Beat the Streak Report: Weekend, April 8-10

Don’t call it a comeback — because we were always here.

Don’t say we still got it — because we never lost it.

And don’t claim we’re having a bad hair day, because it’s the Richard Blais look and that’s what we were going for.

Yes, the Report’s top picks did go 5-for-5 yesterday. But more importantly, over 23 percent of you drank the Hawaiian Punch on those big dogs, and another 4.4 percent converted with Alex Rios.

You’re the best! No, you are! Really!

The mutual appreciation is flowing. Now we’re going to pass the hat around so you guys can get our mutual fund appreciation flowing.

And just because you’re so special to us, we’re giving you three days’ worth of picks in one post. It’s the first time ever — since last Friday.


Friday’s picks:

(Make a BTS pick)

Oh, hello there …

Jorge Posada: .556 AVG (10-for-18) since ’06 vs. Red Sox starter John Lackey

• David DeJesus: .524 AVG (11-for-21) since ’06 vs. Twins starter Nick Blackburn

• Hanley Ramirez: .500 AVG (7-for-14) since ’06 vs. Astros starter Wandy Rodriguez

Feeling kinda spicy?

Juan Uribe: .476 AVG (7-for-15) since ’06 vs. Padres starter Clayton Richard

You’ll thank me later …

• Alex Rodriguez: .071 AVG (2-for-28) since ’06 vs. Red Sox starter John Lackey

Dustin Pedroia: .077 AVG (1-for-13) since ’06 vs. Yankees starter Phil Hughes


Saturday’s picks:

(Make a BTS pick)

Oh, hello there …

• Albert Pujols: .667 AVG (8-for-12) since ’06 vs. Giants starter Matt Cain

Miguel Cabrera: .571 AVG (8-for-14) since ’06 vs. Royals starter Bruce Chen

Robinson Cano: .467 AVG (7-for-15) since ’06 vs. Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz

Feeling kinda spicy?

Will Venable: .438 AVG (7-for-16) since ’06 vs. Dodgers starter Hiroki Kuroda

He’s Will Venable’s mom’s kid.

(Everyone tosses out a “Max Venable’s kid” shoutout when they mention Will Venable. How about some props for mom, guys?)

You’ll thank me later …

• Chone Figgins: .000 AVG (0-for-11) since ’06 vs. Indians starter Justin Masterson

Justin Upton: .125 AVG (2-for-16) since ’06 vs. Reds starter Bronson Arroyo


Sunday’s picks:

Oh, hello there …

• Johnny Damon: .667AVG (10-for-15) since ’06 vs. White Sox starter Gavin Floyd

• Rafael Furcal: .615 AVG (8-for-13) since ’06 vs. Padres starter Aaron Harang

Miguel Cabrera: .529 AVG (9-for-17) since ’06 vs. Royals starter Luke Hochevar

David Wright: .476 AVG (10-for-21) since ’06 vs. Nationals starter Jason Marquis

Yes, we realized Miggy was also a top pick for Friday. That’s why you get a bonus Rafael Furcal today!

Feeling kinda spicy?

Ramon Hernandez: .417 AVG (7-for-17) since ’06 vs. Diamondbacks starter Joe Saunders

You’ll thank me later …

Dustin Pedroia: .045 AVG (1-for-22) since ’06 vs. Yankees starter CC Sabathia

Shane Victorino: .083AVG (2-for-24) since ’06 vs. Braves starter Derek Lowe

Jacoby Ellsbury: .077 AVG (1-for-13) since ’06 vs. Yankees starter CC Sabathia


Leaderboard time!

First chance to crack double-digits this weekend. Yup, we finally got that cast removed and can now pop two knuckles at the same time.

Top MLB streakers

Jose Tabata: 7 games

A bunch of guys: 6 games

Take a bow, Jose. Like a giant squid among a sea of calamari, you’re both the largest and the most mysterious.


  1. LaVolpe

    Will it be an runaway weekend or a train wreck? Inclination may be to pick NYY vs. BOS, CWS vs. TB, NYM vs. WSH, or maybe COL vs. PIT. We’ll see. Problem with weekends are the players that rest that could effect your streak. Keep up with the projected lineups if possible. is a good source for that.

