Beat the Streak Report: Tuesday, August 3


It was a stagnant BTS Nation once again on Monday, as a jaw-dropping 23.5
percent of Streakers put on their floaties and treaded water for the
day thanks to an 0-for-0 performance from Joey Votto, who was withheld
from the lineup due to a sprained wrist.

Of course, the only thing worse than pressing the pause button on your
streak is pressing the reset button. Apparently, Robinson Cano did not
get this memo, as the Yankees second baseman went 0-for-3 to wipe away
the streaks of 12.3 percent of our users all by his lonesome self.

For those keeping track at home, that’s over 35 percent of Streakland who did not pass “Go”, or collect $200.

Let’s hope Tuesday is a little better.

Time for Tuesday’s Picks:

Oh, hello there …

? Troy Tulowitzki: .467 AVG (7-for-15) lifetime vs. Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez

? Johnny Damon: .409 AVG (9-for-22) since ’05 vs. White Sox starter Mark Buehrle

? Pat Burrell: .591 AVG (13-for-22) lifetime vs. Rockies starter Aaron Cook

? Nelson Cruz: .500 AVG (4-for-8) lifetime vs. Mariners starter Jason Vargas

? Torii Hunter: .417 AVG (5-for-12) lifetime vs. Orioles starter Jeremy Guthrie

Feeling kinda spicy?

? Luis Castillo: .471 AVG (8-for-17) since ’05 vs. Braves starter Derek Lowe

You’ll thank me later …

? Miguel Cabrera: .000 AVG (0-for-12) lifetime vs. White Sox starter Mark Buehrle

? Robinson Cano: .154 AVG (2-for-13) lifetime vs. Blue Jays starter Ricky Romero

? Joey Votto: .188 AVG (3-for-16) lifetime vs. Pirates starter Paul Maholm

Leaderboard time!

Monday’s leaderboard … leader, “bigdadddy” was one of Cano’s many victims.

This means that we have a pu pu platter of 27-gamers atop our new
leaderboard, as “gfc2112”, “nycgreg” and “randy.zimmer” are the
temporary rulers of the universe.

If they weren’t so greedy they’d just combine their streaks together for
an 81-game streak and just split the $3,000,00 three ways.

Top MLB streakers

? Yorvit Torrealba: 15 games

? Delmon Young: 12 games

? David Ortiz: 11 games

? Raul Ibanez: 10 games

Four tied with nine-game streaks.                                     


  1. vinny1979

    Hey guys. My picks should be good as I’m still upset over Jay but I still have time to make one more run. Same thing happened last month and I went on a run. Now I’m hoping to be smarter this time around.
    BTS- Infante, .500 over the last 7 days with 11 hits, .400 at home, .714 vs Dickey in his career so it’s a logical pick.
    HR BTS- Dunn, Just homered on Monday but Arizona is a HR box so hoping he does it again and he usually goes 2 or 3 days straight with a HR.
    Survivor- Reds, Won Monday and Leake is going tonight who is pitching well and it’s the Pirates so yeah.
    Good luck to all tonight.

  2. 00liber

    Hey hey. Likin the card, reds and r-sox. Going with boston, after losing last night. Was gonna go with Youk in bts but he got Hurt last night, going with matt holliday against bud Norris. And a-rod in HR again, he’s gonna hit it eventually. GL to all. Top2500 will het posted sometime this afternoon and hopefully include early game.


    Going with Phillips although I might change it to Tulo or Michael Young.
    For Now
    BTS: Brandon Phillips
    Survivor: Reds

  4. 00liber

    LaV’s List
    Tuesday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500, 180 Batters picked overall.
    Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
    Adrian Beltre, 160 6.4(4tH)
    Marlon Byrd, 111 4.44(1rst)
    Ichiro Suzuki, 103 4.12
    Brandon Phillips, 101 4.04
    Kevin Youkilis, 91 3.64(PH??)
    Josh Hamilton, 89 3.56
    Buster Posey, 82 3.28
    David Wright, 82 3.28
    Delmon Young, 78 3.12
    Michael Young, 74 2.96
    Albert Pujols, 74 2.96
    Aubrey Huff, 73 2.92
    No Selection, 60 2.4
    Matt Holliday, 54 2.16
    Troy Tulowitzki, 50 2
    Vladimir Guerrero, 50 2(4th)
    Joe Mauer 28 1.12(1rst)
    Alex Rodriguez 25 1(1rst)
    Yesterday’s Top2500 Reset was back up to 32.9% with Robbie Cano reseting the most. And 34.7% paused.
    Highest “No Selection”:Pg# 2 with a streak of 17 back to zero.
    Bloggers Group Top2500
    UserName, Streak, Page#, Rank, Pick

