Beat the Streak Report: April 4

What has one big picture of Ian Kinsler and a three-game hitting streak?

This blog!

That’s right, Streakers: thanks to Shin-Soo Choo, Andre Ethier and Hanley Ramirez, the BTS Report aced the weekend. For the first time in 2011, we are officially en fuego.

Don’t believe us? Check. Tha. Archive. Served!

Surely, all of you followed our roadmap to the three-game promised land, right?. Oh, you picked Albert “0-for-4” Pujols yesterday? That worked out well. It’s a dangerous jungle out there, people. Maybe stick with the guided tour next time.

Anyway, enough living in the past.

On the first Monday of the season, it’s time to seperate the lobsters from the crawfish. There are only six games scheduled, so you’ll have to deviate from the standard MauerBraunHamilton rotation for once.

JK! They’re all on the slate, along with Pujols and Ichiro. The lobsters and the crawfish will continue to swim in harmony until Thursday.

Expect our streak to reach at least six games by then.

Monday’s picks

Oh, hello there …

Lance Berkman: .833 AVG (5-for-6) lifetime vs. Pirates starter Charlie Morton

Jose Tabata: .714 AVG (5-for-7) lifetime vs. Cardinals starter Kyle Lohse

Mark Teixeira: .500 AVG (6-for-12) lifetime vs. Twins starter Scott Baker

Ian Kinsler: .350 AVG (7-for-20) lifetime vs. Mariners starter Erik Bedard


Feeling kinda spicy?

Skip Schumaker: .500 AVG (6-for-12) lifetime vs. Pirates starter Charlie Morton


You’ll thank me later …

Kelly Johnson: .000 AVG (0-for-6) lifetime vs. Cubs starter Randy Wells

Alex Rodriguez: .182 AVG (2-for-11) lifetime vs. Twins starter Scott Baker

Michael Young: .211 AVG (4-for-19) lifetime vs. Mariners starter Erik Bedard


Leaderboard time!

Did you hear that the BTS Report has a three-game hit streak going? If not, read the previous sentence again without the question mark or the  “Did you hear that” part.

A few of you out there in Streakland (Population: cool kids) are 4-for-4, but let’s be honest: you’re going to need to keep the flame burning for about another fortnight before getting mentioned by name in this space.


Top MLB streakers

Matt Kemp: 4 games

Howard Kendrick: 4 games

Buster Posey: 4 games

Freddy Sanchez: 4 games


  1. LaVolpe

    Hopefully, the following comes out ok. Liked last years blog where you had a preview of what the post would look like. Anyway…
    Some career stats vs. starters, just for the fun of it…
    Plate appearances, AVG, BB%, SO%
    Miguel Cabrera
    vs Lefty: 1465, 329, 13%, 17%
    vs Right: 3638, 308, 09%, 18%
    Month AVG = Apr/Mar:330 May:327, Jun:303 Jul:343 Aug:294 Sep+:291
    Ichiro Suzuki
    vs Lefty: 2146, 342, 05%, 09%
    vs Right: 5207, 327, 06%, 09%
    Month AVG = Apr/Mar:300 May:363, Jun:344 Jul:325 Aug:326 Sep+:324
    Troy Tulowitski
    vs Lefty: 0735, 312, 16%, 17%
    vs Right: 1643, 279, 09%, 16%
    Month AVG – Apr/Mar:219 May:288 Jun:281 Jul:312 Aug:319 Sep+:305
    For the BB & SO percentages, compare them to the all time leaders
    Walks leader: Barry Bonds had 20% chance of walking each AB
    Wiffs leader: Reggie Jackson had a 23% chance of striking out each AB
    Crunching data may help with deciding who to pick. One may want to avoid hitters with high potential of walking or striking out because that’s one less quality AB towards your streak. The stats above were retrieved from should you wish to delve into stats

  2. LaVolpe

    Side notes and interpretation. If you add the SO% to the BB%, you may find that the totals are greater than 25% or even greater than 33%. What does this mean? It could mean that if the player gets 4 ABs, likelihood is that one of those ABs will be a SO or BB, effectively reducing ABs to just 3 for our streak purposes.
    Looking over the past 4 days… BB/SO totals per game
    M.Cabrerra 1/1, 1/0, 0/1
    Ichiro 1/0, 0/0, 1/0
    Tulo 1/2, 1/0

  3. yanksgiantsdevils33

    Earliest no selections are on page 4, going back to 0.
    I’m going with Mark Teixeira for 5.

  4. 00liber

    Hey LaV
    Can you resend the 2500 program to me please. norton 360 just deleted off my memory stick when i tried to open it.
    If you dont have my email anymore check your gmail, i sent you an email the other day.


  5. champion_88

    I went with Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees.

    I was tempted to go with Starlin Castro but when a pick tends to be perfect, it generally fails, and I am glad I recognized that since he just went 0 for 3.

  6. LaVolpe

    @Champ88. Yep, trial and error this 1st week for me too. Castro sets me back & looking to get a modest 5-7 gamer going here in a day or two or three 😉

  7. LaVolpe

    For myself, hoping to hit double digits this month or next month at latest. Only hit double digits 2x last year: 20 gamer in mid-July and 13-gamer in mid-September. Had 6-9 gamers 9x. Would be nice to string those together. Baby steps…

  8. baseballgirlie13

    Hey Lav I went with Castro today too so I am back at 0. It does seem that just getting to 10 is hard, how someone is supposed to do that 5 times in a row plus seven more days is beyond me, haha, but it makes it fun. I only had two double digit streaks last year also, I had a 12 or 13 and and then a 22 gamer towards the end. It was fun while it lasted. Gonna go with Castro again tomorrow even though he went hit-less today. Hoping to get back to uno!

  9. LaVolpe

    @bballgirlie. As of this post, still have 1 more ABs for the following: Pujols, Berkman, Tabata & Kinsler. All are 0-fer and if they remain that way, a mass killing today of enormous proportions! We won’t be the only disappointed ones, that’s for sure.

  10. baseballgirlie13

    @lav- true story, today was not a good day to have to pick someone. I don’t like when there is only 6 games to choose from, makes it very hard. Hopefully we get back on the board tomorrow, GL!

  11. LaVolpe

    ^^ maybe a bit of an overstatement. But looking to be a 30+ percent wipeout if the Pujols & Kinsler are included in the 0-fers. Tabata just squibbed a bleeder to third on last AB to extend some streaks.

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