  2. gpearson17

    Hoping to extend my 8-streak with a couple unorthodox picks: Friday–Marlon Byrd; Saturday–Miguel Montero; Sunday–Miguel Cabrera.

    • Dave55

      I had Byrd but decided to switch, lest the erratic Wolf have a decent outing. Going with Freddy Sanchez, Miguel Cabrera and Kendrick.

  3. vinny1979

    Well Crawford is leading off today for the Sox. They are changing their lineup since they are 0-6. Ellsbury is batting 8th.

  4. baseballgirlie13

    Hey guys, here’s hoping to a good weekend. I have Castro (at Milwaukee today). I know he hits better at home but he also hits second in the line-up and they are on the road, he will probably get 5 PA’s and at least 3 vs Wolf. Then I have Miggy and Kendrick to finish out the weekend, though nothing is set in stone, those picks could definitely change. GL to everyone today and this weekend.
    @gpearson-I’ll be watching the Cubs games today for me and you, I’ll be pulling for Byrd to get you to 9!

  5. yanksgiantsdevils33

    Good luck Vinny with your pick I hope you get a nice streak rolling.
    I’ve got Mark Teixeira picked for today, and I’ve got Robinson Cano for both Saturday and Sunday.

  6. LaVolpe

    @Champ88. I can guess why Posada: 500+ AVG, BOS pitching very suspect, and probably a ‘pick of the day’? He may see 5 PAs. I picked Jeter due to his AVG vs. Lackey, hitting high in order, and BOS/NYY games are rarely a 4 hit occurrence. Looking for minimum 4-5 PA. Only concern I have with Jeter is that he has been removed from game in late innings last year. With 2 ABs and 0-fer, hoping he gets at least 2 more.

  7. baseballgirlie13

    @lav-haha, that would be nice. The more at bats the better.
    @Vinny-you must be loving the 0-6 start the red sox are having, haha. Unfortunately, they are down 6-3 but only the third inning. GL with Drew!

  8. vinny1979

    I love that they are 0-6. I was born and raised in the BX but am now living in Jersey and they will be 0-7 after today. Yanks are losing but my pick already hit.

  9. baseballgirlie13

    @vinny-congrats, glad Drew came through for you. I am from Seattle so I am a Mariners fan I know they aren’t very good but every year us fans have hope, haha. Needless to say I am not too fond of the Yankees, especially after our 116 win season in 2001 when we lost to you guys in the ALCS. I do have to admit, I don’t hate them like most non-yankee fans do. I like Jeter, Cano, and Tex but was disappointed to see A-Rod win a ring. Anyway, hopefully they will win for you today! I like the blog by the way, keep it up!

  10. gpearson17

    I just spent way too much time investigating who the 405 8-streakers picked today:

    C. Gonzalez: 85 picks
    Suzuki: 48
    Votto: 25
    M. Cabrera: 15
    H. Ramirez: 15
    R. Howard: 14
    A. Gonzalez: 11
    Byrd: 11 (my pick)
    Posada: 10

    A total of 83 PLAYERS (and 2 No Selections) were picked at least once by the top 405! I’m really surprised at how spread out this was.

  11. LaVolpe

    gpearson: I’m not. I think you will find that most of those picks have overly large AVG vs. the opposing pitcher, Ichiro an exception in this case. I think majority are playing the odds, simple as that. Regarding Ichiro, who has never seen his opposing pitcher (if I recall correctly), it’s a pick of faith.

  12. vinny1979

    @Lav, you are correct my good man. Ichiro hasn’t seen Carrasco yet but I think he won’t get a hit though.

    @baseballgirlie, can I have your email as I update the blog every day but this weekend and I email it to certain people only. Thank you very much for the kind words too.

  13. 00liber

    Once the streaks get a little higher I have a program that does all that calculating for you. It will be a daily post. I think that ill start Monday when streaks will be at 11.

    BTW Byrd just doubled in the 1rst. Congrats.


    • gpearson17

      Very cool, 00liber. Thanks. I’ve played BTS for several years, but I haven’t spent much time on the blog at all until this year. Lots of very useful info.

  14. 00liber

    @Vinny. You were right! None of the Rangers are going to get any hits tonight as the game has been rained out. LOL

  15. Vinny1979

    I had Kinsler for tomorrow but since that is now a DH thanks to the rainout tonight. I am now going with Cano.

