Beat the Streak: Weekend, Aug. 7-9



Today’s recommended picks

Albert Pujols, 1B, Cardinals
.526 AVG (10-for-19) lifetime vs. Pirates starter Paul Maholm

Mike Napoli, C, Angels
.500 AVG (7-for-14) lifetime vs. Rangers starter Scott Feldman

Orlando Hudson, SS, Twins
.412 AVG (28-for-68) during 16-G hitting streak

Saturday’s recommended picks

Carlos Lee, OF, Astros
.583 AVG (7-for-12) lifetime vs. Brewers starter Manny Parra

Derrek Lee, 1B, Cubs
.571 AVG (8-for-14) since ’04 vs. Rockies starter Jason Marquis

Joe Mauer, C, Twins
.407 AVG (11-for-27) lifetime vs. Tigers starter Justin Verlander

Sunday’s recommended picks

Albert Pujols, 1B, Cardinals
.469 AVG (15-for-32) lifetime vs. Pirates starter Zach Duke

Kevin Youkilis, 1B, Red Sox
.409 AVG (9-for-22) lifetime vs. Yankees starter Andy Pettitte

Michael Young, 3B, Rangers
.393 AVG (24-for-61) since ’04 vs. Angels starter John Lackey

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

For the second straight day, the Top 5 held steady on the BTS leaderboard.

eggman3131 went with hit machine Ichiro Suzuki, who came through with a 2-for-5 effort to boost the BTS leader’s streak to 36 games. hammanm inched up to 31 games by tabbing Dustin Pedroia, who continued his mastery of Yankees starter Joba Chamberlain with a 3-for-4 night, and samolina55 joined the 30-game crew with his selection of the sizzling Ryan Zimmerman (4-for-4).

Sun_Tenshi used Ichiro’s two-hit day to move up to 28 games, while slivkid kept pace with the selection of Placido Polanco (2-for-5).

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 26.7%, 2-for-5
2. Derek Jeter (NYY): 8.0%, 1-for-5
3. Dustin Pedroia (BOS): 6.5%, 3-for-4
4. Joe Mauer (MIN): 5.7%, 1-for-4
5. Hanley Ramirez (FLA): 4.3%, 3-for-5


  1. thewex

    Is anyone else’s “longest streak” listed as one less than it should be? My longest streaks in BTS and Survivor are 7 and 11 respectively, but they’re listed as 6 and 10.

    I noticed on the leaderboard that a few others had a similar issue. Is this being fixed?

  2. vinman28

    It was like that last night wex but as far as I know for today it’s all good. 11 on Survivor is good man. I’m trying to get to 10 in BTS for now and than take it from there.

  3. dragbunt104

    ALERT ————
    Carl Pavano pitching for the Twins today. Detroit’s Cabrera is 1 for 9 lifetime vs. Pavano. I switched to Ichirio. “Big Game” James Shields pitching for the Rays – I’ve got my fingers crossed.
    Case Study – “Breaks of the Game” Shane Victorino had the game off on Friday — his career vs. Marlins Nolasco is 3 for 19. BUT – He pinch hits and goes 0 – 1. Your streak ends if you had Victorino(not a smart pick in the first place for Friday). 0 -1 is 0 – 1 your streak does not advance, it does not matter what part of the game you went 0 – 1. Things can happen in your favor just as well, Earlier in the season I had Cristian Guzman of Nats, he is 0 – 4, game goes to the 10th inning and he singles – now he is 1 – 5 and my streak continued. There is a Ying and a Yang to the game. Skill can help you out but “Lady Luck” also needs to be on your side.

    Good luck to all today,

  4. dragbunt104

    Was his last game off in April at the beginning of the season when he was hurt? This is amazing for a guy who is 35 years old. When is the last time he had two consecutive games with no hits?
    (When he was in first grade?) đŸ™‚

  5. vinny1979

    Hey dragbunt. What’s up. Ichiro hasn’t had 2 straight 0 fers this year yet. I have him today too since he is killing The Rays this year so far. Shields won’t stop him tonight.

  6. dragbunt104

    Vinny – Looks like we took the “short end of the stick” with Ichirio on Saturday. “Big Game” James Shields got the job done on our man.
    I’m going back to Ichirio on Sunday though. He faces a lefty, Scott Kazmir, who is not consistent. I was at the Mark Burehrle perfect game a few weeks ago in Chicago and Kamir faced Buehrle that day. Kazmair was looking good then lost his control and gave up a granny to Sox Josh Fields. It was all down hill from there from Kazmir.
    pperkins and vinman who do you like today?

  7. vegasjs

    Just realized that any loss now means no shot at 57. I lost my streak on Friday and counted only 54 days left in the season.

  8. dragbunt104

    Looks like there are 57 days left in the season as you have to count the games played on the first weekend of October.
    Sunday, Aug. 9th looks like the last day to begin a new streak and have a shot at the prize. This is the time to experiment for next year. Call it Beat the Streak “Spring Training.” Try out that new system that you were thinking about etc. I’m toying with the idea of choosing one of the “Kings at the Plate” each day to see how long it takes to “crash and burn” using their advice! Would be great if players shared their thoughts on ideas to beat the game.

  9. darwri

    Yes Saturday was not a good day for BTS.. I had 5 players in mind.. all of them were 0 for through 9 innings… but luckily my pick.. Aaron Hill got a hit in the 10th.. Jeter singled in the 15th…. I switched my pick last minute from Ichiro to Aaron because I just figured Ichiro was due for an 0 for… went back with him yesterday.. my streak is up to 18… still 39 games away… you think your close… but yet you are so far away… hope to Jays can start a run sometime soon!


    For those who went to Zilch yesterday and have counted out 56 days left, there may be hope – a playoff game to break a tie for either a wildcard or division title counts in the regular season stats and therefore should count as a game for BTS purposes.
    Another interesting scenario to consider – if someone has a 56 game streak going into the last day and all the playoff spots have been decided- it would be a killer to pick a good player and the manager sits him in a meaningless game.

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