5-16-08 Selections

Today is not a great day, since it has been pouring rain, which eliminates any wiffleball for the day.

However, the more important reason, today is not a good day, is that it is the beginning of Interleague Play!


Interleague Play always poses a variety of problems for making educated selections, since most players have not faced the other team much in their careers.  Also, the 2008 combinations of players have not faced the other combo at all!

This fact would explain the high concentration of Derrek Lee Selections on Beat the Streak today, as I only found the Cubs to be a 2nd tier team to choose hitters from.

In fact, some high streaks were lost today, as a result of Lee going 0 for 4.  A 36, 34, 33, 11,, and 29 game hit streak alone today was lost on the leaderboards, not to mention the, most likely, countless 10-20 game streaks that were lost, who are not on the leaderboard.

As an early guess, I will predict that 8% of total users picked Derrek Lee today.


As for my slate of selections, I used:

     1)  Hanley Ramirez  (Marlins)  to protect my 12-game hit streak. 

            A)  Ramirez recorded an 0 for 3, with 1 walk, a few days ago, which leads me to believe his next 0 for ?, will not occur right now. 

            B)  As a team, the Marlins are a top-tier choice to pick hitters from. 

            C)  This pick also has strong support from the leaderboards, featuring 5 substantial streaks also on the line with Hanley Ramirez at 34, 33, 32, 31, and 29 games apiece.  Hanley has been the most consistent hitter on the Marlins

             D)  Another possible good pick on the Marlins is Luis Gonzalez who actually has strong career #’s against Tomko at 10 for 21.  Problems though are his .276 batting average and only 98 AB’s this year, compared to 156 for Hanley Ramirez.


2)  Albert Pujols  (Cardinals)  to protect my secondary 3-game hit streak:  The Cardinals are only a 2nd tier selection, but for a secondary pick, it is ok.


3)  Garrett Atkins  (Rockies)  to protect my tertiary 1-game hit streak: 

             A)  Nagging injuries and off days have been robbing this tertiary account of getting back to any sort of respectability.  I have had at least 3 games in the past 5 days where my selected player would not play, keeping my streak at just 1 game or even 0 games, earlier on.

             B)  As such, decided to go with a dependable starter on a top tier team today, the Rockies.  It was really a toss-up between Atkins and Holliday,but I decided to go for Atkins, since Holliday would be a little more tilted towards power, while Atkins is a little more tilted towards average


On the Home Run side of things, none of my three streaks are intact right now.  They all stand at 0 games. 

I do not have as well built a strategy for the Home Run side as the hitters game, so I will just list my three mashers for today:

            1)  J.D. Drew  (Red Sox)

            2)  Dan Uggla  (Marlins)

            3)  Conor Jackson  (Diamondbacks)


Good luck everyone today with your picks!


-From, John



PS:  The Mets-Yankees game has been postponed due to plain rain.  I would anticipate a doubleheader either Saturday or Sunday, which weakens my chances of securing tickets for a day game!

I would guess Saturday would be the doubleheader, because then you keep the theme of 2 night games for the series, whereas if the doubleheader is Saturday, you only squeeze out 1 night game.


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