  16. gpearson17

    Hanley Ramirez helped off the field after taking a hard slide at second. He finishes with an 0-3 — and another 15 8-streakers bite the dust.

  17. 00liber

    Col/PIt goes extras and CarGo lines out and Tulo gets a free pass. Not looking good for streakland.

  18. LaVolpe

    Streakland may have another breath of life. If PIT doesn’t score in bottom 10th, likely CarGon comes up again next inning.

  19. 00liber

    2nd extra inning AB for CarGo and he flies out to left now 0-6. Tulo follows him up with a pop out to 2nd now 0-4.

  20. LaVolpe

    Hard to imagine with 6 plate appearances for each CarGon & Tulo and they are both 0-fer. Can PIT win it? Maybe with a long ball, but removed Walker in a double switch. I wouldn’t be surprised to see those 2 get another AB each. CarGon pickers must be feeling destiny. But which destiny is it… streak+1 or back to zero? We’ll eventually find out 😉

  21. 00liber

    Wow. If Pit doesnt score in the bottom half of the 13th, then Cargo is due up 4th and Tulo 5th next inning.

  22. LaVolpe

    And its over.
    CarGon & Tulo pickers didn’t just get slapped in the face, they got sucker punched. Combined took out 13% of the field & over 3 pages of perfect streakers. CarGon entered the day with a 350 avg down to 269 in just one day! Oh BTW, McCutcheon no hits in 6 PA also

  23. gpearson17

    As of 12:30AM ET:

    Out of 405 people who started the day with 8-streaks…

    223 got a hit (9-streak)
    168 got an 0fer
    8 got a DNP (8-streak)
    6 still in play with 6 different west-coast picks

    No better than 229 players will have a 9-streak heading into Saturday. I’ve picked Miguel Montero for a chance at a 10-streak.

  24. 00liber

    I’m also owing with Miggy on Sat.
    Heads up for all… Texas/Baltimore will play a doubledip so if you’re gonna tale someone there they have to hit in BOTH games for your streak to continue 1 game.

  25. LaVolpe

    gpearson: GL at getting to double digits. But the higher you climb the harder the fall — same for all of us.

  26. champion_88

    Anyone know what the perfect picks are for the Dodgers/Padres game?

    This game might go on until 400 AM, so I would like to know if there are any picks to root for?

  27. champion_88

    Those freaking BUMS!

    I didn’t stay up until 440 AM to see a freaking suspended game.

    THANKS Padres’ officials!

    Way to get my hopes up that we were going to break the record tonight for latest finish, only to destroy them 38 minutes before the record.

    I was actually gonna root for the Padres all season if they had finished the game tonight to reward them for their perserverance, but now they can rot in the NL West cellar for all I care.


  28. gpearson17

    So the LAD/SD game was suspended, and I just read the rules. I see that people who picked Matt Kemp were credited with a hit. But suppose you picked Headley (0-2 thru 8 innings); that pick is still valid for the continued game tonight, right? And you could have a simultaneous pick for the Saturday games too, right?

  29. LaVolpe

    @gperarson: Correct. Though the picks are not really simultaneous. One is for yesterday and one for today. If Headley gets a hit and today’s pick does not, reset to zero. If Headley fails and today’s pick gets a hit, streak of one.

  30. LaVolpe

    ^^ I think Headley pickers were credited with a reset too. Just the way the system works. But if he does get a hit and their picks for today also hits. The system will tally the correct streak (i.e., still perfect, though showing reset as of right now).

  31. LaVolpe

    Champ88: I see you in the rearview ;). Get back on the board today.

    Others: Hmmm, Hanley well-picked today. I doubt he’ll be playing. 3rd most picked Pujols vs. M.Cain? That may end up being regrettable

  32. LaVolpe

    To all: FYI. Notice I changed my avatar. Not sure if it always shows up in all browsers, but if you wish to do something similar, go to, create an account and add your own avatar/image. Nice touch for this year’s blog IMO

  33. baseballgirlie13

    I stayed up for most of the Padres/Dodgers game as well but went to bed about an hour before they suspended it. That does suck that they waited so long and then chose to suspend it instead of doing it earlier, I didn’t think the game would get played but they kept coming back after each delay. Anyway, hoping Miggy will get me to 4. GL everyone!

