Beat the Streak Report: Thursday, July 24

Picks of the day

pujolsbts.jpgAlbert Pujols, 1B, Cardinals

  • 17-for-47 (.362) vs. MIL RHP Ben Sheets
  • 9-for-24 (.375) since ASB

David Wright, 3B, Mets

  • 12-for-27 (.444) vs. PHI LHP Jamie Moyer
  • .393 AVG vs. LHP in ’08

Top 5 current leaders
(yesterday’s pick)

1. bailtard, 28 games (J. Morneau)
1. oldeguy, 28 games (J. Reyes)
3. justablooper, 26 games (L. Berkman)
4. lupah99, 25 games (C. Lee)
5. blazin19, 24 games (D. Jeter)
5. northholly, 24 games (O. Cabrera)
5. sherbrookaz, 24 games (P. Polanco)
5. tom_cicini, 24 games (J. Dye)

Yesterday’s results

For the third consecutive night, a BTS leader was stripped of his crown. This time, it was freebirdsince88, whose streak was snapped when Chipper Jones left Atlanta’s tilt with Florida early with a left thigh injury. Jones finished the day 0-for-2 with a walk.

morneauBTS.jpgWith freebirdsince88 off the leaderboard, new leader bailtard took over first place, but not without a bit of drama. His pick, Justin Morneau, went 0-for-3 before delivering a one-out single in the ninth inning off Yankees reliever Latroy Hawkins to wrap up a 1-for-4 day and push bailtard’s streak to 28 games.

Four new contestants with 24-game streaks clawed their way into a fifth-place tie following the departure of freebirdsince88. The four-way, fifth-place logjam represents the largest tie on the leaderboard since five competitors were tied for fourth place with 23-game streaks on Thursday, June 26.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 6.2%, 1-for-6
2. Chipper Jones (ATL): 5.5%, 0-for-2
3. Jose Reyes (NYM): 4.9%, 1-for-4
4. Alex Rodriguez (NYY): 4.4%, 1-for-4
5. J.D. Drew (BOS): 2.9%, 0-for-3


  1. thewex

    Does anyone happen to know the rule regarding suspended games that become double headers within 3 calendar days?

    The word-for-word rules for suspended games are as follows:

    “1) In the event any 2008 MLB game(s) is suspended and subsequently completed within three (3) calendar days immediately following the date on which any such game(s) was suspended, all hits officially scored as hits for such suspended game(s) shall count as valid hits for purposes of this Contest. ”

    In this particular instance, however, the Toronto-Baltimore game was suspended and resumed today, which thus made it a double header, as another game was already scheduled. I selected Alex Rios for today. Does this mean the double header rule is in effect (player must get a hit in both games) or do I need just one (Rios is already 1-4 in the first game) because of the suspension?

  2. rip2thecompetition

    I’m not sure of the rule but for your sake I hope it doesn’t count as a doubleheader. I don’t see why it should be considered that.

    Anyways, just like to point out to all you guys the New York Mets are in sole possession of 1st place =D

    I haven’t heard from kevindabears lately. He came out of the woodwork for some reason and now that they’re winning he goes and hides.



  4. rip2thecompetition

    Is it just my luck when I take a guy facing a rookie pitcher who has been absolutely horrible that pitcher ends up having his best game to date?


    it looks like edgar gonzalez isnt going to come through for us newyorkmetsfan39


    gonzalez is assured of at least 1 more at bat hopefully against a new pitcher


    looks like my guy b-rob came through for me and thats about the only positive for the orioles today and now looking for a good pick for tomorrow I think Ima have to go with Jermaine Dye they are facing Nate Robertson who couldnt beat anyone these days so hopefully Dye will move my streak along

  8. rip2thecompetition

    This has to be the 2nd or 3rd time this season I’ve picked a guy who didn’t get a hit but the rest of the team came through with at least one hit … I shoulda went with Wright … My strategy that got me to 24 games was, and still is, to take a guy facing a soft pitcher but sometimes I stray away from that and it always ends up kickin me in the a** afterwards but I still don’t always stick with it for some reason. For example, the soft pitcher pitchin today was Moyer so I shoulda took Wright with the numbers but instead I got sucked into E. Gonzalez against a pitcher who I thought was gonna pitch a lot worse.


