Beat the Streak Report: Wednesday, September 1


Another day, another hit for “jpells10”, as Joe Mauers’ base knock extended our leader’s streak to 31 games.

“jpells10” is slowly creeping to that make-or-break 35-game threshold
where I start taking him/her seriously and start with the e-mails.

Time for Wednesday’s picks

Oh, hello there …

? Ryan Zimmerman: .611 AVG (11-for-18) lifetime vs. Marlins starter Chris Volstad

? Brian McCann: .486 AVG (18-for-37) lifetime vs. Mets starter Mike Pelfrey

? Martin Prado: .438 AVG (7-for-16) Mets starter Mike Pelfrey

? Pablo Sandoval: .357 AVG (10-for-28) lifetime vs. Rockies starter Ubaldo Jimenez

Feeling kinda spicy?

? Geoff Blum: .536 AVG (15-for-28) lifetime vs. Cardinals starter Jeff Suppan

? Travis Hafner: .484 AVG (15-for-31) lifetime vs. White Sox starter Freddy Garcia

You’ll thank me later …

? Carlos Gonzalez: .143 AVG (2-for-14) lifetime vs. Giants starter Tim Lincecum

? Ryan Braun: .176 AVG (3-for-17) lifetime vs. Reds starter Johnny Cuetto

? David Wright: .000 AVG (0-for-7) lifetime vs. Braves starter Tommy Hanson

Leaderboard time!

Ryan Braun’s fruitful night at the yard lifted “bretzky26” to 30 games,
as our second-place stalwart is right on our leader’s toes.

Top MLB streakers

? Miguel Cabrera: 13 games

? Paul Konerko: 12 games

? Michael Bourn: 10 games

? A.J. Pierzynski: 10 games

? Troy Tulowitzki: 10 games

? Joey Votto: 10 games 


  1. 00liber

    Hey all. Got the stats all done up and ready to post. Will do it in about 20 mins or so when I take my lunch break.

  2. lavolpe

    17 “24+ gamers” remain racing towards $3M (was 99 after Friday). 11 23-gamers hoping for Oct 4th game. But one of those 11 is making matters worse. “shinn_8” picked J.Bruce (DNP) yesterday & picks J.Hamilton today. Per rotoworld yesterday, Hamilton was to get a knee injection post-game & wouldn’t be in the lineup tonite; so appears back-back DNP picks. I expect to see Francouer in Hamilton’s spot & Vlad back at DH. BTW. At least 1 other 23-gamer going DNP tonite.
    I guess everyone with a streak of 11 or better still has a shot to beat the high mark set by Dick & Geoff. Geoff’s 12-gamer reset yesterday when his pick A.Huff went 0-fer. Good luck to those.

  3. 00liber

    LaV’s List
    Wednesday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500, 159 Batters picked overall.
    Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
    Josh Hamilton 357 14.28
    Joey Votto 336 13.44(3rd & 5th)
    Ichiro Suzuki 138 5.52
    Miguel Cabrera 133 5.32
    Brian McCann 114 4.56
    No Selection 95 3.8
    Albert Pujols 86 3.44(1rst)
    Martin Prado 69 2.76(4th)
    Ryan Zimmerman 66 2.64
    Adrian Beltre 66 2.64
    Robinson Cano 65 2.6(5th)
    Hunter Pence 60 2.4
    Joe Mauer 59 2.36
    Derek Jeter 47 1.88
    Mark Teixeira 13 0.52(2nd)
    Highest “No Selection”:Pg# 6 with a streak of 16 back to zero.
    Yesterday’s Top2500 Reset was 18.5% with Prince Albert again killing the most hopes and dreams. And 4.7% paused.
    Bloggers Group Top2500
    UserName, Streak, Page#, Rank, Pick

    whbirdman9, 14, pg 11, 209, M. Cabrera
    00LIber, 11, pg 26, 579, A. Rios(PICKED 17X IN TOP2500)(GOOD)
    bravesfanforlife88, 10, pg 40, 844, M. Prado
    kevmaan, 8, pg 58, 1384, A. Callaspo(PICKED 2X IN TOP2500)
    backrubs, 6, pg 96, 1945, R. Zimmerman

    GL to all

  4. lavolpe

    @yanksgiantsdevils33: Two more may be out: 1 picked Hamilton (expecting not to play) & 1 picked Zimmerman, not in the lineup (pinch hitter maybe)

  5. 00liber

    LaV, it’s nice when the braves actually give Hanson some run support. He’s had some great numbers(save his last start) in the last month or so.
    Rios chugged me along bright and early this morning so I’m onto tommorow. Looking at nyy(guarenteed starter) cause I can’t afford a DNP, right on the brink am I.
    GL to those waiting still.

