Beat the Streak Report: Wednesday, August 25


 A somber day in Home Run Beat the Streak land, as our nine-game leader
and streaker, “kendo1961”, saw his $10,000 dream vanish after Albert
Pujols was unable to go deep for him.

Curiously, our leader opted to eschew my now star-studded advice, and did not select Robinson Cano, who was my Pick of the Day.

But Dave, Robinson Cano didn’t get a home run last night.

Ah, but we don’t know that Cano wouldn’t have homered had “kendo1961” selected him, Mr. Italics.

I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make sense.

Well, let’s just move on to today’s picks.

Time for Wednesday’s picks

Oh, hello there …

? Ryan Zimmerman: .500 AVG (5-for-10) lifetime vs. Cubs starter Ryan Dempster

? Nick Markakis: .450 AVG (9-for-20) lifetime vs. White Sox starter Mark Buehrle

? Derek Jeter: .455 AVG (5-for-11) lifetime vs. Blue Jays starter Brett Cecil

? B.J. Upton: .467 AVG (7-for-15) career vs. Angels starter Dan Haren

Feeling kinda spicy?

? Aramis Ramirez: .375 AVG (9-for-24) lifetime vs. Nationals starter Jason Marquis

You’ll thank me later …

? Joe Mauer: .071 AVG (1-for-14) lifetime vs. Rangers starter C.J. Wilson

? Victor Martinez: .167 AVG (2-for-12) lifetime vs. Mariners starter Felix Hernandez

? Ben Zobrist: .125 AVG (1-for-8) lifetime vs. Angels starter Dan Haren

Leaderboard time!

Alright, I’ll admit I haven’t given “warriorclub” his proper due.
Between all the hoopla surroung Geoff Croke’s 43-game streak and then
“kendo1961″‘s homer frenzy, “warriorclub” has really gone Stealth Bomber
on us and fallen off the radar.

Well, with a 32-game streak, “warriorclub” can go unnoticed no longer.

Our leader is now 56.1 percent on the way to the big bucks, and 25 days away from that gold-plated pony.

Top MLB streakers

? Elvis Andrus: 14 games

? Omar Infante: 13 games

? Juan Pierre: 12 games

? Alberto Callaspo: 10 games

? Albert Pujols: 10 games 


  1. vinny1979

    What up everybody. Just woke up a little bit ago but here are my picks.

    BTS-Infante, look at his day numbers and he is outstanding. Another Tulo or Rios during the day and facing somebody he never faced before but love the odds since it’s a day game.

    HR BTS-Pujols, number 400 is coming this week and I think he gets it today. Has 1 HR in 3 ABs vs McCutchen so it may happen tonight and wind is blowing out to Center in Pitt.

    Survivor-Tigers, Kansas City is horrendous on the road and Galaragga pitched a good game his last time out and O’Sullivan has been bad since the trade so love the odds they win.

    Good luck to all today.

  2. lavolpe

    Entering & including today: 40 game days remaining. Minimum current streak required to win the prizes outright (assuming season ends Oct 3rd)…
    (*) Playing for a tie? add 1 to DL and minus 1 from CS & TS
    Abbreviations: DL=Active Streak Deadline, CS=Current Streak Needed, TS=Target
    BTS Countdown {Resets now eliminate you from cash prizes}
    Top Prize ($3M): CS:17, TS:57, DL:Aug 8th
    *Consolation ($10K): CS:4, TS:44, DL:Aug 21st (pending)
    Survivor Countdown {tickets are for 2011 All-Star Game & Homerun Derby}
    Top Prize (2 tickets+travel+hotel+$10K): CS:0, TS:37, DL:Aug 28th
    *Consolation (2 tickets only): CS:0, TS:30, DL:Sept 4th (pending)