  34. gpearson17

    Among the 223 “perfect” pickers (not including two players with pending picks in the suspended game):

    38: M. Cabrera
    31: I. Suzuki
    15: R. Cano (already has a hit)
    13: J. Votto
    7: A. Pujols!

    Four pickers, including me, went with M. Montero, and we’ll have to wait a long time to see the result!

    A total of 72 players were selected among the 9-streakers, and this time there aren’t any No Selections.

  35. LaVolpe

    And to piggyback on gpearson’s post. Here are the fields top picks. I know its early for the Top2500 & 00Liber will be posting it starting Monday, but there seems to be some interest, so here it is for today. Not sure about the formatting
    Pick, Times Picked, Percentage
    Miguel Cabrera, 422, 17.05
    Robinson Cano, 193, 7.8
    Ichiro Suzuki, 119, 4.81
    Albert Pujols, 106, 4.28
    Joey Votto, 75, 3.03
    Carlos Gonzalez, 71, 2.87
    Ryan Zimmerman, 59, 2.38
    Hanley Ramirez, 55, 2.22
    Ryan Howard, 52, 2.1
    Rajai Davis, 51, 2.06
    No Selection, 45, 1.82

  36. LaVolpe

    FYI> Perfect streakers that picked in the Tex/Bal double header. Today they may learn BTS rules the hard way?
    I.Kinsler x1
    J.Hamilton x4
    M.Young x1
    N.Cruz x2
    N.Markakis x1

  37. 00liber

    Thx LaV. I’m out of town for the weekend, otherwise I would’ve started today with the interest.

    Re: doubleheader, I’m hoping both Kins and Josh come thru big as I have them both on my fantasy team but knowing that ppl picked them I’m sure at least one of the guys picked will fall.

  38. Vinny1979

    Hey everybody. I am still in PA and so glad that Cano came through. Tomorrow I have Cabrera. Good luck to all and see u Monday.

  39. LaVolpe

    Safety in numbers? Nope. Miguel Cabrerra takes down a chunk of streakers. For the past 9 days, 5 of the 9 top picks have gone 0-fer.

  40. baseballgirlie13

    Well Miggy does it to me again. He was my biggest disappointment last year and it looks like that will continue this year. Starting fresh tomorrow and not sure who to go with.

  41. yanksgiantsdevils33

    Between Robinson Cano and Miguel Cabrera I took the wrong one. Miguel Cabrera goes O fer against Bruce Chen……. Bruce Chen, I must get warmed up! I’m taking Cano tomorrow.

  42. gpearson17

    And the more obscure pick of Miguel Montero gets me to ten! I know ten wouldn’t be a big deal mid-season, but it feels good to start the season this way.

  43. baseballgirlie13

    @gpearson-congrats on getting to 10. Actually that is no small feat. Getting to double digits is hard to do. I mean, think about it, you have to do that four more times plus another week on top of that to win so you should be happy. I’m pulling for you to keep it up. Who are you thinking of for tomorrow if you don’t mind me asking? Anyway, GL though and hopefully you can keep it going ;)!

  44. gpearson17

    I know there’s still a long way to go. Back in 2009, I had a 20+ streak, IIRC, and that seemed like forever.

    But I typically stall out somewhere around 3 to 5 in a row. I’m sure I’ll be back in that mode pretty soon. 😦

  45. gpearson17

    I just did something that I know will come back to haunt me: I changed tomorrow’s pick. I originally had Cabrera, but his numbers for Sunday are SO good they’re scary. But I tend to shy away from the really obvious pick in favor of a simply solid pick. So I’m switching to Billy Butler. I know I shouldn’t second guess myself like this — but here I am…

  46. LaVolpe

    gpearson: Once you start 2nd guessing, it doesn’t stop. Wonder how many times you’ll change your pick again b4 tomorrow’s lock? 🙂

  47. LaVolpe

    Very 1st post above made on Friday morning, I asked will this weekend be a runaway or train wreck. Looks like the train has jumped the tracks. Field resets Friday: 26.6% Saturday: 29.1%. And today’s Top2500 had over 1,000 reset! These numbers are not necessarily uncommon at beginning of the season, but quite large nonetheless.
    Will Sunday return to ‘normal’ or be another slaughter…

  48. LaVolpe

    And to drive the weekend reset numbers home. We started with 405 perfect streakers entering Friday. Sunday morning, 126 remain; nearly a 70% kill-off in just 2 days.
    Also we now have a 5-game separation between 1st page (10 gamers) and Top2500 last page (5 gamers).
    Crystal ball says today will be much better as long as Mi.Cabrerra, Cano & Ichiro don’t go 0-fer. I think they will be heavily picked today.