  6. lavolpe

    @dragbunt: My prediction of ATL winning appears evident.
    FLA hammering WAS, odds of Zimmerman coming into pinch is remote unless WAS runs out of pinch hitters.

  7. dragbunt104

    Lav – Braves were a good call for Survivor. I went with Reds and Votto in HR. Got a hit today in BTS with Juan Pierre who is hitting well lately.
    What is going on with Niger Morgan? Watch the replay of him charging the mound tonight v. Marlins and Marlins 1B, Sanchez? close lining him to the ground! Heard but did not see that the hit Cards catcher on Sat. at a play at the plate when catcher did not have the ball(?). ESPN announcers tonight on NYY game were “suprised he wasn’t suspended by MLB.” Is the video of this one anywhere to be seen?

  8. lavolpe

    Wow, the Cardinals are dropping so fast out of playoff contention, it isn’t even fun to poke fun at them any more…. Nah, it’s still fun, very fun. To help with their offense, they shouldn’t have hired Mark McGwire during the off-season. They are choking so badly, they should have hired Dr. Heimlich instead. 8 out in the Central with CIN win today; put a fork in them, they’re done! Wildcard? Hmmm, 5 behind Philly. Looking like they’ll be watching the playoffs same as the Cubs — at home on the couch
    @dragbunt: I saw that Cards game on TV. He did go out of his way to push/shove the catcher, it was intentional but not sucker-punch-like by any stretch of the imagination; didn’t even knock him down

  9. dragbunt104

    Saw all the replays of Niger Morgan. Is he reading a biography of Ty Cobb? Suspension and “anger management” classes seem to be in his near future.
    He threw a ball into stands and injured a fan on 8/21 too.
    I’d like to be that fans attorney cha-ching$$$$.
    He is playing as he is appealing his 7 game suspension for the thrown ball incident.
    For Thursday?
    Day game for the Rockies – Tuolwitzki played on Wed night.
    Is he recovered from his groin ‘Tweak” – Will he play day game after night game with that injury? So far he is 0-2 on Wed evening.

  10. yanksgiantsdevils33

    @lavolpe Miguel Cabrera is 0 for 3 but may get to see extra innings. If he goes 0 fer I’ll take him tomorrow. I’d like to take Mark Teixeria but I’m afraid he may have an 0 fer looming.
    I took Hanley Ramirez in BTS and the Reds in survivor so I’m back at 1 in each. I wasted my HR pick on Josh Hamilton not thinking about the fact that he isn’t playing tonight.

  11. lavolpe

    @yanksgiantdevils33: “I wasted my HR pick on Josh Hamilton not thinking about the fact that he isn’t playing tonight”
    Yeah, I tried to warn everyone yesterday when I saw it on rotoworld.

  12. lavolpe

    MIN wins, leaving M.Cabrerra on deck. That means 10 $37M streakers fell out of that race today. Ichiro still holds fate of 1 more tonite.

  13. yanksgiantsdevils33

    My buddy Robinson Cano went 0 fer taking another (whmail) out of contention. It’s touch when you think the season is over with a month to spare like a lot of us including me do being eliminated from even the consolation prize.

  14. lavolpe

    Yep, 10 are gone: Votto(5), Pujols(2), Zimmerman(1), Cabrerra(1), Cano(1). Zimmerman didn’t play, but the streaker had 24 and needs 25 entering tomorrow.

  15. lavolpe

    @00Liber. Looks like your the Bloggers Group last chance to tie/beat Dick & George. Stay on top of that list for another month!

  16. champion_88

    “I’d like to be that fans attorney cha-ching$$$$.”

    Oh, please no!

    I am sure the guy is fine.

    Why should he get money for having a scab or even wasting the court’s time.

    “For Thursday?
    Day game for the Rockies – Tuolwitzki played on Wed night.
    Is he recovered from his groin ‘Tweak” – Will he play day game after night game with that injury? So far he is 0-2 on Wed evening. ”

    The Rockies play at night tomorrow.

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