Beat the Streak Report: Weekend, May 20-22

Big news, Streakers. Big.

Numero uno: Home Run Beat the Streak is back!

Pick one dude per day who you think is going to do some yardwork. String together the season’s longest streak (at least 11 games) and compete to win 10 grand.

It’s easy, it’s fun and you could someday be mentioned in the same sentence as Kevin Mench. What’s not to love?

Numero dos: Season Stats

Time to put away the notebooks and the calculators, Streakers. We’re officially rolling out a mind-meltingly awesome new BTS Season Stats page for your perusing pleasure.

Want to know the batting average of your Streak picks this season? How about over the last month, or 10 days?

Well now you can.

There’s also a record of your longest Streaks (and who ended them), as well as a breakdown of your most frequent picks this season and how they’ve fared.

So next time Carlos Gonzalez ends your precious two-gamer and you’re wondering just how many times he’s stymied your attempts to summit Mt. Three Games, you know exactly where to to find out.


Friday’s picks:

(Make a BTS pick)

Oh, hello there …

Ryan Braun: .500 AVG (4-for-8) since ’06 vs. Rockies starter Jason Hammel

• Lyle Overbay: .444 AVG (4-for-9) since ’06 vs. Tigers starter Brad Penny

Carlos Lee: .400 AVG (4-for-10) since ’06 vs. Blue Jays starter Jo-Jo Reyes

Feeling kinda spicy?

Jorge Cantu: .467 AVG (7-for-15) since ’06 vs. Mariners starter Erik Bedard

You’ll thank me later …

Michael Young: .182 AVG (4-for-22) since ’06 vs. Phillies starter Roy Halladay

Prince Fielder: .143 AVG (1-for-7) since ’06 vs. Rockies starter Jason Hammel

Saturday’s picks:

(Make a BTS pick)

Oh, hello there …

Russell Martin: .636 AVG (7-for-11) since ’06 vs. Mets starter Chris Capuano

Ian Kinsler: .450 AVG (9-for-20) since ’06 vs. Phillies starter Cliff Lee

• Adam Jones.400 AVG (4-for-10) since ’06 vs. Nationals starter John Lannan

Feeling kinda spicy?

John Buck: .500 AVG (4-for-8) since ’06 vs. Rays starter David Price

You’ll thank me later …

Evan Longoria: .167 AVG (2-for-12) since ’06 vs. Marlins starter Javier Vazquez

Adrian Gonzalez: .200 AVG (3-for-15) since ’06 vs. Cubs starter Carlos Zambrano

Sunday’s picks:

(Make a BTS pick)

Oh, hello there …

• Rickie Weeks: .750 AVG (6-for-8) since ’06 vs. Rockies starter Ubaldo Jimenez

Chris Coghlan: .625 AVG (5-for-8) since ’06 vs. Rays starter James Shields

• Marlon Byrd: .500 AVG (4-for-8) since ’06 vs. Cubs starter Marlon Byrd

Feeling kinda spicy?

Conor Jackson: .500 AVG (9-for-18) since ’06 vs. Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez

You’ll thank me later …

Jose Bautista: .083 AVG (1-for-12) since ’06 vs. Astros starter Wandy Rodriguez

• Troy Tulowitzki: .188 AVG (3-for-16) since ’06 vs. Brewers starter Randy Wolf

Leaderboard Time

Robinson Cano powered buddycrise to 30 games last night, tying him for the BTS season lead. Hey buddy, how many times have you picked Cano this season? You’re not sure? Check your Season Stats!

Top MLB streakers 

Austin Jackson:  11 games

Asdrubal Cabrera: 10 games

Corey Hart: 10 games

Corey Patterson: 10 games

Brandon Phillips: 10 games

(Make a BTS pick)


@ Ian. That season stats section is a nice touch. But pass to your web gurus that it requires a refresh to get accurate stats.
For example, bringing up the season stats, here is my streak rate:
21/32 (66%) 16/21 (76%) 3/6 (50%)
After refreshing & now correct:
37/48 (77%) 22/27 (81%) 7/8 (88%)
This not a 1-time thing. Happens every time I bring that page up. Requires a refresh to get it right

@Ian, Sunday’s picks you have Marlon Byrd 4-8 vs cubs starter Marlon Byrd.

