Beat the Streak Report: Friday, Aug. 22

Picks of the day 

robertsbts.jpgBrian Roberts, 2B, Orioles

  • 20-for-42 (.476) vs. NYY RHP Mike Mussina
  • .380 AVG in August

Curtis Granderson, OF, Tigers

  • 6-for-12 (.500) vs. KC RHP Brian Bannister
  • 10-for-22 (.455) during six-game hit streak

Yesterday’s picks, results

Matt Holliday (COL), 1-for-3
Brad Hawpe (COL), 0-for-4

Top 5 current leaders

1. eduneversaydie (Matt Holliday)
2. bruinscup72 (Ichiro Suzuki)
3. jfb17 (Matt Holliday)
3. pupway10 (Jose Reyes)
5. halfogre (Jose Reyes)
5. kbarnett10 (Ryan Theriot)

BTS season leader:  Robert Paradise, 48
BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

BTS leader eduneversaydie inched closer to the record books yesterday after Matt Holliday doubled in three at-bats against the Reds. With his streak up to 38 games, eduneversaydie is one shy of tying the second-highest mark of the season.

dleebts.jpgYesterday wasn’t as kind to several other competitors, including knightbomb and smithdog52, whose streaks ended at 33 games with Derrek Lee unable to build on past success against Reds right-hander Josh Fogg. Also falling out of the running was hinnami, as Chipper Jones came up empty in four plate appearances.

Taking over sole control of second place was bruinscup72, who leaned on the reliable Ichiro Suzuki to push his streak to 31 games. Competitors jfb17, pupway10, halfogre, kbarnett10 also benefited from the widespread elimination, thanks to the hitting of Holliday, Jose Reyes (1-for-5) and Ryan Theriot (2-for-4).

With several competitors falling out of the running, the number of fans capable of reaching 57 games dwindled to 148.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players:

1. Derrek Lee (CHC): 8.4%, 0-for-3
2. Jose Reyes (NYM): 8.1%, 1-for-5
3. Manny Ramirez (LAD): 6.3%, 1-for-2
4. Hanley Ramirez (FLA): 5.7%, 0-for-0
5. Chase Utley (PHI): 5.5%, 2-for-3


  1. backrubs

    Both Roberts and Granderson are both having great months and both are batting over 400 in the past week.
    I wouldnt be surprised if the majority of people pick these two

  2. backrubs

    19 or more……

    24 went with Roberts
    17 with Granderson
    16 with both JJ Hardy and Ichiro
    8 with Holliday

    that totals 81

  3. jagx

    The 2 guys i ended up thinking about are the ones who are picks of the day lol. I didn’t really know granderson was that hot when i chose him though. I expected him to be more of a sleeper pick that no one was even looking at lol. Or maybe me talking about him yesterday got people picking him.

    It’s like 40 people a day getting eliminated. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s less than 10 people left by Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Are you still alive for the 57 one jweisinger? Whats your current streak at?

  4. backrubs

    i have one pick at 19 and one at 18

    Id like to know how many are alive that can break the season records of 48 and 49

  5. jagx

    983 people still have a chance for a 49 game streak. This is the amount of people who currently have at least an 11 game hit streak.

    788 people have a chance to hit for 50 straight games.

  6. backrubs

    well anyone who picked soriano is back to ZERO.
    he went hitless and was pitch hitted for in the ninth inning

  7. jagx

    Looks like Granderson isn’t gonna pull through. It kind of bugs me a little considering the other 4 guys i was thinking about picking (roberts, hardy, polanco , and jeter) all got hits lol. I guess my luck just ran out. I kind of realized a few hours ago that there were a lot of better picks today than granderson but the day game lock kind of screwed me too lol.

    Good luck everyone who’s still alive.

  8. backrubs

    Keep playing though cuz if i read the rules right.
    anyone over 30, i think still gets some kind of prices off any thing at mlb shop.

    so Granderson took 17 people out.
    dont give up


    i cant believe this game turned out to be so easy!
    im a 42 year old woman and i picked derrek lee today who got 2 hits which makes my new streak 28.

    To many people make this way harder then it really is i dont second guess the players my 13 year old son tells me to pick because hes only be wrong but once and my streak would be at 37 but the guy he picked was the only one the team who didnt get a hit. but whatever i hope i win.!!

    how many people left and good luck
    but i think im going too win this game because I dont stress over it and i just listen to my son who knows how players are hot and cold. heres a tip. never pick people who dont get a hit the day before only pick people who were say 2-2 2-3 2-4 2-5 they have 90% this year of getting a hit after getting two hits in a game well good luck!!

  10. jagx

    jweisinger, i’d really like to play more. But if i get say a 37 game hit streak to end the season, i’d hate myself lol. And the free month of if u hit 30 games in September would give it to u for october. I can just watch the playoff games on tv lol. I’ll just wait til next year.

    Bdamone…derrek lee had 0 hits the day before, you’re not even following your own advice lol. It’s easier said than done when it comes to winning this game. It just takes one bad game and your streak is done, gl though. I guess i’m one of the few people where second guessing actually worked for them. Had i second guessed myself today, i’d still be alive lol. I think changing my picks actually saved my streak 5 or so times now. But oh well, theres always next year for me.

  11. backrubs

    i thought 30 or more was a credit at the shop area on here.
    so stay and what are you thinking about tomorrow.
    nothing really stands out as far as i can tell.
    ON the run i am on now, i have changed a couple of times, but thats cuz i look 3-4 days ahead and make a pick if something is obvious even without all the pitchers being posted, and id always check it to see it when every pitcher is posted. . like 3 days ago I originally had Holliday tonight, however when i looked, he was like 1-for-12 against the pitcher tonight.
    im thinking Ichiro on saturday

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