Beat the Streak Report: Weekend, May 13-15

Happy Hollidays to the 17.4 percent of you who rolled with Cardinals outfielder Matt last night, as he victimized Cubs starter Casey Coleman for  a second-inning long ball and then added a single off reliever Justin Berg for good measure.

You know, just in case our system didn’t register the dinger or something. Don’t worry, Matt, we’re on top of it. Spread those knocks out and you’ll make a lot of friends around here.

Current leader thesantos2006 opted for Holliday’s teammate Albert Pujols, and received a sixth-inning single to push his streak to 28 games.

Best of luck to you over the weekend, Mr. Santos — or is it Mr. Thesantos? You’re one day from crossing over the halfway mark to $5.6 million and just two correct selections from tying our season leader. Oh, and one incorrect pick from winning absolutely nothing. No pressure, though.

Friday bonus video: Hey look, it’s that guy who wrote the BTS Report last year!


Friday’s picks:

(Make a BTS pick)

Oh, hello there …

Robinson Cano: .529 AVG (9-for-17) since ’06 vs. Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz

• Miguel Cabrera: .500 AVG (10-for-20) since ’06 vs. Royals starter Luke Hochevar

• Denard Span: .500 AVG (7-for-14) since ’06 vs. Blue Jays starter Ricky Romero

Feeling kinda spicy?

Ian Desmond: .611 AVG (11-for-18) since ’06 vs. Marlins starter Chris Volstad

You’ll thank me later …

Jayson Werth: .083 AVG (2-for-24) since ’06 vs. Marlins starter Chris Volstad

Jose Bautista: .150 AVG (2-for-13) since ’06 vs. Twins starter Brian Duensing

Saturday’s picks:

(Make a BTS pick)

Oh, hello there …

• Adrian Beltre: .464 AVG (13-for-28) since ’06 vs. Angels starter Dan Haren

Ryan Theriot: .393 AVG (11-for-28) since ’06 vs. Red starter Johnny Cueto

• Chris Coghlan: .500 AVG (7-for-14) since ’06 vs. Nationals starter Livan Hernandez

Feeling kinda spicy?

B.J. Upton: .538 AVG (7-for-13) since ’06 vs. Orioles starter Brad Bergesen

You’ll thank me later …

Mark Teixeira: .194 AVG (7-for-36) since ’06 vs. Red Sox starter Josh Beckett

Jimmy Rollins: .172 AVG (5-for-29) since ’06 vs. Braves starter Jair Jurrjens

Sunday’s picks:

(Make a BTS pick)

Oh, hello there …

 Brian McCann: .462 AVG (6-for-13) since ’06 vs. Phillies starter Roy Halladay

Johnny Peralta: .455 AVG (10-for-22) since ’06 vs. Royals starter Kyle Davies

Hanley Ramirez: .400 AVG (8-for-20) since ’06 vs. Nationals stater Jason Marquis

Feeling kinda spicy?

Ivan Rodriguez: .600 AVG (9-for-15) since ’06 vs. Marlins starter Javier Vazquez

You’ll thank me later …

• Martin Prado: .077 AVG (1-for-13) since ’06 vs. Phillies starter Roy Halladay

Mark Teixeira: .167 AVG (4-for-24) since ’06 vs. Red Sox starter Jon Lester

Top MLB streakers 

Hunter Pence: 15 games

Shane Victorino: 14 games

Marlon Byrd: 13 games

Brian McCann:  12 games

Carl Crawford: 11 games

Victor Martinez:  11 games


Weekends in BTS are rarely fruitful for the masses; just seems to work out that way. The number of 20+ streakers has grown considerably since last weekend. We have 64 entering today trying to get to or stay at 20+.
For the entire weekend, there are 126 streakers that are at 17+ games right now. Some of those 17-gamers will be at 20 come Monday morning. Of those 126 potentials, how many will start the new week out as 20+ gamers? That result will give you and indication of the relative fruitfulness of the weekend.

