5-16-08 Results

-To all,



Wow…a bad day came to a terrible end! 


About 8 days ago, I had an 8-game hit streak and a pair of 6-game hit streaks.  Then, that weakened down to a pair of 7-game hit streaks.  That ran up to a pair of 10-game hit streaks.  Then, Chipper Jones was on deck when the Braves lost 3-2 to the Pirates and I was reduced to just 1 11-game hit streak.  Now, that strong structure I had built up, has been completely obliterated with the results that came in today on the hitters front:


1)  Albert Pujols  (Cardinals)  (3):  Done  (0 for 4, streak snapped at 3 games)
2)  Hanley Ramirez  (Marlins)  (12):  Done  (0 for 5, streak snapped at 12 games)
3)  Garrett Atkins  (Rockies)  (1):  Done  (2 for 4, streak extended to 2 games)


I guess what is most frustrating of all is that the Marlins and Rockies were on the same tier today and Atkins had the higher batting average overall.  I guess I let team play recently factor in too much, since the Marlins had been playing well and the Rockies continue to play poorly.  But in the end, each team collected 7 hits. 

Another deciding factor was that Hanley Ramirez was 2 for 5 in his career off Tomko, while Atkins had no career data against Bonderman.  While looking at the remainder of the postseason series, I might want to just look at overall success lately, especially since we do not have much at stake now, since our highest pick tomorrow will be riding a paltry 2-game hit streak. 


On the Home Run side of things, we found some success, but it still does not offset the great losses suffered on the hitters front, but just prevents a complete washout. 

Speaking of washouts, we lost J.D. Drew today in the rainout and raining out on a 0 game hit streak is a complete waste, since there was nothing to preserve anyway.

Then again, Conor Jackson gave me similar output in actually playing, going 0 for 4, to keep that streak at 0 games as well.


It was Dan Uggla who deliverred for me with a solo Home Run in his first AB and went on to go 3 for 3 with a walk on the night. 


Looking at the Leaderboard side of the hitters front where there was lots of acivity going on, we see the battlefield decimated.  14 of the 25 players had a streak of at least 11 games today and 13 of those 14 had streaks of 29 games or longer, but only ONE of those 14 survived into tomorrow.  Hecks44 used Joe Mauer, who went 1 for 5, to extend his streak to 31 games.  Everyone else on the board gets shocked back down to 0.  The only other happy soul on the leaderboard today is jerrymohr who saw a ton of people charging straight at him with just a 3 game lead over the nearest competitor, but all of a sudden is in much safer company now, with a week’s lead over the closest neighbor.


For everyone else, today was a miserable day indeed!  😦


In the real world of MLB though, 2 players had phenomenal offensive performances:

     1)  Josh Hamilton  (Texas Rangers):  went 5 for 5 with 2 HR, 5 RBI, 4 Runs Scored, and 1 BB in a 16-8 win over the Astros, which has to be comforting after blowing an 8-2 lead by the 6th inning.

     2)  Jayson Werth  (Philadelphia Phillies):  came within 1 Home Run of the Home Run Cycle  (Solo HR, 2-Run Shot, 3-Run Shot, and Grand Slam in the same game.)  Werth just needed that 2-Run shot, but still finished the day with a franchise-tying 8 RBI’s!


And finally, we conclude with the very rare occurrence of having the winning and losing pitcher of the same game, have the same last name!  The Rangers’ winning pitcher Wright improved to 3-1, while the Astros losing pitcher Wright dropped to 2-1.


At least the rain has finally stopped.  But I find it pretty ironic that this first day of Interleague Play coincides with the first, truly bad day of the Beat the Streak season.

I knew those negative memories were not ill-conceived!



-From, John


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