Beat the Streak Report: Thursday, August 12


And Stephen Drew makes 36.

The beat goes on for “gfc2112”, as our red-hot leader rode Drew’s solo
blast to a 36-game streak. The next 21 days will hopefully be quite the
exciting time in Streakland, as users have quietly watched their dreams
of gold-plated ponies and private islands dim by the day.

Will “gfc2112” have the sheer will and determination to keep this party going and supplant Mr. BTS, Dick George, in the process?

Will “gfc2112” flashdance with fate and answer the e-mail I just sent him?

Only time will tell.

Oh, I’d also like to give a shoutout to “ponyforkeana” for taking the bull by the horns and providing the BTS blog world with all the streak knowledge and goodness one needs with his little countdown posted in the comments.

And with that …

Time for Thursday’s picks:

Oh, hello there …

? Andre Ethier: .455 AVG (5-for-11) lifetime vs. Phillies starter Joe Blanton

? Mark Teixeira: .643 AVG (9-for-14) lifetime vs. Royals starter Bruce Chen

? Alexei Ramirez: .545 AVG (6-for-11) lifetime vs. Twins starter Francisco Liriano

? Denard Span: .529 AVG (7-for-19) lifetime vs. White Sox starter Gavin Floyd

? Derek Jeter: .406 AVG (13-for-32) lifetime vs. Royals starter Bruce Chen

Feeling kinda spicy?

? Jason Kendall: .444 AVG (8-for-18) since ’05 vs. Yankees starter CC Sabathia

You’ll thank me later …

? Alex Rios: .083 AVG (1-for-12) lifetime vs. Twins starter Francisco Liriano

? Delmon Young: .188 AVG (3-for-16) lifetime vs. White Sox starter Gavin Floyd

? Shin-Soo Choo: .182 AVG (2-for-11) lifetime vs. Orioles starter Kevin Millwood

Leaderboard time!

“halmuni” used Adrian Beltre to reach the 29-game streak plateau.

We get it, “halmuni”, you want to be noticed. So here ya go, dance the night away.

Top MLB streakers

? Raul Ibanez: 18 games

? Placido Polanco: 10 games

? Michael Bourn: 9 games

? Victor Martinez: 9 games

? Lastings Milledge: 9 games

? Luke Scott: 9 games 


  1. lavolpe

    Minimum current streak required, entering today, to have a chance at prizes (assuming no 1-game playoffs)
    (*) Tiebreak potential: add 1 to “as of” date & minus 1 in goals/needed streaks
    BTS Countdown
    Grand Prize ($3M): Streak of 4 as of Aug 8th, Goal: 57
    *Consolation ($10K): Streak of 0 as of Aug 21st, Goal: 44 (pending)
    Survivor Countdown {tickets are for 2011 All-Star Game & Homerun Derby}
    Grand Prize (tickets+travel+$10K): Streak of 0 as of Aug 28th, Goal: 37
    *Consolation (tickets only): Streak of 0 as of Sept 4th, Goal: 30 (pending)

  2. lavolpe

    I think this format is more user-friendly & will continue to use it tomorrow & forward
    Minimum current streak required, entering today, to have a chance at the prizes (assuming season ends Oct 3rd)
    Abbreviations: DL=Deadline, CS=Current Streak needed, TS=Target Streak
    (*) If tie possibility: add 1 to DL and minus 1 to TS & CS
    BTS Countdown
    Grand Prize ($3M): TS: 57, CS: 4, DL: Aug 8th
    *Consolation ($10K): TS: 44, CS: 0, DL: Aug 21st (pending)
    Survivor Countdown {tickets are for 2011 All-Star Game & Homerun Derby}
    Grand Prize (tickets+travel+$10K): TS: 37, CS: 0, DL: Aug 28th (pending)
    *Consolation (tickets only): TS: 30, CS: 0, DL: Sept 4th (pending)

  3. 00liber

    LaV’s List
    Thursday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500, 122 Batters picked overall. 10 games today.
    Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
    Derek Jeter 306 12.36
    Andre Ethier 238 9.62(1rst)
    Mark Teixeira 171 6.91(2nd)
    Robinson Cano 161 6.51
    Alexei Ramirez 139 5.62
    Joe Mauer 110 4.44
    Adrian Gonzalez 91 3.68
    Placido Polanco 85 3.43
    Adrian Beltre 79 3.19
    No Selection 63 2.55
    James Loney 49 1.98
    Adam Lind 44 1.78
    Denard Span 33 1.33(3rd)
    Angel Pagan 26 1.05(5th)(good)
    Prince Fielder 15 0.61(4th)
    Marco Scutaro 11 0.44(5th)PH??
    Yesterday’s Top2500 Reset was 28.6% with A. Pujols killing the most hopes and dreams.
    And 7.4% paused.