So why did Dave quit writing the blog this year?

What is the name of this new guy?

I went with Matt Joyce of the Rays today.

LaV’s List
Friday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500,
138 Batters picked overall
Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
Miguel Cabrera 590 23.6
Andre Ethier 178 7.12 (1rst)(2nd)
Robinson Cano 162 6.48
Adrian Gonzalez 118 4.72
Ichiro Suzuki 85 3.4
Ryan Braun 85 3.4
B.J. Upton 78 3.12
No Selection 68 2.72
Denard Span 67 2.68
Asdrubal Cabrra 17 0.68 (3rd)

Highest “No Selection” 😛 pg# 4 with streak of 18 back to zero.
Yesterday’s Top2500 Reset rate was 16.79% with VLADDY reseting the most.
There was also 23.94% PPD due to players not playing OR rain, These streakers do not reset, but did not increase either.

Got Pinched OR 1 AB Wonders
TOP2500 saved or reset by PHA (going to include any pinch hitters and/or double switch, 1 AB or More)
L Scott, RESET 3, 11,9,8 GAMERS
C Young ARI, SAVED 1, 12 GAMER

Bloggers Group Top2500
UserName, Streak, Page#, Rank, Pick
gurpsing, 16, pg 7, 126, A Cabrera (PICKED 17X)
forcook, 14, pg 13, 277, A Gonzalez (PICKED 118X)
BLACKHAWKS, 11, pg 26, 624, C Beltran (PICKED 8X)
Dave55, 8, pg 94, 2065, A Cabrera (PICKED 17X)
mreck13, 8, pg 100+, 2065, B Zobrist (PICKED 32X)
Bloggers Reset Yesterday

GL to all


A lot of eggs in just one Miggy basket. Hmmm, mouth-watering

🙂 What? Bautista is batting less than 200 against himself? How is that possible? I’d think he should know what’s being thrown! I didn’t even know he was also a Blue Jays starter. A typo obviously on Dave’s part in the “you’ll thank me later section” for Friday. Bautista is facing Pavano today.

” Jose Bautista: .150 AVG (2-for-13) since ’06 vs. Blue Jays starter Jose Bautista”

lol, maybe it’s like the Angels, who after only a few months had generated another Francisco Rodriguez to put back in their bullpen.

2-Run HR by Joyce in the 2nd! Onto 6!

I’ll be joining you on that #6 train, departing for #7 tomorrow. Kemp doubled on 3rd PA.

Definitely my best offensive streak this season:
HR x2, 3B x1, 2B x3, 1B x6
Up to 329 for the season & 375 this month

Cano just got hit by a pitch. 😦 😦 😦 This is two straight days that my pick has been hit by a pitch in their last plate appearance ending my last chance at a hit and of course my hitting power which was luke warm in the first place has gone out with 3 straight O fers. I have not had a 2 hits or more game since April 30. 😦 😦 😦

Check the weather reports for Saturday: STL/CIN & KC/DET

WX changing: KC/DET looks good ‘nuf, STL/CIN & SF/CHC not so good

@LaVolpe: I am hitting .458 or 11 for 24 during my 6-game hitting streak.

That brings my batting average back to respectibility: .274 or 43 for 157.

Slightly better on my side: 12 of 25 for past 6 games. I like Miggy’s numbers today.

Well you certainly made the most of your extra AB!

Is the Top 2500 going up soon?

Yes. im just trying to get ready for a wedding we have today.

00Liber hasn’t chimed in today yet. I pulled the data. If Mark doesn’t let us know he’s active today, I’ll post it top of the hour

Ignore last post of mine 🙂 What timing!

I went with Erick Aybar of the Angels today.

Within our group, 6 of us boarded #6 train to #7. Three departed the train early (2 at FLA & 1 at TB). The LAD passenger on the train is hoping its a direct line, no stops.

