Beat the Streak Report: Tuesday, April 26

Only two Streakers remain above the Ethier line, as Kiss and cleopatravijal each extended their season-high streaks to 23 games last night. Kiss did it with a little help from Andre himself — not a bad strategy these days — while Michael Young‘s 2-for-4 effort earned Miss cleo at least a few more seconds atop the bucking bronco known as BTS.

Elsewhere, A-Rod‘s seventh-inning single finally broke up Phil Humber‘s no-no bid and allowed 11.1 percent of all Streakers to stop frantically refreshing Gameday every three seconds. Please send any thank you notes, cheese baskets or other tokens of gratitude our way, and we’ll be sure to pass them along to Mr. Rodriguez. Well, no guarantees on the cheese. Especially if there’s smoked gouda involved.

Robinson Cano, who slotted behind A-Rod both in the Yankees lineup and yesterday’s BTS popularity contest, sent 8.9 percent of all Streakers over the 0-for-3 waterfall. The drop may be scary, but the landing in zero-game lagoon is softer than you think.

Tuesday’s picks

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Oh, hello there …

Shin-Soo Choo.600 AVG (12-for-20) since ’06 vs. Royals starter Luke Hochevar

Miguel Cabrera.500 AVG (7-for-14) since ’06 vs. Mariners starter Felix Hernandez

Dan Uggla.474 AVG (9-for-19) since ’06 vs. Padres starter Aaron Harang

Brian McCann: .400 AVG (6-for-15) since ’06 vs. Padres starter Aaron Harang

Brian Roberts: .389 AVG (7-for-19) since ’06 vs. Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz

Feeling kinda spicy?

Casey Blake.571 AVG (4-for-7) since ’06 vs. Marlins starter Chris Volstad

You’ll thank me later …

Nick Markakis: .100 AVG (2-for-20) since ’06 vs. Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz

• Robinson Cano: .077 AVG (1-for-13) since ’06 vs. White Sox starter Gavin Floyd

Magglio Ordonez: .167 AVG (3-for-18) since ’06 vs. Mariners starter Felix Hernandez

Billy Butler: .176 AVG (3-for-17) since ’06 vs. Indians starter Justin Masterson

Leaderboard time!

Is Kiss a lipstick designer? A huge Gene Simmons fan? Possibly the real Gene Simmons? Make it another two weeks or so and we can all find out. Personally, we’re rooting for anything but lipstick designer.

Top MLB streakers

Andre Ethier22 games

Alex Gordon18 games

Michael Young: 15 games

Jeff Francoeur: 14 games

Johnny Damon: 13 games

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  1. gpearson17

    There’s at least a slight rain chance in almost every outdoor game today. But the most serious rain chances (50%+) are for KC/CLE (80%), SEA/DET (80%), and SF/PIT (50%).

    • gpearson17

      TB/MIN PPD by rain (DH on Thursday). I missed that game in my first rundown because it’s listed as a 4/27 game played at midnight on I was looking for 4/26 games.

  2. yanksgiantsdevils33

    I’m taking Albert Pujols today against the Astros. Statistically I have made a bad pick since Albert is only 4/17 (.235) against Norris but I feel good about him coming through today.

    • LaVolpe

      I’m going in that game too. But Pujols will be sitting today (hamstring). Holliday is my pick since I expect him to bat 3rd with Lance as protection. If that changes, so does my pick

      • LaVolpe

        That Pujols tip is a freebie today. In the future I won’t be posting players not playing any longer; though others may. I think if it is important to someone, they would simply open or other easy sources and spend 2 minutes looking thru the site. Best time to do this is about 1/2 hour before picks lock. rotoworld, dailybaseballdata, baseball-reference and other sites have been posted in the blogs quite often this year. Hint, hint.

      • yanksgiantsdevils33

        Thanks for the tip, I just checked rotoworld my self to find Pujols name on the long list of injuries. I’m switching to Ichiro Suzuki who is 3/7 (.429) against Phil Coke and I bookmarked

      • champion_88

        Eh, you might as well keep posting the stuff.

        Think of it this way.

        Say you have 5 or 6 players you are deciding between on a wide-open day and want to use health as a variable to narrow the field.

        Is it very practical to do 20-24 ((5-6) * 4) searches every hour to see if an injury has been updated?

    • LaVolpe

      Ummm. Backing off the HOU game unless I decide on a lefty instead, like Berkman/Rasmus/Jay. Righties hitting just .045 against him while lefties are killing him. I’ll look for a more favorable matchup IMO. Still have a few minutes.

  3. baseballgirlie13

    I’m going with Ichiro as well, but hoping the bad weather stays away until after the game or the tail end of it. I think Ichiro will hit in his first or second at bat. He hits lefties well and he had two hits off Coke last week so here’s hoping for more success against him.

  4. Dodgerlu

    I switched from Holliday to Rasmus at the last second because of the whole .045 right-handed hitting thing, a gut thing.

  5. 00liber

    LaV’s List
    Tuesday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500,
    148 Batters picked overall
    Pick, Times Picked, Percentage
    Matt Kemp 356 14.24 (3RD)
    Matt Holliday 250 10 (3RD)
    Miguel Cabrera 240 9.6
    Shin-Soo Choo 159 6.36
    Troy Tulowitzki 148 5.92
    Andre Ethier 144 5.76
    Ichiro Suzuki 137 5.48
    Joey Votto 81 3.24 (LEADER)
    Ryan Braun 79 3.16
    No Selection 43 1.72
    Starlin Castro 42 1.68
    Robinson Cano 39 1.56
    Jose Bautista 16 0.64 (LEADER)
    Victor Martinez 1 0.04 (3RD) STILL PICKING DL

    Batter, Times Picked, Percentage

    Highest “No Selection” 😛 pg# 2 with streak of 18 back to zero.
    Yesterday’s Top2500 Reset rate was 31.56% with ROBBIE CANO reseting the most.

    Got Pinched OR 1 AB Wonders
    TOP2500 saved or reset by PHA (going to include any pinch hitters, 1 AB or More but not walks)
    E Chavez NYY, SAVED 4, highest was 12gamer
    H Ramirez FLA, SAVED 6, highest was 15gamer
    R Gload PHI, RESET 1, 9 gamer

    Bloggers Group Top2500
    UserName, Streak, Page#, Rank, Pick
    ‘www.jew, 17, pg 3, 29, ETHIER (PICKED 144X) GOOD
    Dodgerlu, 12, pg 16, 389, RASMUS (PICKED 8X)
    Jagx, 12, pg 16, 389, ICHIRO (PICKED 137X) GOOD
    levinc, 9, pg 65, 1186, BERKMAN (PICKED 33X) GOOD
    trixiewright, 9, pg 74, 1186, ICHIRO (PICKED 137X) GOOD
    backrubs, 8, pg 82, 1874, MIGGY (PICKED 240X) GOOD

    Bloggers Reset Yesterday
    darwi, RESET BY JETER
    GL to all

  6. schenk015

    though polanco’s 1st inning single should have been ruled an error I’ll take it as it brings my streak up to 4.

  7. LaVolpe

    Wonder if we’ll see Pujols this inning if no runs score? Pitcher due up next and at worse, 2 outs, man on 2nd.

    • LaVolpe

      Guess not. Bringing in the rookie Hamilton to try to get the Cards the lead in the 8th. Pujols may be hurting more than they are letting on?

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