  3. 00liber

    LaV’s List
    Wednesday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500, 141 Batters picked overall.
    Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
    Albert Pujols 593 23.72(1RST)
    Miguel Cabrera 235 9.4(2ND)
    Derek Jeter 212 8.48
    Omar Infante 150 6
    Robinson Cano 127 5.08
    Matt Holliday 68 2.72
    Nick Markakis 60 2.4
    Jon Jay 59 2.36(3RD)
    Ryan Zimmerman 55 2.2(5TH)
    Ichiro Suzuki 51 2.04(DOUBLE-HEADER)(GOOD IN 1RST GAME)
    No Selection 45 1.8

    Joey Votto 39 1.56
    Josh Hamilton 38 1.52(3RD)
    Carl Crawford 30 1.2(5TH)
    Ryan Braun 13 0.52(5TH)
    Highest “No Selection”:Pg# 8 with a streak of 17 back to zero.
    Yesterday’s Top2500 Reset was 6.4% with R. Cano killing the most hopes and dreams. And 8.75% paused.
    Bloggers Group Top2500
    UserName, Streak, Page#, Rank, Pick

    forcook, 24, pg 1, 14, R. Cano
    baseballgirlie13, 20, pg 4, 69, S. Castro(PICKED 24X IN TOP2500)
    wurster7, 11, pg 60, 1239, J. Rollins(PICKED 8X IN TOP2500)
    Jagx, 9 , pg 74, 1793 B. Butler(PICKED 16X IN TOP2500)
    peterkevinperkins, 9, pg 85, 1793 O. Infante
    nardberg, 9, pg 78, 1793 M. Cabrera
    dalywalker322, 8, pg 98, 2370 A. Pujols
    champion_88, 8, pg 100+, 2370 J. Reyes(PICKED 22X IN TOP2500)
    dragbunt104, 8, pg 100+, 2370, T. Tulowitzki(PICKED 19X IN TOP2500)
    goober85, 8, pg 100+, 2370 S. Castro(PICKED 24X IN TOP2500)

    GL to all

  4. yanksgiantsdevils33

    I had in the other blog:
    Today is a day to pick from the B or C list. Pujols is a hexed pick until his next 0-fer has occurred based on what btsplayer said several posts up. Miguel Cabrera along many other players are seeing unfamiliar pitchers. Josh Hamilton is 0 fer 5 against Brian Duensing. And Ichiro is playing in a double header.
    I have Prince Fielder in BTS, Albert Pujols in HR BTS and the Oakland A’s to win.


    ATL is throwing a Batting Practice Party 2010 @ Colorado. Bring your own Coors Light. You know something is wrong when the pitcher batting .067 rips a RBI double off the reliever who came into relieve the starting pitcher who got bombed.


    I know Brendan isnt in the top 25 in the league, but when i guy strikes out 35 guys in 3 starts… thats something worth avoiding lol.. and hes been decent all year coming on these past couple months.. its too bad the Blue Jays are in the best division in baseball.. they are HUGELY underrated. Top 4 of 9 teams in the MLB are in the east.. what does everyone think?
    1. NYY – if they played in any other division they’d win 120 a year
    2. TB – great team.. but if they dont win soon.. they never will
    3. Min – not the best team on paper, but play like a great team
    4. SD – great starting pitching, not a great closer, no hitting
    5. Phil – best team in the NL.. just not showing it
    6. Bos – try to beat Boston down in the late innings – best bullpen in the MLB
    7. Stl – Pujols Holliday, Carpenter, Wainright, this team should win alot more games
    8. Cin – where did this team come from
    9. Tor – great pitching, great HR power, need to improve batting averages and their bullpen
    10. Tex – great hitting, no pitching.. will get demolished in the first round of the playoffs

  7. champion_88

    “Talk about luck. Picked B.Butler, xtra innings game him 1 more AB and he gets a hit – so far. The gameday text says “singles on a popup to first baseman Miguel Cabrerra.” Can’t visualize it other than Cabrerra lost it in the sun? Else expect it to be changed to an error later…”

    It was probably a popup right down the right-field line that the right fielder yielded to Cabrera to field.

