Beat the Streak Report: Monday, May 9

Today’s word, Streakers, is CHALLENGE.

… As in, America has never faced one she couldn’t overcome.

… As in, I bet you can’t eat those six hot dogs in two minutes.

… As in, the BTS Report is throwing down its red, white and blue batting glove and preparing for fisticuffs.

In the far corner: Mr. Stephen Colbert — host of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report, self-proclaimed leader of Colbert Nation, 2008 presidential candidate and inspiration for one of the most American substances to ever grace a 473-milliliter carton.

Here’s the deal, Steve-O: Starting today, we’ll be making a daily Colbert Challenge pick — one player per day who we’d risk all our marbles, pogs and Pokemon cards on. You do the same. We’ll go head to head for seven days, resetting every Monday.

Can you beat us? Unlikely. But just to make things interesting, we’re offering up a little incentive. Post a better record over any one week, and the keys  to the social media juggernaut known as @MLB are yours for a day.

Seven days, seven picks, Colbert. You beat us, and you get 24 hours with @MLB‘s 1.2 million followers. You want to tweet about baseball? Go ahead. You want to tweet about politics? Be our guest. You want to tweet out Thor 3D spoliers? Well, start making picks.

We’re locking in Andre Ethier for today. Streakers, encourage Stephen to make his pick known before lock time at 7 p.m.

Monday’s picks:

(Make a BTS pick)

Oh, hello there … 

Hunter Pence: .444 (4-for-9) since ’06 vs. Reds starter Travis Wood

Todd Helton: .429 (6-for-14) since ’06 vs. Mets starter Chris Capuano

Kevin Youkilis: .400 (4-for-10) since ’06 vs. Twins starter Nick Blackburn

Placido Polanco: .367 (11-for-30) since ’06 vs. Marlins starter Javier Vazquez

Feeling kinda spicy?

Kevin Kouzmanoff: .429 3-for-7) since ’06 vs. Rangers starter C.J. Wilson

You’ll thank me later … 

Paul Konerko: .100 (2-for-20) since ’06 vs. Angels start Ervin Santana

Howard Kendrick: .077 (1-for-13) since ’06 vs. White Sox starter Edwin Jackson

Bobby Abreu: .161 (5-for-31) since ’06 vs. White Sox starter Edwin Jackson

Julio Borbon: .136 (3-for-22) since ’06 vs. A’s starter Trevor Cahill

Leaderboard time!

Jmtribe begins this week as king of the castle with 28 games under their belt. One more day to get over the half-way hump, buddy. You might be able to do it!

Top MLB streakers 

Jacoby Ellsbury: 17 games

Ben Zobrist: 14 games

Hunter Pence: 12 games

Shane Victorino: 11 games

(Make a BTS pick)


  1. LaVolpe

    Only 9 games today and in 3 more days, only 7 games. This could be a week of plenitude or pittance. With the large reset rates over the past few days, I wonder how many would have picked DL players to get past these low-game-count days? Well, I’m at a streak of uno as a vast amount of you are, so I won’t be playing it safe. GL to all except those at the top 😉

  2. yanksgiantsdevils33

    I took Placido Polanco to get to 14.
    Highest no selection is on page 2 with a streak of 17 now going back to 0.

  3. 00liber

    LaV’s List
    Monday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500,
    122 Batters picked overall
    Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
    Placido Polanco 464 18.75
    Andre Ethier 308 12.44 (2ND)
    Troy Tulowitzki 171 6.91 (2ND)(5TH)
    Dustin Pedroia 98 3.96
    Adrian Gonzalez 92 3.72
    Jacoby Ellsbury 84 3.39
    Todd Helton 63 2.55
    Joey Votto 63 2.55
    Adam Lind 59 2.38
    Gaby Sanchez 54 2.18
    Matt Kemp 44 1.78 (2ND)(5TH)
    Kevin Youkilis 44 1.78
    No Selection 40 1.62
    Miguel Cabrera 27 1.09 (1RST)

    Highest “No Selection” 😛 pg# 2 with streak of 17 back to zero.
    Yesterday’s Top2500 Reset rate was 29.11% with Lance Berkman reseting the most.