LaV’s List
Saturday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500,
133 Batters picked overall
Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
Ryan Braun 309 12.36
Ichiro Suzuki 174 6.96
Adrian Beltre 126 5.04
Miguel Cabrera 123 4.92
Chris Coghlan 117 4.68
Matt Holliday 87 3.48
Martin Prado 84 3.36 (3rd)
Andre Ethier 70 2.8 (2nd)
Gaby Sanchez 68 2.72 (1rst)
No Selection 68 2.72

Highest “No Selection” 😛 pg# 8 with streak of 16 back to zero.
Yesterday’s Top2500 Reset rate was 20.28% with ROBBIE CANO reseting the most.
There was also 7.16% PPD due to players not playing ,These streakers do not reset, but did not increase either.

Got Pinched OR 1 AB Wonders
TOP2500 saved or reset by PHA (going to include any pinch hitters and/or double switch, 1 AB or More)
M Montero ARI, SAVED 1, 9 GAMER
D Fowler COL, SAVED 1, 18 GAMER
J Heyward ATL, 11, PR, (NO EFFECT) highest was 13 GAMER

Bloggers Group Top2500
UserName, Streak, Page#, Rank, Pick
gurpsing, 17, pg 6, 99, PRADO (PICKED 84X)
forcook, 15, pg 11, 219, HOLLIDAY (PICKED 87X)
BLACKHAWKS, 12, pg 20, 489, BRAUN (PICKED 309X)
Dave55, 9, pg 71, 1619, AYBAR (PICKED 52X)
mreck13, 9, pg 97, 1619, JOYCE (PICKED 56X)
Bloggers Reset Yesterday
GL to all

Mark, is “1rst” a Canadian thing, like Zed? Your country’s southern neighbor uses “1st”. Just curious.

Eh? Lol. Must be.

During my 20 year stint in the USAF, I was assigned to NATO. There, I supervised a CAF member and I quickly learned about zed, but don’t recall 1rst

and Prado is already good with a HR.

Next time you get reset, you’ll have to post ahead of time your following pick. Your ability to pick 1st AB hits after a reset is impressive.

Thx for Rubbing it in. Lol. GL to the rest of you waiting.

Matt Holliday doubled in the 7th, I’m back on the board! 🙂

Aybar’s 7th-inning single pushes me to 7!

At the risk of letting LaVolpe pass me in “The Bloggers” group, I am picking Adam Lind today to pause, as I have ABSOLUTELY no idea who to pick for today.

Every hitter seems to either hit .220 during the day or facing a pitcher who only gives up a .190 average during the day or is going to get rained out.

There are some middling picks I would go with if I were at 0 or 1, but I am not going to risk my season-high hitting streak on such a low-quality pick.

I thought about just going with Ichiro when all else fails, but he is another hitter way under .200 during the day.

You still have a couple hours before games lock. Re-check weather forecasts. There are some good picks today. I agree with not risking if you are absolutely uncomfortable. My recent rule I set for myself is research 2 picks. If both look to not be playing for whatever reason, abort vs. trusting a coin flip pick.

Anyone, from that area, know if that game will play? WX shows rain all day, varying intensity.

Well I had 2 choices for today: Victor Martinez and Alberto Callaspo.

I was afraid of going with Victor Martinez because of the “100% chance of showers” forecast.

I thought they would play, but was worried about a rain-shortened game and they had officially called it before I got off the computer anyway.

For Callaspo, I had seen at RotoWorld that the last time Callaspo was rested, was against a lefty, and the Angels were facing lefty C.J. Wilson today.

With a 335 start, I knew I would not be able to see the lineups in time.

And Ichiro ended up raining out too, so the “all else fails” pick would have ended in the same result anyway.

For your 2nd reply, which game were you referring to.

Had V-mart locked in but I see that game has been killed. Going with holiday. GL all

Was just about to post the exact same thing!

Anyone, from that area, know if STL/CIN game will play? WX shows rain all day, varying intensity

For me, it doesn’t really matter. Though I like Votto’s & Holliday’s #s in this game, too many variables… Rain, winner takes 1st place in division, manager intervention on pitch selection, animosity btwn teams, and pitchers focusing harder. I will gladly pick in a game without all that drama.