Highest no selection is on page 9 with a streak of 13, back to 0.

LaV’s List
Friday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500,
155 Batters picked overall
Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
Ryan Braun 395 15.96
Jose Bautista 227 9.17
Ichiro Suzuki 171 6.91
Robinson Cano 145 5.86 (1RST)
Alex Rodriguez 109 4.4
Joey Votto 109 4.4
Matt Holliday 105 4.24
Victor Martinez 99 4
Todd Helton 68 2.75
Adrian Gonzalez 35 1.41 (2ND)
Asdrbal Cabrera 22 0.89 (3RD)
No Selection 20 0.81

Highest “No Selection” 😛 pg# 9 with streak of 13 back to zero.
Yesterday’s Top2500 Reset rate was 22.21% with GABY SANCHEZ reseting the most.
There was also 24.39% PPD due to players not playing. These streakers do not reset, but did not increase either.

Got Pinched OR 1 AB Wonders
TOP2500 saved or reset by PHA (going to include any pinch hitters and/or double switch, 1 AB or More)
D Stubbs CIN, RESET 2, 10, 9 gamers
E Bonifacio FLA, RESET 3, 10, 10, 9 gamers
M Napoli TEX, RESET 1, DEF SWITCH was 11 gamer
C Gomez MIL, RESET 1, DEF SWITCH was 11 gamer
W Venable SD, RESET 1 was 9 gamer
C Jackson, RESET 1 was 9 gamer

Bloggers Group Top2500
UserName, Streak, Page#, Rank, Pick
ihavebestdogever, 11, pg 25, 576, MARTIN PRADO (PICKED 29X)
Bloggers Reset Yesterday
LaVolpe, 10, RESET BY Jose Reyes
GL to all


Conor Jackson plays for the Oakland Athletics.

Martin Prado is in trouble right now for our last Top 2500 blogger.

Scorched the ball in his probable last AB to the 2nd baseman.

Braves need to bat around in the 9th for him to bat again.

I took A Rod yesterday and he went O fer while every other Yankee starting hitter got hits including Mark Teixeira. Today I have Teixeira and only after it locked did I realize that Mark is only 1 for 6 (now 1 for 7) against R.A. Dickey. A Rod got a hit in the 2nd inning while I’m still waiting to see if Mark will have an any inning hit. Teixeira and A Rod should have been reversed (I should have had Mark yesterday, A Rod today). I will end this funk.

3rd inning homerun! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Maybe it works better to pick against the historical stats.
I wonder how many who picked Braun realize that he left yesterday’s game with a sore shoulder. That’s why I stayed away. (Now watch him get 3 hits.)

I may just put this game on hold for a bit. I have a streak going and then make two very good picks and so far I’m 0-2. This game is still going though, but dang!

Well, Robinson Cano takes down a few on the 1st page, including our current leader. From 30 to 0 without passing go, ouch!
Also, looking like Bautista may also be a sacrifice tonight; slight chance to come up 1 more time in the 9th

He’s 5th up, so unlikely unless some hits or walks happen. My guy is second up in the bottom of the 8th, so we’ll see.

Well now I need to hope for extra innings. 11 at least.

Hey Keith, can you do 2500 for tomorrow and Sunday please? I’ll email you the files. I’m on nights this weekend, but I’ll be able to get Monday.

Don’t need the files. I pulled data today for my own use. I’ll do it this weekend, no problem. I’ll send you both days’ files

Thank you sir.

Hey, look who broke out of his slump – Ethier. Wonder how many picks he’ll draw tomorrow?