    tomfootball17, 6, pg 69, 1668, T. Tulowitzki
    bmoccabee, 6, pg 74, 1668, B. Phillips
    leeungaretta , 6, pg 86 , 1668, B. Phillips
    btsron, 6, pg 99, 1668, M. Scutaro

    Blanco21, 9, pg RESET BY Andrew McCutchen

    GL to all

  5. yanksgiantsdevils33

    My picks;
    Beat the Streak: Johnny Damon
    Home run: A-Rod
    Survivor: Yankees
    Highest no selections;
    Beat the Streak:”jkrebs5304″ (page 2) with a hit streak of 17.
    Home run:”gandj” (page 1) with a HR streak of 4.
    Survivor:”azandbz,ericgrove” (pages 6-7) with win streaks of 11.
    They are going back to 0.

  6. yanksgiantsdevils33

    Vinny I just noticed when it was too late, I’m at 0 anyway in BTS and the warning did not appear when I selected Damon. I guess it will be 3 straight 0s. Damon will probably PH in the 2nd game.

  7. box86rowh

    I have Nick Markakis today vs the Angels young starter, had Delmon young, but kept feeling like I should change it, so I did at the last moment, we shall see..


    can any one help me!! im traying to figure out how this group thing works any suggestions?

  9. nardberg

    Gangsta – are you trying to join a group? Hit the groups tab across the top. You can even search – type Bloggers and you’ll find the group of folks here. Hope this helps !!

  10. lavolpe

    2010 deadline rapidly approaching for the big bucks; if you’re gonna get reset, do it before August 8th; no more 2nd chances after that & the consolation prize is all there is to shoot for then. And that would be cutting it too close. Just one time your batter is rested, a postponed game later in the season, or a last minute lineup change is as good as BTS death. Also, any “No Selections” after that point are just another way of saying: Next Year

  11. dragbunt104

    Guys – Keep an eye on Cubs Starlon Castro, 20 yr. old rookie shortstop. He had two doubles on Monday evening against Yovani Gallardo of Brewers. Castro bats second and is is hot now. He is in the top 5 players with 41 hits since 6/27. Votto and Carlos Gonzalez are in this group of players. He is one bright spot on the Cubs.
    Dave Feldman did you realize that ChiSox and Tigers were playing a double dip? How could you recommned John Damon on a day when he plays in a double header?


    If they weren’t so greedy they’d just combine their streaks together for an 81-game streak and just split the $3,000,00 three ways…. i dont understand what he means by that!! u can make a group and add the streaks to win the prize?? help please

  13. goober85

    Gangsta- he was just kidding, haha!! He was just saying that since it is so hard for anyone to win the game, they should just add their streaks together and share. Obviously you can’t do that or it would have happened already.

  14. _em_

    Gangsta, It’s called sarcasm. Don’t take the Blog-man’s words too seriously. And definitely don’t take his advise. (See Dragbunt’s comment above. And he’s even suggested Jose Lopez – so you have to know he’s just messing with you.)

    Good luck!

  15. dragbunt104

    I’m learning more by watching games than by pouring over stats.
    Bottom of the first in Chicago – Starlin Castro singles on a sharp line drive to left field. He is swinging a mean bat.
    Does not like to walk either so this makes him a BTS delight.
    ChiSox – Alexi Ramirez riding a 9 game hitting streak.
    Carlos Gonzalez of Rocks is super hot.
    Dave is a Tiger fan; he had to know that there was a double dip today in Detroit(?).

  16. dragbunt104

    Daytime v. Night Game Report:
    Alex “El Sol Gatto” – Had a HR in the day game of the doubleheader today in Detroit.
    In game two so far, he is 0 – 2. Getting darker by the minute in Detroit so let’s see what happens.

  17. dragbunt104

    Alex Rios now 0 – 4 in the night cap of the doubleheader in Detroit. I’m looking at him the next time he plays in a day game with a hittable pitcher.

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