Beat the Streak Report: Monday, Aug. 3



Today’s recommended picks

Kosuke Fukudome, OF, Cubs
.385 AVG (5-for-13) lifetime vs. Reds starter Aaron Harang; Harang: .297 AVG against in ’09

James Loney, 1B, Dodgers
.375 AVG (3-for-8) lifetime vs. Brewers starter Manny Parra; Parra: .301 AVG against in ’09

Joey Votto, 1B, Reds
.337 AVG in ’09; .400 AVG (2-for-5) lifetime vs. Cubs starter Randy Wells

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

rbgoulet1 continued his march up the BTS charts, getting a 2-for-4 effort from Joe Mauer to extend his streak to 41 games.

Only Tanner Nielsen had a longer streak this season, and only 10 contestants have surpassed that mark in the game’s history.

eggman3131 is far enough behind rbgoulet1, but his 32-game streak is still good enough for second place. Third-place holder frish717 is the only other fan who currently owns a streak of at least 30 games.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Bobby Abreu (LAA): 10.4%, 2-for-4
2. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 9.3%, 2-for-4
3. Dustin Pedroia (BOS): 6.8%, 3-for-5
4. Joe Mauer (MIN): 6.5%, 2-for-4
5. Kevin Youkilis (BOS): 5.1%, 3-for-4


  1. dragbunt104

    Monday August 3rd

    Joey “The Black Cat” Votto v. Cubs Rookie Randy Wells
    Kings at the Plate————-Be Careful!
    As I mentioned on Sunday, Randy Wells has really been a strong pitcher for the Cubs. Joey Votto was a “King at the Plate” for this game. Votto did well against Wells the ONE game he faced him before. This was when Wells first came up with the Cubs in May/June. These one time performances of hitter v. pitcher do not make a real “King at the Plate.” What did The Black Cat do? 0 -2 with a walk, then when Wells left the game, in typical “Black Cat” fashion, Votto got hit-by-a-pitch. The Black Cat syndrome strikes again. Be careful when you pick The Black Cat!


    rbgoulet1 is the luckiest BTS player I’ve seen in a long time. He makes mediocre picks every other day and those picks always barely come through for him. Come on. Michael Young today going against Anderson who has been lights out for the month of July??

    Every toss of luck has gone his way so far. How about the other day Jeter getting that cheap blooper on his last at bat which Wise trapped on invisible bounce. Another crappy pick, another rosy day for rbgoulet1.


    I guess rbgoulet1 will be hitting up Mauer tomorrow. I just hope Huff has a career day tomorrow or Mauer starts his slumping streak. Can Mauer take 2 leaders down in 2009? A funny thing is if you look at how the leaders demise, its the same hitters who brought them there in first place (e.g., Mauer, Suzuki, Pujols, etc.).


    Brett Anderson, why did through change-up to Michael Young as the first pitch of his second at-bat? You throw so hard and nobody can touch it. But you throw mid-70s change-up as a first pitch? Young swings at everything. What were you thinking? You should thrown the 95mph+ 4 seamer and maybe follow it with a change-up. You suck!

  5. vinman28

    Anybody have any ideas on who to go with on Tuesday. I have Damon right now and seems like a logical pick but not too sure.

  6. dragbunt104

    Take a look at Chase Utley for today Aug 4. Opposing pitcher, Hammel, has given up 128 hits in 102 innings. Has a batting average of +.300 against him. Also, he throws right and Utley bats left. Utley has only faced him twice with one hit. Utley is my pick for today.

  7. dragbunt104

    Saw that Holliday is pitching for the Jays v. Yankees. Holliday is one of the best in the game – Damon does not look like a good choice here.
    Does your local paper’s sports section carry the “line” on each game? This gives you the “odds” on each game each day. Also, it shows you the pitchers and how they have done this year vs. the team they are facing that day, and more importantly, shows how they have done in the past 3 games.
    Hammel’s of Colorado has an ERA over 6.00 in his past 3 starts, that’s why I like Utley. Holliday has a low ERA over his past 3 games – not too surprising considering how good of a pitcher he is.
    The person who wins this thing will have made good picks combined with luck. If someone could win with skill and knowledge only, the prize would have been won years ago.


    Regarding Ichiro – the last time he failed to hit in a day game in the 3rd grade- his 12 year old older brother, Kumotu Suzuki, had accidently taken his shoes and left Ichiro with his shoes which were 2 sizes too big.
    Ichiro hit a chopper to the 3rd baseman who couldn’t even throw the ball all the way to 1st. However, Ichiro tripped and fell in his clownlike shoes and the 3rd baseman ran over and tagged Ichiro,who tried to keep playing but just couldn’t run and had to be removed from the game.
    Before that, the last time he failed to hit was in a T-Ball game as a 6 year old when a hurricane was blowing into Toyko and the T was blowing all around, and Ichiro went 0 for 3. He later was heard to say that facing Tim Wakefield’s knuckeball was a breeze compared to that game. This can be found at

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