Beat the Streak Report: Monday, Aug. 4

Picks of the day
Aubrey Huff, DH, Orioles

  • 5-for-9 (.555) vs. LAA LHP Joe Saunders
  • .468 AVG during 12-game hit streak

Garret Anderson, OF, Angels

  • 1-for-2 (.500) vs. BAL RHP Dennis Sarfate
  • .432 AVG during 11-game hit streak

Weekend picks, results

Friday: Mark Teixeira (LAA): 1-for-2; Matt Kemp (LAD): 1-for-4
Saturday: Justin Morneau (MIN): 1-for-3
Sunday: Albert Pujols (STL): 0-for-3
sorianoBTS.jpgTop 5 current leaders
(yesterday’s pick)

1. soxwhite24, 34 games (Matt Holliday)
2. bassman, 27 games (Alfonso Soriano)
2. mxedout, 27 games (Brian Giles)
2. t-birds8, 27 games (Brian Roberts)
5. 92gm, 24 games (Matt Stairs)

BTS season leader:  Robert Paradise, 48
BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

BTS leader soxwhite24 stretched his streak to 34-games over the weekend, making him the first leader in four weeks to hold onto the top spot through a weekend. Last night, soxwhite24 capitalized on Matt Holliday’s two-homer barrage against Ricky Nolasco and the Marlins.

leader was the sole member of Friday’s Top 5 to last through the
weekend. Newcomers bassman, mxedout and t-birds8 took advantage of the
turnover and fought their way into a three-way tie for second-place
with 27-game streaks. Fifth-place competitor 92gm, who stayed alive
last night thanks to Matt Stairs (2-for-3), rounds out the Top 5 with a
24-game streak.

Yesterday’s most-picked player, Alfonso Soriano, rewarded fans for their faith by going 3-for-5 with a solo homer against the Pirates. Albert Pujols, who was chosen by 4.8% of fans, was the only member of the Top 5 most-picked players who couldn’t deliver a hit. The All-Star first baseman was held hitless in four trips to the dish against Brett Myers and the Philadelphia ‘pen.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Alfonso Soriano (CHC): 5.6%, 3-for-5
2. Albert Pujols (STL): 4.8%, 0-for-3
3. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 4.7%, 1-for-4
4. Matt Holliday (COL): 3.6%, 1-for-4
4. Dustin Pedroia (BOS): 3.6%, 1-for-4



    Justin Morneau went 0 for 3 Saturday not 1 for 3 as you have posted on this blog. I wouldn’t have gone down to 0 if he had 1 hit on Saturday.



    i am also having the same problem when i go to pick a player it does show a list of players what can i do to rectify the problem so i can make my picks?


    Another error in your scorekeeping system:

    Ichiro Suzuki went 2-3 on Monday, Aug. 4 — NOT 0-0 as you have posted.

    Please correct my score in the standings to reflect Suzuki’s hits, as I picked him as my hitter for the day.

  4. neil_p

    It wasn’t an error.. The game was played on the west coast which means it finished late which means you just have to have a little more patience.
    They always show batters as 0-0 until after the game is over and the stats come in.

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