Beat the Streak Report: All-Star Break Edition


Let’s face it — not a lot is going on right now.

Baseball’s on break, LeBron’s on the Heat, NFL training camp is a few weeks away, I forgot to write a BTS Report yesterday and The Real Housewives of New York has been on hiatus for a good fortnight or two already.
So what do we do until Thursday night in Streakland?
Why not compile a quick BTS All-Star Team and stir a little debate?
Good, and while you are here — please check out my new blog I just started with’s fantasy guru, Ian Kay called “The Fantasy Goodness“.  There’s a lot of good stuff there that I think you all will like so go get your fix in.
Now, on with the BTS All-Stars …
Catcher — Joe Mauer Nobody — When Joe Mauer is batting “only” .293 on the year and goes hitless in almost 30 percent of his games, it’s time to reenact the (almost) never-select-a-catcher BTS rule that we all hold near and dear to our hearts.
First Base — Miguel Cabrera — This one is easy. Cabrera’s .346 leads the Majors, his 19-game hitting streak is the best in baseball right now and he’s shown great consistency by going hitless in only 17 of 83 games. That means that you’ve had about an 80 percent chance success rate with Miggy this year.  Not too shabby.
Second Base — Robinson Cano — Cano edges Martin Prado for the BTS Midseason All-Star nod as he holds the higher batting average (.336 vs. 325) and the lower hitless rate (20.7 percent vs. 24.1 percent). For what it’s worth, Prado has six more hits on the year, as they both have been BTS staples for Streakers all season long.
Shortstop — Rafael Furcal — With an astounding 81 hits in just 58 games to go with a tasty .333 average, Furcal is an easy choice for the top BTS shortstop at the midsummer pause. Yeah, he’s really been that good. Sorry Mr. Jeter, your 26.7 hitless rate will not take you far here. 
Third Base — Adrian Beltre — Few players, let alone hot cornermen, have been as consistent in stimulating the Beat the Streak gravy train as Beltre. Beltre’s .333 batting average is tops among all full-time eligible third basemen, and his 107 hits puts him in second place behind Michael Young’s 109. 
Designated Hitter — Vlad Guerrero — We’re all members of Vlad Guerrero’s rejuvenation nation and there’s nothing we can do about it. The Impaler has been BTS gold this year, sporting a stellar 21.7 hitless rate to go with his .319 average.
Outfield — TIE — Josh Hamilton and Ichiro — I know three players man a normal Major League outfield, but for BTS purposes these two guys are the only ones worthy of the honor. Hamilton’s 20.0 hitless rate means he’s been Cabrerian at the plate and his 23-game hitting streak has been the best in the biz ‘tiz season. Meanwhile, despite earning the ire of the BTS nation seemingly all season long, Ichiro’s gone hitless in only 17 of 88 games, as his 19.3 hitless rate is tops among all BTS All-Stars.  


  1. champion_88

    Anyone know if any websites out there have some “2010 Midterm Reports” that I can read during the all-star break?

    I know did them in 2007, but have not seen it for this year?

  2. champion_88

    “This game is now serious business. Say what you may about Bud Selig but the idea of making the game meaningful is good for baseball.”

    But players should not need that incentive in the first place.

    That is what is so sad.

  3. champion_88

    OK, just for fun, I quickly filled out the All-Star Game Scoreboard Challenge.

    I have the NL beating the AL, 6-4

  4. dragbunt104

    Dave – Kudos on the top BTS Players for the first 1/2 of season.
    Looks like BTS Nation has gone fishing.

    NL – 3
    AL – 2
    Marlon Byrd goes yard to win it for NL.

    Thursday BTS
    Alex Rios of White Hot – White Sox
    Guerrero v. RSox
    Who is pitching for LAA v. Mariners and Ichiro?

    Enjoy the game – The fact that the All-Star game is now deciding who gets home field advantage in World Series has set a new tone for the game that I like.
    I read today that there are 4 set up men on the rosters and teams are not loaded with starting pitchers who will make a “casual” mid-game apperance.
    This game is now serious business. Say what you may about Bud Selig but the idea of making the game meaningful is good for baseball.

  5. champion_88

    OK, just for fun, I quickly filled out the All-Star Game Scoreboard Challenge.

    I have the NL beating the AL, 6-4

    The NL gets 2 runs in the 4th, 3 runs in the 5th, and 1 run in the 9th Inning.

    The AL gets 2 runs in the 5th, 1 run in the 6th, and 1 run in the 8th Inning.

    The NL gets 6 runs on 10 hits on 1 error.

    The AL gets 4 runs on 6 hits on 0 errors.

    I have the teams combining for 7 extra-base hits and 21 strikeouts.


    No easy picks tomorrow. I think another round of surprising wipeout coming tomorrow and delete any progess made in the last 3 to 4 days. There are many pitchers who can completely own the hitters given how they pitched in their last start.

    The rests should give hitters more advantage as pitchers always rest 4 days but some hitters will be somewhat rusty for sure.


    Good news! Ervin Santana pitching for Angels tomorrow. This should give Suzuki a near lock as the savior pick. As long this doesn’t change, I am sticking w/ Suz.

    But I just read how depressed Suz is over the state of Mariners. I am sure he would be hitting a lot better if there was a bigger end goal in mind. But I figure he got his streak to play with and he can selfish a bit and just look to collect hits for his 3000 down the road.

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