  8. lavolpe

    Talk about luck. Picked B.Butler, xtra innings game him 1 more AB and he gets a hit – so far. The gameday text says “singles on a popup to first baseman Miguel Cabrerra.” Can’t visualize it other than Cabrerra lost it in the sun? Else expect it to be changed to an error later…

  9. champion_88


    I backed off Tulo because I am unsure how long that streak is right now. It seems like it could be 30+ games and I would like to wait for 1 0 for 4, before jumping back on again.

    Plus, Jurrjens had been great since coming off the DL prior to the injury, which is what made it easy to avoid him.

    The probables’ description on Rogers is what scared me away from Infante, although I was not aware that he was .400+ during the day.

    Guess I need to start checking those splits more carefully.

    Although every time I do that, I end up going 0 for.

    As long as Reyes gets the hit though, no reason to tweak anything just yet.

  10. vinny1979

    I should of said in my other post that everybody on Atlanta now has at least one hit and that includes the pitcher. 10-1 in the 3rd inning and they scored in every inning did the Braves so far.

  11. lavolpe

    “Butler is now out of the game too Pony. He got pinch run for after the hit.
    If hit does get changed to an error, I’m eliminated. Otherwise now to decide who to pick tomorrow. Xtra innings, an infield popup (I assume), no error? 100% luck. I did pick DET to win & they aren’t trying hard ‘nuf, waiting for Miguel to homer maybe.

  12. dragbunt104

    wrightzone41 – You comments on teams are spot on.
    SD bullpen is very good too.
    Pony – You have to be lucky once and a while to get a streak going and today was your day to pull the rabbit out of the hat.
    baseballgirlie13 – I like the Castro pick today (Starlin not Fidel 🙂
    It is apparent that 98% of those who play do not read the blog. How could this happen?
    Ichirio gets picked by 2% of BTS Nation in a DH and Troy “The Sun God” Tulowitzki does not make the top 15. Tulo doubles and continues his daytime hitting streak.
    As the Beatles said: “Here comes the SUN, Here comes the SUN and I say it’s alright!
    Looking for Tulo to hit again on Sunday.

  13. 00liber

    @drag. I hear ya, but their loss is our gain. “sun God” moved me to 5 and keeps me in contention. Other player I looked at today… Action Jackson (who I picked yest) comes through with another 1rst at-bat hit. Keep an eye on him, he’s no Starlin but he’s producing.
    Side note: with Pujols coming through yesterday we now have a new season leader in the bloggers group. Congrats and continued success to Forcook. And let’s not forget ms. Baseballgirlie who is hot on his heels.
    GL to all tonight.

  14. lavolpe

    Yanks AJ & Vaz. May not be needed. With the days off btwn games in the playoffs, rarely are more than 3 starters needed. If a team doesn’t have 3 good ones, then I say they are toast unless the other team simply caves. Not overly impressed with TEX. Except Josh, team is getting tired maybe. Young, Vlad sporatic. Will Cruz be back in time? Probably. Were Guzman/Cantu good pickups? But ‘nuf about the AL. I’m an NL guy & doubt NL will go 6, maybe not even 5, in the WS. Optimist this year? Nope!

  15. baseballgirlie13

    @wrightzone- I also like your comments on the teams and think you are pretty spot on. I guess the only thing I might differ on is whether or not Texas will get demolished in the first round of the playoffs. It is definitely true they have no pitching, but if they are hitting, they can outscore anyone. Cliff Lee needs to pitch like the pitcher we know he is and they young guys need to improve a bit, or a lot however you look at it, haha.
    @dragbunt-I don’t think a lot of people read the rules and realize that if you pick a player in a doubleheader they must get a hit in both games. I’m not sure why people don’t read the rules, but their loss I guess.
    @00liber-I thought about Troy today but I figured that run has to come to an end so I didn’t. Fortunately for you he did come through and unfortunately for me I did not pick him. I think Castro will come through again today though. I hope so, if he gets a hit I will tie my best ever. I had a 21 gamer like three years ago or something like that. GL to you the rest of the way as well.

