Beat the Streak Report: Friday, Sept. 5

Picks of the day

magglioBTS2.jpgMagglio Ordonez, OF, Tigers

  • 5-for-11 (.455) vs. MIN LHP Francisco Liriano
  • .412 AVG during 9-game hit streak

Billy Butler, DH, Royals

  • 1-for-2 (.500) vs. CLE RHP Anthony Reyes
  • .475 AVG during 10-game hit streak

Yesterday’s picks, results

  • Vladimir Guerrero (LAA), 1-for-4
  • Billy Butler (KC), 2-for-4

Top 5 current leaders

1. jnay017 (Vladimir Guerrero)
1. rustyolson56 (Chipper Jones)
1. trizzy7 (Vladimir Guerrero)
4. jared_bullock22 (Vladimir Guerrero)
4. jona831 (Ryan Braun)
4. miller_twm27 (Vladimir Guerrero)

BTS season leader:  Robert Paradise, 48
BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results
The BTS leaderboard underwent big changes yesterday, as the top two competitors were both eliminated from action. Hitless performances from Minnesota’s Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau ended cubdane’s streak at 35 games and halted huhino’s streak at 33.

vladdy_bts_May.jpgThe shakeup left three new BTS leaders — jnay017, rustyolson56 and trizzy7 — running the show at 33 games after Vladimir Guerrero went 1-for-4 and Chipper Jones singled in his only at-bat. These three users are the last with a shot at shattering Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game streak.

Guerrero — far and away the most popular pick, at 15.2 percent — also pushed jared_bullock22 and miller_twm27 to 32 games, tied for fourth place with jona831, who benefited from a 1-for-4 showing from Ryan Braun.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players:
1. Vladimir Guerrero (LAA): 15.2%, 1-for-4
2. Chipper Jones (ATL): 8.4%, 1-for-1
3. Nate McLouth (PIT): 5.5%, 1-for-3
4. Justin Morneau (MIN): 5.0%, 0-for-3
5. Ryan Braun (MIL): 4.8%, 1-for-4


  1. champion_88

    oo sorry…nevermind…I didn’t realize that the current streak link was clickable!

    With 22-24 days left, at most 5 people can tie the leader at 36.

    For Beat the Streak, 1 person: jtfluet5 can still tie Joe DiMaggio at 56 games, assuming 24 remaining days to pick.

    In fact, only 9 people can even tie the leader at 48 games.

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