Beat the Streak Report: Thursday, September 1

Steve Summer got a little crazy yesterday.

Instead of using a speedy left-handed hitter, as is his stated preference, our season leader risked his 42-game run on a speedy right-handed batter — Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro. Talk about opening up the playbook! Next stop: slow switch-hitters.

Of course, Castro came through with a third-inning single to advance Steve’s run to 43 straight games and move him into a tie for the eighth-longest run in BTS’ 11-year history.

The all-time BTS record of 49 games is definitely in play here. Fifty-seven straight, and the $5.6 million prize that comes with it, is looming on the not-so-distant horizon. Now that Steve is open to batters of any handedness, this thing is about to get real.


Thursday’s picks:

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Oh, hello there…

Hideki Matsui: .643 (9-for-14) since ’06 vs. Indians starter Fautso Carmona

Albert Pujols: .409 (9-for-22) since ’06 vs. Brewers starter Yovani Gallardo

Ichiro Suzuki: .348 (24-for-68) since ’06 vs. Angels starter Ervin Santana

Jacoby Ellsbury: .345 (10-for-29) since ’06 vs.Yankees starter A.J. Burnett

Derek Jeter: .333 (15-for-45) since ’06 vs. Red Sox starter Jon Lester

Hunter Pence: .333 (5-for-15) since ’06 vs. Reds starter Mike Leake


Feeling kinda spicy?

Eric Hinske: .385 (10-for-26) since ’06 vs. Nationals starter Chien-Ming Wang

Mike Napoli: .500 (5-for-10) since ’06 vs. Rays starter Jeff Niemann

Coco Crisp: .400 (6-for-15) since ’06 vs. Indians starter Fausto Carmona

Mike Carp: .400 (4-for-10) since ’06 vs. Angels starter Ervin Santana


You’ll thank me later

Curtis Granderson: .188 (3-for-16) since ’06 vs. Red Sox starter Jon Lester

Jose Bautista: .091 (1-for-11) since ’06 vs. Orioles starter Tommy Hunter

Matt Holliday: .167 (2-for-12) since ’06 vs. Brewers starter Yovani Gallardo

Asdrubal Cabrera: .182 (2-for-11) since ’06 vs. A’s starter Gio Gonzalez

Adam Lind: .154 (3-for-13) since ’06 vs. Orioles starter Tommy Hunter


Top MLB streakers

David Ortiz: 14 games

Mike Moustakas: 14 games

Corey Hart: 13 games

Carlos Lee: 12 games

Erick Aybar: 11 games



Home Run Beat the Streak pick:

Miguel Cabrera: (24 home runs this season) vs. Royals starter Danny Duffy


  1. LaVolpe

    Braun, leader’s pick, now 0-3, Will get 1 more AB. With LaRussa swapping out pitchers willy-nilly; unlikely to get 2 more ABs.

    • LaVolpe

      Kinda hope this comes back to bite him — lesson learned. Risking a high streak on a pitcher Brewers never seen before. That scenario, we all know, usually limits ABs for entire team. Not only that, Cardinals need this game in a huge way! What are odds they’ll give Braun anything great to swing at. Same goes with Fielder. At end of season, picking in games between 2 contenders is not the same as when the teams face off before the All Star break. My opinion of course.

    • LaVolpe

      Poor pitching in the 8th gave Braun an extra AB and moves the leader up. I wish I had some of his luck. Castro yesterday, 1 of just 2 to get a hit. Today, Braun shouldn’t have seen the 9th, but gets up & fights one off to right field. Don’t think there’s much fur left on that rabbit’s foot

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