That line of reasoning is sort of what killed my other 2nd-string picks: Jacoby Ellsbury and Curtis Granderson.

Today, it definitely worked for me. I would have picked Votto over Holliday, but didn’t want the added risk as mentioned above. So I opted for Bautista who had a 3-HR day.

LaV’s List
Sunday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500,
153 Batters picked overall
Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
Victor Martinez 379 15.31 PPD
Matt Holliday 214 8.65
Michael Young 120 4.85 (1RST)
Albert Pujols 102 4.12
Howard Kendrick 89 3.6
Andre Ethier 85 3.43 (2ND)
Jose Reyes 83 3.35
Adrian Gonzalez 82 3.31
Joey Votto 76 3.07
Ichiro Suzuki 74 2.99 (4TH)
Miguel Cabrera 72 2.91 (2ND)PPD
Brett Gardner 65 2.63
Paul Konerko 64 2.59
Highest “No Selection” 😛 pg# 6 with streak of 17 back to zero.
Yesterday’s Top2500 Reset rate was 29.6% with Chris Coghlan reseting the most.
There was also 17.6% PPD due to players not playing ,These streakers do not reset, but did not increase either.

Got Pinched OR 1 AB Wonders
TOP2500 saved or reset by PHA (going to include any pinch hitters and/or double switch, 1 AB or More)
A Amezenga COL, RESET 1, 9 GAMER
J Heyward ATL, 13, DEF SWICTH, (NO EFFECT) highest was 14 GAMER

Bloggers Group Top2500
UserName, Streak, Page#, Rank, Pick
gurpsing, 18, pg 4, 63, Hanley Ramirez (PICKED 22X)
forcook, 17, pg 7, 154, Matt Holliday (PICKED 214X)
BLACKHAWKS, 13, pg 13, 319, Derek Jeter (PICKED 19X)
Dave55, 10, pg 46, 1078, Matt Holliday (PICKED 214X)
gamara21, 9, pg,89 1761, Albert Pujols (PICKED 102X)
Bloggers Reset Yesterday
mreck13, 9, RESET by JOYCE
GL to all


@Champ88. Hopefully your no-pick doesn’t backfire on you. Per the game preview, Lind expects to be in lineup tomorrow. If that’s true, it is possible he pinches today if needed; he is not scratched from the lineup & is on the bench. You may want to follow that game?

Unless MIN can come back with some serious offense, you won’t have to worry about a pinch hit late in the game. Score is 6-0 in the 3rd.

Well the quote said, “All I can say is not right now” and that quote was from late last night, so I figured there was no possible way he could play today.

I see a couple of my thoughts came through: Paul Konerko and Alberto Callaspo, but there were a LOT of picks today I was considering that failed, so the success rate was FAR under even league average, so I think I made the right choice.

Usually when making a pick, I go through everything before I fully decide on it and see if I can give myself a good “excuse” as to why I used that pick and I could not do that for Konerko with all the walks he gets.

I’d say you’re right. With the rain outs, about 25% of Top2500 sat idle today for that reason, leaving a little less than 75% playing (some picked DLs). As of right now, 3 games still remaining, we have just over 30% of entire Top2500 reset. That breaks down to over 40%-reset of those that did not sit idle.

I took Pujols today and guess what happened? another last AB Hit……………………………………… by Pitch! I’m under a jinx! 😦 😦 😦

Hmmm. The bloggers group Top2500 just about completely wiped out. Only 1 of 5 remaining.

With Jeter’s 0-fer, all 5 of our “bloggers group” Top2500 fell

BTS gods demanded sacrifice today and lots of it. As mentioned earlier, about 75% of the Top2500 played while 25% rained out. By my estimates (give or take 2%), there was a 55% reset among those 75% that played. That’s huge, a leader board cleansing event. Needed a streak of 9 to get on the Top2500 this morning, that’ll drop!

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