    Got Pinched OR 1 AB Wonders
    TOP2500 saved or reset by PHA (going to include any pinch hitters and/or double switch, 1 AB or More)
    C Beltran NYM, RESET 3, Highest was 15 gamer
    B DeWitt LAD, RESET 1, was 9 gamer
    E Nunez NYY, RESET 1, was 6 gamer
    M Aviles KC, RESET 1, was 8 gamer
    R Tosoni MIN, RESET 1, was 9 gamer
    A Sanchez HOU, SAVED 4, Highest was 11 gamer
    T Hunter LAA, RESET 1 (came in def, 1AB) was 8 gamer

    Bloggers Group Top2500
    UserName, Streak, Page#, Rank, Pick
    yanksgiantsdevils33, 13, pg 9, 204, Polanco (PICKED 464X)
    gurpsing, 12, pg 16, 310, Hunter Pence (PICKED 39X)
    tolvar, 11 pg 20, 461, Ethier (PICKED 308X)
    forcook, 11, pg 22, 461, Polanco (PICKED 464X)
    BLACKHAWKS, 7, pg 67, 1532, Prince Fielder (PICKED 6X)
    Bloggers Reset Yesterday
    GL to all


  4. LaVolpe

    And with Miggy’s groundout (0-4 1 BB), we’ll have a pair of new leaders atop the leader board tomorrow, unless DET gets 4 extra batters to the plate in the 9th to give him 1 more AB. Score is 10-2.

  5. LaVolpe

    Well Dave, in your challenge to Stephen Colbert, at least you went outside your top 5 picks (spicy one too) for today: Crushin’ Russian didn’t play. Polanco & Hunter hit, Youk & Helton did not. Though your “you’ll thank me later” picks were golden…. Howie came in game in 5th & will get just 1 AB. But the other 3 picks all got hits within 1st 2 ABs.
    For your contest you may want to rely heavily on the lefty, i..e, Ethier, Ichiro, Cano, Votto, Damon?

    • LaVolpe

      Yep, LAA losing big, so will bat in 9th. Needs just 1 extra hitter now for another AB (0-1). Only 13 of the Top2500 picked him, but those 13 are crossing some fingers right about now.

  6. LaVolpe

    BTS gods were merciful today, for a change. The ex-leader would disagree. And if it weren’t for extras in BOS, Pedroia would have been 0-fer.

  7. champion_88

    Also, LaVolpe, did you find any free/pay sites where I could find the double/triple splits I was looking for?

    If not, is it possible for you to write a program that would glean every AB for every active MLB player from the database and sort it that way?

    • LaVolpe

      1. In order to write such a program, one would need access to all those details. Granted I could write something that would parse all the gameday accounts and build a mini database of sorts. But I wouldn’t do that for several reasons: a) extremely time consuming to download that information and b) MLB would probably ban me from their servers for hitting their site too often and too fast.
      2. As for custom query sites, enter the following in google and take a look at some of the hits you get. I’ll leave it to you to do the testing of those sites. Here’s the google search terms: mlb stats custom query

  8. yanksgiantsdevils33

    Ultimate success game-days (USGD): On an USGD, all 15 selections get hits or 14 out of 15 get hits and the 1 who doesn’t is a pause.
    Semi Ultimate success days (SUSGD): On a SUSGD, at least 14 of the top 15 most selected players must get a hit or pause. A SUSGD will occur on any game day that fits the SUSGD rules but not the USGD rules. IF there is exactly 1 O fer and/or 2 or more pauses in the top 15 that game day is a SUSGD.
    Super success game-days (SSGD): On a SSGD, 12 or 13 of the top 15 most selected picks must get a hit or pause. If there are exactly 2 or 3 O fers in the Top 15, that makes for a SSGD.

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