If anyone was curious as I was, Ethier drew 16 Top2500 picks on Friday. After breaking is 0-fer slump last nite, he drew just 17 picks Saturday. Guess not many ppl are jumping on his bandwagon until he starts a new streak greater than a couple.

That freaking bum.

Corey Hart: 0 for 6 with a sacrifice

I guess the only silver lining is that I know that I would never have made it past Friday with 100% certainty because Ichiro went 0 for yesterday too.

So now I can start fresh without regret.

Saturday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500, 163 batters picked overall
Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
Ian Kinsler, 205, 8.2
Matt Joyce, 186, 7.44
Miguel Cabrera, 155, 6.2
Adrian Gonzalez, 141, 5.64 (Leader)
Adam Jones, 104, 4.16
Johnny Damon, 95, 3.8
Russell Martin, 94, 3.76
Jose Bautista, 92, 3.68
Ichiro Suzuki, 91, 3.64
Casey Kotchman, 81, 3.24
Robinson Cano, 76, 3.04
B.J. Upton, 72, 2.88
Jason Kubel, 58, 2.32
No Selection, 54, 2.16
Highest “No Selection” 😛 pg# 4 with streak of 15 back to zero.
Yesterday’s Top2500 reset rate was 37.41% with J.Bautista resetting the most
Got Pinched OR 1 AB Wonders Top2500 saved or reset by pinch hitters and/or defensive switch, 1 AB or more
C.Gonzalez PH RESET 17, highest was 20-gamer
J.Lucroy PH SAVED 3, highest was 12-gamer
R.Spilborghs DEF RESET 2, highest was 10-gamer
A.Amezaga DEF 2ABs SAVED 1, 11-gamer
B.DeWitt PH RESET 1, 10-gamer
J.Sands PH RESET 1, 8-gamer
Bloggers Group Top2500
Top2500 Bloggers Reset Yesterday
ihavebestdogever @ 11 reset by M.Prado

I took Jose Batista today and I’m glad to see he has a hit. I have my first 2 game streak in 10 days. 🙂 🙂

As I posted the above Jose Batista hit a 3 run home run in the 6th. I’m glad to see some of my picks start to have multi-hit games. 🙂 🙂

Another home run by Batista in the 8th gives me my 2nd 3 hit pick of the season and first since April 17. 🙂 🙂 🙂

HRBTS: If I could pick & choose which days I wanted to play that game, without no-picks resetting me, I’d be golden. I’ve picked Bautista in BTS 3 times this year. Of those 3 times: 5 HRs, including 1 today & so I’m at one in HRBTS. Whoopy doo.

Make that 6 HRs in 3 games. Bautista is a monster

Tampa Bay top picks in the Top2500: BJ Upton & Damon are pinch hitter potentials. NL park rules & pitcher will most likely be pinched for at some point in the game; maybe more than once depending on the score/situation

That’s exactly what happened: Upton walked, Damon singles

Phew. I’ve been watchin this whole inning hoping that Damon come up but the bats were getting short and Damon pulls trough. Onto tomorrow with my streak intact. GL to everyone else waiting.

*Hoping that he DIDNT come up. But that’s neither here nor there now.

And I of course was hoping he’d come up but with a different result for the 4th place leader that picked him. One result, two different points of view.

Cubs pitching change for tomorrow night’s game. Check your picks page before games lock tomorrow to see who’s taking the mound.

Hey Keith, wanna send me todays files please.

You bored?

You betcha. At work.

Sent to your gmail account. Today is a hitters day. Gonna be a low reset rate I do believe

I noticed. Cano will be the big reset. Ichiro still on the board too.

You sure you sent it? Almost an hour later and its not there.