  49. champion_88

    I went with Matt Kemp of the Dodgers today.

    I will be out most of the day today at a little monster’s birthday party, but I will check the blog tonight.

  50. LaVolpe

    Per, notables sitting today for various reasons: Zimmerman, Maggs, Helton, Hanley, C.Gonzalez,

  51. LaVolpe

    Sunday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500, 196 batters picked overall
    Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
    Miguel Cabrera, 181, 7.24
    Ichiro Suzuki, 155, 6.2
    No Selection, 125, 5 (5x by perfect streakers!)
    Robinson Cano, 119, 4.76
    Howard Kendrick, 111, 4.44
    David Wright, 104, 4.16
    Albert Pujols, 98, 3.92
    Ryan Braun, 90, 3.6
    Troy Tulowitzki, 48, 1.92
    Placido Polanco, 46, 1.84
    Alex Rodriguez, 42, 1.68
    Billy Butler, 42, 1.68
    Andres Torres, 41, 1.64 (pinch hitter?)
    Carlos Gonzalez, 41, 1.64 (pinch hitter?)
    Joey Votto, 41, 1.64
    Highest “No Selection”: Pg#1 with streak of 10 back to zero.
    Saturday was horrific: 41% reset
    Bloggers Group Top2500
    UserName, Streak, Page#, Pick
    gpearson17, 10, pg2, B.Butler
    Jagx, 5, pg81, I.Suzuki
    LaVolpe, 5, pg82, J.Hamilton
    Nyy4life42, 5, pg83, R.Cano
    darwri, 5, pg100+, I.Suzuki
    gurpsing, 5, pg100+, B.Butler

  52. LaVolpe

    ^^ For those new to the Top2500 listing, it crunches stats for top picks of just the 100 standings pages, 25 players per page. Afterall, we don’t care about the entire field do we? It also includes the bloggers group members whose streaks are same as, or better than, the last streak on page 100. FYI, to quickly jump to any page in the Top2500 standings, simply change the ‘pg’ number in the URL shown by your browser.

  53. gpearson17

    Woo-hoo! Got my 11-streak with a Butler double. It’s funny, because I went to Butler U. and I’m a big Butler Bulldogs fan. So I’ve had a lot of Butlers to root for lately.

  54. gpearson17

    Out of the 126 perfect pickers (10-streakers), here are the top five picks:

    Suzuki: 20
    Mi. Cabrera: 16
    Kendrick: 8
    Cano: 6
    No Selection: 5

    No Selection is the fifth most popular pick! How does that happen?!

  55. baseballgirlie13

    Well Tulo got me a hit so I am back on the board with 1. I need to get past 3. This is already frustrating, haha!

  56. LaVolpe

    A bit interesting this year so far. Every day but that day we had just 6 games played, at least one extra inning game. Those probably saved a bunch of streakers by giving batters extra ABs.

  57. gpearson17

    Through everything except the late game, only 61 out of 126 streakers have advanced to an 11-streak. Another 13 have a player in tonight’s game. Cano has the most with six picks, but four of them have picked A-Rod, who isn’t even starting.

  58. LaVolpe

    Cano better get his hit early. With Granderson protecting him, BOS may pitch around Cano at crunch time. FYI> A-Rod out due to flu-like symptoms.

  59. LaVolpe

    @00Liber. Here’s Sunday’s Top2500 results should you want to include with your posting tomorrow: 36.92% resets

  60. baseballgirlie13

    Wow, Congrats to Cano pickers today. He got one of the Yankees 2 hits. A little of people will sleep better tonight, haha. Going with Byrd tomorrow as I think the Cubs will get a lot of hits.

  61. 00liber

    @LaV thx. I hopefully will have a couple minutes to run the top2500 at lunchtime that way I get the early game. Post will be up at approx 630pm est. ( we’re busier at work today then I originally thought we were going to be)

    I’m going with Josh today.

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