  16. yanksgiantsdevils33

    The Cardinals have lost the last 3 times I’ve picked them on survivor with the latest being last night’s loss to the Pirates. I should have had the Dodgers (which I had on survivor) instead. The Phillies have also been a streak breaker the past two days against the Astros with both teaming up to empty the survivor leaderboard. I am going to stay away from St. Louis and Philly until they become reliable again if ever. The same can be said about my Yankees sometimes. Finding a good pick vs a too good to be true pick can be the problem on survivor. I have the A’s today and they have a 5-0 lead but I’m well aware of how the Braves did (going from a 10-1 lead to a 12-10 loss) and how the Reds (tied 11-11 with the Giants) may do as well.


    TX will take ALC for sure. Their pitching is good as any team. My team Yanks I don’t think can hold off their hitting. For sure, AJ & Vaz don’t have what it takes. Probably the same for Hughes. Their hitting if they get Kinsler back in good shape is deadly. If Same with Cruz, its adios time. There is not a single pitcher who can go through that line-up without getting hammered. Only one possibly is Jimenez but he is a fastball pitcher and TX bats eat that up like tacos.

    Only way TX can fail is in the first round where there is only 5 games and by chance, their bats collectively cool off. This can happen and I am not sure if there is a way to prevent it except maybe resting key players (Young, Hamil & Vlad)towards end of Sept.

    Cliff Lee has not been nearly the pitcher he was last year or the year before when he started off unhittable. Actually, he has been pretty mediocre since being traded.


    Incredible. ATL & SF. Anyone who bet against those teams and thought they had that the money in the bag will be in for shocks when they get home.

    I wish they stop cracking down on sports betting. You know there is one sure way to beat this. After a formidable leader surfaces in the Survivor, just follow his pick after the lock down.


    “Were Guzman/Cantu good pickups?”

    Bad pick-ups. Desperation time on the part of Nolan. Which lead to even bigger stupid move on the part of Cashman. I am glad though. Those teams unloading overpriced used cars can start off fresh and be stronger next year.

    “Except Josh, team is getting tired maybe. Young, Vlad sporatic.” Those guys will bounce back though. Young and Vlad always alternate bet. slump months with monster months.

    I don’t know about NL. I thought ATL was finished but somehow they’re winning. I am rooting for low-fi team, the SD. I would love see them win.

  20. yanksgiantsdevils33

    BTW Ryan Howard and Angel Sanchez (Astros SS) both went 0 for 7 in last nights 16 inning game that the Astros won against the Phillies.


    I am going through tomorrow’s picks and it looks pretty bad. Lots of tough pitchers and many of the “good” teams are not playing. This year, everyday is a toil.


    LOL. Suzuki gets hits both games. What a joke this game is. And this was against Beckett and Lester.

  23. lavolpe

    “BTW Ryan Howard and Angel Sanchez (Astros SS) both went 0 for 7 in last nights 16 inning game that the Astros won against the Phillies.”
    That was a neat game. Btm 14th, Howard gets tossed. Out of players, Oswalt comes in as LF and some other players move around. Top 15th Oswalt actually catches an out (only play made by him). HOU scores in 16th & PHI up to bat with man on 1st & 2 outs, they walk Utley to get to who? Oswalt in Howard’s spot. No one left to pinch, so Oswalt bats and grounds out–game over.

  24. lavolpe

    Dick going with Jon Jay batting 5th and 0-3 vs. pitcher lifetime. Think he didn’t catch the pitching change. Jay was 3-5 vs. Karstens (originally scheduled). Current leader going with Pujols. McCutchen pitching well; 3 hits after 5 innings. Pujols & Jay both 0-fer so far, due up next inning.