Yep, just forwarded to your hotmail account too

Just got it in my hotmail but it still hasn’t showed up in gmail. Oh well, no biggie. Thx

I’ll send Sunday’s pull to both accounts shortly after games lock

HRBTS underway for those that like an impossible challenge.
Tip: One of my favorite strategies to get from zero to one in that game. Pick same homerun hitter during a series in a small ballpark, preferably against a inferior team. More times than not you’ll get to one. What you do with it after that is up to you.

Sunday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500, 145 batters picked overall
Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
Rickie Weeks, 343, 13.72
Ryan Braun, 236, 9.44
Joey Votto, 181, 7.24
Marlon Byrd, 127, 5.08 (*DNP)
Robinson Cano, 127, 5.08 (Leader Runner-up)
Adrian Gonzalez, 82, 3.28
Miguel Cabrera, 74, 2.96
Kevin Youkilis, 67, 2.68
Ichiro Suzuki, 62, 2.48
Jacoby Ellsbury, 62, 2.48 (Leader)
Matt Holliday, 62, 2.48
Placido Polanco, 59, 2.36
Andre Ethier, 56, 2.24
Ian Kinsler, 53, 2.12
No Selection, 46, 1.84
Albert Pujols, 43, 1.72
Brandon Phillips, 41, 1.64
Highest “No Selection” 🙂 pg# 14 with streak of 13 back to zero.
Yesterday’s Top2500 reset rate was 14.2% with R.Cano resetting the most
Got Pinched OR 1 AB Wonders. Top2500 saved or reset by pinch hitters and/or defensive switch, 1 AB or more
J.Damon PH SAVED 95, highest was 23-gamer
B.Upton PH walk SAVED 72 that stay idle, highest was 17-gamer
V.Martinez PH RESET 10, highest was 16-gamer
J.Giambi PH SAVED 1, 10-gamer
R.Raburn DEF SAVED 1, 9-gamer
Je.Baker PH SAVED 1, 7-gamer
J.Cantu PH RESET 1, 7-gamer
Bloggers Group Top2500
UserName, Streak, Page#, Rank, Pick
Nyy4life42, 7, 96, 2322, M.Teixeira
Top2500 Bloggers Reset Yesterday
(*) “Byrd Byrd Byrd, Byrd’s the Word”
Most likely he will miss a few games, if not more, due to a nasty Bean Town beaning he took last nite
On the lighter side. Cubs won their 1st game in Boston since 1918, no that’s not a typo

Hmmm, kinda gutsy I’d say. Top 2 picks (Weeks/Braun) are going against Ubaldo. Granted he’s not been as dominant as last year so far, but he’s very capable. We shall see.

Wow. With Rickie going down he takes almost as much as all of yesterday.

I picked Robinson Cano for the mere reason to avoid a series O fer against the Mets.
After missing the 1st 2 days of Home Run Beat the Streak I took Curtis Granderson.

Moments after that post Granderson goes yard! 1-0 in HRBTS! 🙂

I took Grandy too. Up to 2 I go. Now let’s see if I can make it to 3 tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

The Grandyman also moves me to 2 in Hr.

Cano moves me on too. Up to 7.

Just curious if someone can tell me why I can’t get to 2011 HRBTS directly? I have to change the 2011 to 2010 and then click on more games and HRBTS, then change the 2010 back to 2011. It should be easier, should it not?

You can get straight to the 2011 game from the main mlb fantasy page. There should be a link from Beat the Streak to HR BTS. Since there isn’t I missed the lock time yesterday and would most likely have taken Batista.

OK, I see it now. I just wish it was on the top right of the page like last year under More Games. Would make it so much easier.

I picked along with the leader today with Jacoby Ellsbury.

Nothing personal, two reasons hoping Ellsbury goes 0-fer: 1) Leader & 3 others on 1st page have him & 2) Cubbies fan

lol, the Cubs could have won the game even with Ellsbury getting a hit!

Robinson Cano comes through in the 7th inning, up to 3! 🙂

Wow, just wow! *jaw drop*

Hey Keith, I got your email to both accounts but there are no attachments with either?

bonehead move, huh? try now

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