wolfenstein35. I remember this guy from last year. Pretty solid picker. I think he made 2 trips to the front page. I hope he didn’t learn to much from his last year’s run.

  22. nardberg

    Good idea lavolpe but the problem will be in the legalese. BTS would become a gambling game rather than a sponsored contest. Plus it’s done over the internet which opens up another abyss of issues. For the record, though, I’d pay the 20 bucks as well. 🙂

  23. champion_88

    “@champ88. Good pick champ. We are on the same page… We are right with Wright…”

    lol, thanks!

    Sorry for not posting this morning, but I was really rushed and by the time, I figured out I had forgot to post, I had already shut the computer off.

    I really did not want to use him for the third day in a row, but I feel like Wright is right at the core of his hot streak right now, whereas the only other two pieces I toyed with, Rickie Weeks, and Josh Hamilton, seem to be at the tail-end of their hot streaks.

  24. champion_88

    “Corey Hart, 53, 10.12 %”

    Something must have screwed up here.

    10.12% of 2,500 is certainly not only 53!

  25. blanco21

    @champ88. Good pick champ. We are on the same page… We are right with Wright…
    Count me in for 20 too guys

  26. lavolpe

    Today’s Top Picks of the current Top2500. No Selections & resets of 2 earlier games not included; BTS updated before data pulled
    Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
    Corey Hart, 53, 10.12 %
    Robinson Cano, 244, 9.76
    Miguel Cabrera, 175, 7
    Ryan Braun, 174, 6.96
    Ichiro Suzuki, 159, 6.36
    Vladimir Guerrero, 155, 6.2
    Hunter Pence, 119, 4.76
    Adrian Beltre, 86, 3.44
    Albert Pujols, 83, 3.32
    Matt Kemp, 81, 3.24
    Justin Morneau, 69, 2.76
    Josh Hamilton, 66, 2.64
    Brennan Boesch, 51, 2.04
    Highest “No Selection”: Page #3 with streak of 19 now back to zero
    Yesterday was average with 22.88% being reset
    Bloggers Group Top2500
    UserName, Streak, Page#, Pick
    blanco21, 22, Pg#1, David Wright (picked 18x by Top2500)
    abk1087, 9, Pg#97, Robinson Cano

  27. champion_88

    The $20 idea would not work, because there are only about 250,000-300,000 players right now and not all of them are core players.

    I would estimate that 10% of the casual players and 50% of the core players would be willing to pay the $20 fee.

    So, let us be generous and say there are 300,000 current players with a 2:1 casual to core ratio.

    That would make 200,000 casual players. 10% of that is just 20,000 players * 20 per player = $400,000.

    That would make 100,000 core players. 50% of that is 50,000 players * 20 per player = $1,000,000.

    That would only result in a total prize money of $1.4 million, which is less than half what we are offered for the top prize now.

  28. lavolpe

    There are millions (per Blog Guy) of players; granted most are casual. However, even if 200K player nationwide paid entry fee, that’s still $4million less admin fees. Higher payouts for #2-#100 could be enough to entice even more players: $20 may get you $1000 for 100th place, let’s say. No way to know unless MLB tries it

  29. lavolpe

    But the real question: what to do with the millions if no one wins it. Anyway, an idea I like; that’s all.

  30. champion_88

    “There are millions (per Blog Guy) of players; granted most are casual”

    When did he say that?

  31. lavolpe

    @champ88. Here it is when asked how many players:
    “At least double the highest number kids ever count to when they see if they can count to a million. “

  32. lavolpe

    So, millions may be overstated; but again, who knows unless attempted. What will bring more in? Higher payouts over a greater range of winners.

  33. blanco21

    Man…….. It took 2 pitches this time………. I am dissapointed……. lol


  34. blanco21

    @CHAMP88. Check Wrights stats vs Livan….. I am so tempted to pick him again tomorrow for a 4th time in a row…..

  35. champion_88

    “So, millions may be overstated; but again, who knows unless attempted. What will bring more in? Higher payouts over a greater range of winners.”

    I think the reverse-work off his “several thousand fans eliminated a few percent” comment makes much more sense.

  36. yanksgiantsdevils33

    I’m at 9 and have Robinson Cano picked. However I’m 0-2 when my previous pick got 4 hits or more. I took Vladimir Guerrero yesterday I want this 0 for curse to stop!

  37. kevmaan

    a good game to hopefully advance in all 3 games is the Phillies/Pitt game…..the Pirates pitcher is 0-3 with an ERA of 11.00 and has given up 26 hits in 18 innings….the Phils should handle him pretty easily and probably crack a HR or two as well


    Cano is batting well beloww .200 against lefty in June while batting over .400 against righty. His #s are also weaker during the day. But Rowland-S is a lefty who is very weak against lefty. So toss a coin. Jeter is only hitting lefty this year but Rowland-S is not as bad against a righty.

    So toss a coin. Have Jeter for now but it won’t matter as my streak is only @1.

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