    Anyone got a box of Cuban cigars for baseballgirlie? The ones that are handmade and only given to Fidel. Fidel’s cousin just did good.

    @baseballgirlie: who are you looking at for tomorrow? I only see Miguel Cabrera for now but it looks like he is due for an 0-fer. And how about Busta Rhymes’ cousin? He hits lefties awfully well during the day but he is new. And TOR pitcher gets hit by lefties. Very tough tomorrow.

    I will post what I find later tonight and more tomorrow morning.

  26. lavolpe

    Quade appears to be making it 3 in a row; been awhile
    @baseballgirlie: A bit o’luck today. They pull Marquis (98 pitches) just before Starlin comes to bat & presto, a double. I, for one, can’t gripe about luck today, but I don’t think everyone will be able to partake.

  27. champion_88

    “The Cardinals have lost the last 3 times I’ve picked them on survivor with the latest being last night’s loss to the Pirates. I should have had the Dodgers (which I had on survivor) instead.”

    What’s that???

  28. 00liber

    Puj and Jay just both grounded out in the top o the 8th, not looking good for many.

    Congrats to Ms. Baseballgirlie for moving on.

  29. yanksgiantsdevils33

    champion_88 is a sports website that has several games including another survivor game. It has mlb,nfl,ncaaf,nba,ncaab,nhl etc. I don’t follow most of the sports only mlb, nfl, nba, ncaab.

  30. lavolpe

    Let’s go Pirates, end this game please…
    3 reasons why Cards hate Reds right now
    1) Reds in 1st place
    2) Joey blocking Albert’s Triple Crown threat
    3) Need someone to blame if Cards screw up the season. Afterall, you know, the Reds put LaRue on DL and scratched Carp’s back

  31. champion_88

    Thanks for nothing, Jose Reyes.

    0 for ******* 5.

    You could not even work a walk so the game could go extra innings?

    Just go back on the DL and save us all the trouble next time.

    I guess now I have 40 days of refinement before the playoffs.

    I had really wanted to last deeper into September at least.

    Are we at least doing the September practice session again this year?


    @champion_88: You should have check the FL pitcher’s splits. He is a righty who gets hit by righties but some reason pitches well against the lefties.

    As soon as I saw that and that only viable righty bat in Mets is Wright, I passed. I know Wright has been hot but his true talent is against lefty pitching.

  33. lavolpe

    “I am going through tomorrow’s picks and it looks pretty bad.
    I was trying to do the newbie thing & pick high AVG batters with many ABs vs. iffy pitchers. Not much out there today & tomorrow. Cabrerra & Pujols probably BTS faves tomorrow. I can’t afford a DNP & can’t risk picking from unposted lineups. So early games for me unless batter’s #s guarantee being played. Think I’ll back off the newbie method and go with Stros’ C.Johnson tomorrow.


    The problem with Johnson v. Kendrick is Kendrick pitches well against righties. But Johnson also hits RHP well on the road. Its a battle whose talent is stronger. With Kendrick, I never failed going with lefty bats. He gets hit hard by lefty bats.

  35. lavolpe

    Stats are good guide but if they could predict reliably, we’d all be millionaires every season. Bookies would be out of business & gambling history. Unless rotoworld changes my mind, going with him. Good luck to all tomorrow; tough day today.

  36. yanksgiantsdevils33

    The evil survivor trio struck again as my Yankees, along with the Phillies and Cardinals combined to end 46% of survivor streaks. I dodged the triple bullet today with the A’s over Indians to bring my survivor streak to 1.

    @champion_88 when in doubt don’t go against unfamiliar pitchers which seemed that half the field were facing today. Not an easy day at all. It takes surviving about 5-8 of these to reach 57 which is why NO ONE in this BTS game has reached 50.

  37. champion_88

    I am sorry if I got too mad here.

    It is just that EVERY time here that I get a decent streak going, EVERY other player that I considered was successful!