    thats the way it is everytime dude my best streak is I believe 15 and everytime something dumb bites me like that one was a day where the whole cubs team goes off and theriot couldnt get a hit but its tough

  10. rip2thecompetition

    In fact, straying away from my strategy is how I lost my 24 game streak. For some reason I went with Suzuki even though he was facing Hochevar. I know his numbers weren’t that spectacular but he’s a young guy who has the stuff so any given start he could have it and shut a team down. That’s what he did to Ichiro and the Mariners. If I went with the soft pitcher that day I woulda took Pujols against Z. Duke. Now I lost a few times after that so who knows my streak mighta ended soon anyways, but you get what I’m saying..

  11. rip2thecompetition

    Hey bigtimslife, if you’re not in a group join mine. I got a few people in it. I still can’t invite people so just search it and join

    Group: We Run This … Password: bts08


    yea exactly come in w/ a set strategy like one that works decent for my boy is he takes a guy for a series at a time and sounds like it wouldnt work but usually guys get hot and just string together a nice series like i know right now hes had ryan braun and thats working out


    i havent had a strategy that ive stuck to so far but i think my new strategy is going to be to take a player that is hitting over .300 in his last 10 games and forget about a players season average because that has gotten me nowhere so far. ive focused to much on taking a player batting over or near .300 instead of taking players that are hot at the present moment


    newyorkmetsfan not every padre beside edgar gonzalez got a hit. noneed to exaggerate

  15. rip2thecompetition

    Exaggerate? OK, Gonzalez & Greene didn’t get a hit. That’s just one more than what I said. I don’t count the pitcher so 6 out of the 8 in the starting lineup came through with a hit.


    eric as a tiger fan i know that picking a tiger leaves you with only a few good choices each day. polanco, granderson, ordonez, granderson, guillen, and maybe thames and cabrera


    eric as a tiger fan i know that picking a tiger leaves you with only a few good choices each day. polanco, granderson, ordonez, guillen, and maybe thames and cabrera


    hey dude I got my two boys to join the group too they are rdiven1 and bpibaseballer but what exactly does being in a group do…anything..and to eric recently you can definately say matt joyce as well

  19. rip2thecompetition

    Alright cool .. It doesn’t do anything special, can just keep track of each others picks easily and see how each other does.

  20. eazyeric

    I guess I’ll go with Guillen today. Boy from 2 weeks ago till now the consistent hitters have really changed, It used to be Ian Kinsler, Pedroia, etc… Now there all over the board. Who do you guys have today?

  21. eazyeric

    That Aviles from KC seems to be a hot lately, at least for a hit. Good pick the other day on him NYMetsfan39. Pujols has really wiped alot of people out lately.

  22. eazyeric

    I guess I don’t get that group thing, it shows our current streak and our longest streak seems to be our current streak. Or is it since we joined the group? Does this show who we pick before they are unlocked, I didn’t look earlier to see if that was the case. Anyway looks like everyone has good picks today. I see NYMetsfan39 is finally picking NY Mets. I guess I will stick with my Tigers, except Magglio, Sheffield, Inge, and especially not Edgar Renteria, He is horrible, I didn’t follow him last year, was he really as good as they say?????

  23. eazyeric

    Hey what happened to everybody, I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone! Ichiro is probably done, new leaders again?


    does know how to count, because my streak needs to be 2 instead of 1, plus I’m mad that the Braves game was blacked out. I’m about to cancel my account.The only reason why I joined the was because I would be able to watch the Braves.

  25. talent4u

    It looks like Jacoby Ellsbury is back in the game that started yesterday and will steal many more bases. He still holds the the top number stolen this season I believe but I think he will have a hitting streak that just will not quit!
    George M.
    Kansas City, MO

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