Beat the Streak Report: Wednesday, May 25

Yesterday was a great success in Streakland, as popularity kings Jose Reyes, Vladimir Guerrero and Buster Posey combined to push more than a quarter of all selectors one day closer to the land of milk and Honey Nut Cheerios.

Former leader brentellerbrock was not among the chosen few, however, as Ryan Braun lasted just two hitless at-bats before losing his helmet and his head against the Nationals.

If Mr. Ellerbrock avoided a hissy fit and an ejection of his own upon realizing that Braun’s tasty matchup against Livan “On a Prayer” Hernandez ended prematurely, he’s a cooler man than  we are.

So close to the halfway point, and yet so far. We recommend getting right back on that horse with a little help from …


Wednesday’s picks:

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Oh, hello there … 

Ryan Sweeney.529 (9-for-17) since ’06 vs. Angels starter Ervin Santana

Ryan Braun: .444 (8-for-18) since ’06 vs. Nationals starter Jason Marquis

Justin Morneau.421 (8-for-19) since ’06 vs. Mariners starter Eric Bedard

Corey Hart.417 (7-for-17) since ’06 vs. Nationals starter Jason Marquis

Michael Young: .444 (4-for-9) since ’06 vs. White Sox starter Gavin Floyd

Feeling kinda spicy?

Cliff Pennington: .467 (7-for-15) since ’06 vs. Angels starter Ervin Santana

Jack Hannahan: .500 (6-for-12) since ’06 vs. Red Sox starter Jon Lester

You’ll thank me later …

Hunter Pence.188 (6-for-32) since ’06 vs. Dodgers starter Ted Lilly

Shin-Soo Choo: .000 (0-for-9) since ’06 vs. Red Sox starter Jon Lester

Troy Tulowitzki: .176 (3-for-17) since ’06 vs. Diamondbacks starter Ian Kennedy

Justin Upton: .167 (2-for-12) since ’06 vs. Rockies starter Jason Hammel

Victor Martinez: .182 (2-for-11) since ’06 vs. Rays starter Andy Sonnanstine

Leaderboard time!

Only one Streaker, current leader sgtdave3127 is within a week of challenging our season leader. Yikes. Maybe it’s time for a little less Angry Birds and a little more BTS mobile app on your iPhones and iPod touches.

Top MLB streakers 

Buster Posey: 12 games

Josh Hamilton:  10 games

James Loney:  10 games

Home Run Beat the Streak pick:

Curtis Granderson: (16 HR this season) vs. Blue Jays starter Jo-Jo Reyes

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Ian, that bts app must be American only. When I try to download it I get an error saying request can not be processed.

LaV’s List
Wednesday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500,
158 Batters picked overall

Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
Miguel Cabrera 242 9.68
Ryan Braun 182 7.28
Jose Reyes 171 6.84 (1RST)(2ND)(2ND)
Placido Polanco 117 4.68
Jose Bautista 103 4.12
Josh Hamilton 87 3.48
Ichiro Suzuki 85 3.4
Adrian Gonzalez 80 3.2 (2ND)GOOD
Alex Rodriguez 79 3.16
Starlin Castro 71 2.84
Andre Ethier 68 2.72
Martin Prado 62 2.48 NOT STARTING
No Selection 55 2.2

Highest “No Selection” 😛 pg# 6 with streak of 15 back to zero.
Yesterday’s Top2500 Reset rate was % with reseting the most.
There was also % PPD due to players not playing. These streakers do not reset, but did not increase either.

Got Pinched OR 1 AB Wonders
TOP2500 saved or reset by PHA (going to include any pinch hitters and/or double switch, 1 AB or More)


Bloggers Group Top2500
UserName, Streak, Page#, Rank, Pick
gpearson17, 9, pg 38, 895, A-ROD (PICKED 79X)
ttrebnivel, 9, pg 53, 895, POLANCO (PICKED 117X)
kenfucious, 7, pg 100+, 2095, MIGGY (PICKED 242X)
bjm5355, 7, pg 100+, 2095, A-ROD (PICKED 79X)
Bloggers Reset Yesterday
trixiewright, 8 RESET BY Mike Bourn
GL to all


My first A-Rod pick of the year, to get to 10. I’ve now picked 35 different players in 56 days!

And now, I’m officially worried….

Oh, thank goodness. Ten streak!

There you go. A-rod leads off 7 with single.

The good news is that Miguel Cabrera has a hit! The bad news is that the game is now in a delay!

Same boat as last night woth Josh.

Game postponed! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

Postponed. Had miggy for 8. I’ve been stuck on 7 for 3+ days now – this is so infuriating!

SUSPENDED not postponed makes a diff for bts. Miggy has his hit, so whenever ge gets played you get credit for it.

No, the game was rained out.

If you look at the homepage, you see “postponed – rain.”

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