Beat the Streak Report: Thursday, Aug. 13



Today’s recommended picks

Ichiro Suzuki, OF, Mariners
.429 AVG (12-for-28) since ’04 vs. Yankees starter CC Sabathia

Troy Tulowitzki, SS, Rockies
.625 AVG (5-for-8) lifetime vs. Pirates starter Paul Maholm

Orlando Cabrera, SS, Twins
.359 AVG (33-for-92) during 21-G hitting streak

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

The third-longest streak of the season met its end yesterday.

Michael Young certainly had his chances to come through for the BTS leader, but he wound up hitless in five at-bats to end eggman3131’s run at 41 games. Only 11 contestants in the game’s history have compiled longer streaks.

And so, the next wave of fans will continue their march toward magic No. 56. hammanm, samolina55 and Sun_Tenshi took the safe road toward that end yesterday by tabbing Ichiro Suzuki. The perennial BTS favorite came through with a 1-for-5 day to boost the respective streaks of the new Top 3 to 37, 36 and 34 games.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 19.4%, 1-for-5
2. Albert Pujols (STL): 6.8%, 2-for-4
3. Michael Young (TEX): 5.0%, 0-for-5
4. Matt Holliday (STL): 4.8%, 3-for-4
5. Joe Mauer (MIN): 3.8%, 1-for-4


  1. dragbunt104

    Dragbunt’s Great Experiment – Day #4

    As a critic of the “Kings at the Plate” daily advice, I’ve decided that if you can’t beat them you should join them!”

    I’ve got a four game streak going now. My pick of the day will come from the “Kings at the Plate” players only. I’m going with Troy Tulowitzki of the Rocks for Thursday, August 13th.

    Ichirio ? Tough to go against Ichirio again. CC Sabathia v. Ichirio ? Ichirio has hit him well in the past. Sabathia, a great lefty, could handcuff Ichirio. Sabathia is .218 v. lefty batters. Ichirio played 14 innings Tuesday night. This is one to stay away from. Again, my last streak came to an end who Ichirio had an 0-fer against a lefty.

    Troy Tulowitzki ? