Beat the Streak Report: Tuesday, Aug. 4



Today’s recommended picks

Jason Bartlett, SS, Rays
.444 AVG (8-for-18) lifetime vs. Red Sox starter Jon Lester

Ryan Theriot, SS, Cubs
.421 AVG (8-for-19) lifetime vs. Reds starter Johnny Cueto

Jacoby Ellsbury, OF, Red Sox
.391 AVG (9-for-23) lifetime vs. Rays starter Matt Garza

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

Another day brought another successful pick for rbgoulet1, who moved up to 42 games with his selection of Michael Young (1-for-3).

Young was also the pick of the other two members of the Top 3, pushing the respective streaks of eggman3131 and hammanm to 33 and 28 games.

samolina55 went with the hot-hitting Ryan Zimmerman (1-for-3) to take over fourth place at 27 games.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Miguel Cabrera (DET): 8.2%, 2-for-4
2. Michael Young (TEX): 8.0%, 1-for-3
3. James Loney (LAD): 7.9%, 2-for-4
4. Pablo Sandoval (SF): 5.4%, 3-for-5
5. Kosuke Fukudome (CHC): 5.4%, 1-for-3


  1. entel

    Leader is going down tonight; Jeter 0-1. How do you make a pick like this? Jeter came into this game with a .241 average against Halladay, one of the game’s best. Inexplicable…

  2. entel

    Leader is going down tonight; Jeter 0-1. How do you make a pick like this? Jeter came into this game with a .241 average against Halladay, one of the game’s best. Inexplicable…


    Don’t worry. rbgoulet1 is got the luck of the BTS God. He does this every other day. Make a crappy pick then crush our hopes by getting a cheap hit in the last at-bat. He did the same with Jeter just days ago.

  4. ohwow

    Extended my streak to 12 when Orlando Cabrera extended his to 13. For a right-handed hitter facing a rookie lefty with a lofty ERA, with said hitter riding a 12 game hitting streak and him being one of those free-swinging players that still manages to hit over .290 while having under 30 walks in over 420 at-bats, this seemed like a good pick to me.

    What I wonder is why this one got no love. O-Cabrera was not one of the top 15 chosen, nor a ‘king of the plate’.

    While I don’t even get into double figures that often, and it’s nice to be there, I guess it is still a loooong way to 56. If I don’t make it, I hope someone is able to…..that would be kind of interesting.

  5. lavolpe

    Regarding Jeter vs Halladay — there are some pitchers that scare me, potential 0-2 hitters are not uncommon and Halladay is one of those. I learned awhile back to simply pick another game; afterall, there are plenty to choose from. I guess rgboutlet will learn that too, barring a tie and extra innings.

  6. mymojo44

    I can’t believe rgoulet picked this game. Halladay is not to
    be messed with. Jeter screwed me on many occasions in the past. He’s a decent pick but not this GAME. It looks like we have another Yankee hater on our hands………

  7. dragbunt104

    One streak ends………….Hopefully another begins today!
    Not a bad pick to go with Ichirio to begin that streak on Wed.


    Remember me, momfannie. I’m the one who had a 35 game hitting streak, only to be stopped by Votto in the first inning after he was ejected for arguing balls and strikes. Boy, I still feel I could have gone all the way. I had my strategy almost to a science. I also thought rbgoulet1 would go all the way. I liked his approach. Unfortunately, he fell short. I believe he probably was in a hurry or was too busy to really think it through. If given the time, I’m sure he would not have picked Jeter, knowing Holliday was going to pitch.

    About two week ago, I commented on a rule that I believe should be change. I’m sure others believe it as well. Assuming no one surpasses the 56 hit mark this year, how about requiring any player picked to be in the line up for at least 5 innings before the hit counts or doesn’t count. It would prevent a streak player from being disadvantaged when a player bats once, and is then injured or kicked out. If we can go over Joe’s streak of 56. I’m sure he started and played every game during his streak. If I’m wrong, please comment. In short, unless we make some changes that are indeed fair, it will be sometime before the record is ever broken. Nevertheless, no matter what changes are made or not made, I’ll continue to play. I love the GAME.


    Momfannie, i understand the reasons why you would like this rule to be put in place for bts game, but this is not a real rule in mlb baseball, so it would most likely not get instated. In any case i don’t like the rule. It just goes against the nature of baseball. In baseball anything can happen. Imagine how difficult it must’ve been for Joe D to establish his streak barring injury, getting thrown out of a game, pinch hitting when he had days off.
    You cant have a guy go 0-1 and have to play 5 innings to say that he didnt get a hit. Thats just irrational.

  10. champion_88

    I think a rule that is irrational that is in the game though is the doubleheader rule: WHY would my streak only increase 1 game, if my hitter gets a hit in both games of a doubleheader?

    The old rule made no sense either and was a gift, but this new rule is terrible too.

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