    Highest “No Selection”:Pg# 1 with a streak of 19 back to zero.
    Bloggers Group Top2500
    UserName, Streak, Page#, Rank, Pick

    Dave55, 11, pg 20, 466, S. Posednik(32x top2500)
    forcook, 11, pg 20, 466, A. Either
    bullfrogs, 9, pg 39, 869, D. Jeter
    darwi 9, pg 45, 869, F. Lewis(5x top2500)
    bravesfanforlife88, 8, pg 67, 1374, D. Jeter
    baseballgirlie13, 7, pg 92, 2178, D. Jeter
    popi21 9, RESET BY, P. Konerko
    GL to all

  4. yanksgiantsdevils33

    The “SWITCH” from Logan Morrision (3 for 4) to O fer David Wright struck again! I will never learn! If not for having these 2 occurrences in the last 3 days my streak would be at 8 and the Grand Prize would still be alive. Instead I’m at 0 once again and the highest streak I can reach now is 53.

    Today’s picks;
    Beat the Streak: Ryan Zimmerman
    HR Beat the Streak: Carlos Quentin
    Survivor: Giants


    Mr. Feldman and co. really dropped the ball today, IMO ? the most interestng BTS nugget of the day is that Troy Tulowitzki has AT LEAST ONE HIT in EVERY SINGLE DAY GAME he has played in this season!

    To be fair, did I have the guts to pick him against Johan ? no ? LOL — but he?s already 1 for 1 and this is just the sort of info I read this blog for, so I hope someone appreciates it!

    Anyway, now that BTS nation knows this, keep Tulo in mind when making your picks come Sunday!

    Good luck to all!


    Given Jeter was the lemming pick today, I went with Tulo. I actually think Jeter will come through but since this is my last run @ the 57, I vow to stay away from Jeter/Ichiro/Mauer, etc. They have carried me but ruined me too. Also, Jeter v. Chen took me down last time they met. Deja vu time. It came down to Jeter or Teix but I was wary of Teix’s killer #s. Well, Jeter 0-fered and Teix got a hit or two.

    It did occur to me that Johan could pitch well today but he as been very mediocre lately. What tipped me over is Tulo kills during day time. It was actully between him and Pagan who also is a daykiller. I cross Pagan off when I saw him batting 3rd because of Wright being out.

  7. dragbunt104

    A double tip of my Cub hat to leeungaretta – Your post about Tulo is just what the blog needs – valuable information to put in one’s memory bank. Thank you……..
    Dave Feldman – Help again – The Survivor page is still messed up. The word “Next” does not appear at the bottom of page one to allow you to search back to see streaks beyond page one. You passed this along to the “tech guys” last week. Ir worked for one day only. They apparently did not fix the problem yet – what is going on? Perhaps you could make this part of you column tomorrow or post on the blog. Thanks.
    We now have the Sun Cat – Alex Rios and the Sun God Troy Tulo.
    FYI – A hit in every day game -Tulo is definitley the “Sun God” in Polish ” Bog slorica”

  8. dragbunt104

    Pablo Sandoval – This guy needs to diet:
    —-The other night he “leaped”, if you could call a man 50 lbs over weight leaping, to try to stab a liner by Cubs Soriano. Ball went off his glove into left field for a double.
    —-Today he hits a ball to the deepest part of CF at spacious SF park and almost passed out as he rounded 2nd on his way to third.
    He could be a great one if he turned that “Kunf Fu Panda” belly into some tone and muscle. He needs a diet and fitness coach.


    Kung Fu Panda does need a fitness coach but not a batting coach – He hits a grand slam v. pathetic Cubs.
    Keep an eye on Cub rookies – Tyler Colvin and especially Starlin Castro. They are now fixtures at 1 and 2 in the batting order and are hitting well.
    Cubs going to St. Louis for a weekend series. It could be UGLY. Survivor bets on Cards look good, even to this Cub fan.

  10. vinny1979

    I think BTS is BS. I have one hit in the last 7 days playing. There is no way I will ever get to 30. It’s a shame how people who just start playing get to 30 and 40 and I can’t even get to 15 and been playing for 10 years. Angel Sanchez tonight.


    This game has got to be the toughest and probably the most fun games out there because its so challenging. I’ve been playing since BTS came about and each and every year except this one I’ve surpassed my best streak from the year before. Last year was 30.. So i figure in 26 years I should finally get to 57.. unfortunately this year my best is 16.. and I dont see it happening. I’ve mostly be relying on Ichiro and Derek for the past 6 or 7 years.. and both of them took a “****” this year.. Ichiro is batting a miniscule 310 and Derek is hitting 284.. Miguel Cabrera seems to be the pick this season.. as for next year.. I dont know what i’ll switch up with my strategies.. but at the moment i dont see a leadoff hitter that never walks and hits over 300 emerging… Ichiro will probably still be my guy until he finally retires.

  12. lavolpe

    @vinny1979. I feel you. Haven’t been playing nearly as long as you. The newbies obviously get their streaks by picking high average hitters vs. lower quality pitchers/teams, for the most part. That strategy can work well for a streak or two during the season but probably won’t get you the big bucks.
    It is well documented on this blog that the success rate on average is about 80%. Doesn’t matter what your streak is, eventually that other 20% will get you during this long contest period. Look at the all time leader that ended with 49. What is 49 out of 57? It’s 86% so his luck was great but slightly better than the rest. We all just have to keep playing and hope we get a little additional luck too; maybe $10k worth.

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