    I also considered Prado, Konerko, Tabata, Infante, and Tulowitzki and, OF COURSE, everyone else went 5 for 5 to just taunt me further.


  38. lavolpe

    @champion_88. Tough day, many fell, many got lucky & just made it to tomorrow with last AB hits. We will be where you are right now, maybe a lot sooner than any of us would like to admit.
    @btsplayer & rest: Pujols’ pitcher posted now. Definitely Albert will be most picked, including by me. Why not, the only day I picked Albert this entire year was Aug 8th & it got rained out. But as much as I dislike the Cardinals, he’d go 0-fer just for spite; another reason to hate the Cards 😉

  39. baseballgirlie13

    @pony- I would agree there was a little luck there with them pulling Marquis as I thought Castro would hit him sooner. We have to remember though that we all need those last at bat hits sometimes and I got one tonight. This is the reason nobody will ever win this game most likely. You make a lot of good picks in a row but eventually one guy will not get a hit. I just hope I can keep making good picks.
    @btsplayer- I am not sure who to go with tomorrow. Pujols would be a good pick but I never feel good picking him. Even though he just went 0-fer, he could do it again. I will keep looking and post again tomorrow when I decide.


    “The 24-year-old vowed to be back in the majors a year after Tommy John surgery, and the only reason he missed that goal by two weeks was because the Nationals preferred to be cautious with him. He’s mowed down hitters at every level of the minors, posting a combined 1.59 ERA in 10 starts and saving his best work for Triple-A Syracuse, where he allowed a run in 17 innings.

    “Everything has been as good as it could be,” manager Jim Riggleman said. “This is the next step. This is where he’s been wanting to be for the last year. It’s finally here.”

    @baseballgirlie: Yeah, I don’t trust Pujols either. He is very streaky. What he gave this month, he might be ready to take it back going hitless for like 3 days.


    Here are some that looks as promising or more than Pujols:

    HRam (even though against the lefty but it seems he might be ready to tear it up)
    Choo (hits righties very well @ home)
    Pierre (red hot this month)

  42. lavolpe

    Choo: 1-2 vs Mazzaro #s are from last year. Mazzaro pitching very well lately. Choo has no protection. Maybe consider Asdrubal with Choo as his protection? Both are hitting good this month and valid options.
    Pierre: No history at all. A blind faith pick.
    HRam: He may squeak a 1-4 out, But 0-fer lifetime vs that lefty & hitting lefties really bad this year. Wouldn’t risk elimination on that contest.
    M.Cabrerra. Good #s vs pitcher. Pitcher is good, not great, past few starts but handles righties well. 3-5 vs Romero this year. TOR doesn’t seem to intentionally walk many.
    Thanks for that info on Zimmerman. Doing a bit more research. How fast is his fast ball now? How good is his off-speed stuff now?
    I like Cabrerra better than the previous 4 batters mentioned because of recent history more than anything else. His 1-4 last AB hit Wed was against pitcher with no history.
    Pujols still strong consideration. 0-fer Wed, pressing for homer #400 maybe. 5 hours to decide.

  43. dragbunt104

    Thursday looks tough!
    Leaning toward Pierre of ChiSox v. O’s
    A’s in Survivor
    HR – With streak at usual zero – Why not – Pujols

  44. baseballgirlie13

    Well I think I am going to go with Pujols. I know it is a risky pick but I don’t pick him often and he is hot right now even with his 0-fer yesterday. I want to go with Cabrera but I think he is due for one right now. Pujols is 3-3 against Zimmerman so here’s hoping. I don’t think I’ll have internet for a while after this so I’ll be back tonight. GL everyone!!!

  45. 00liber

    My picks for today.
    Bts- mike Bourn, 4-7 career vs Kendrick and is hitting ,300 vs righties since allstar break.
    HR-Holliday, Puj might get pitched closely for fear of giving up #400.
    Surv- Oak.
    GL all. M.

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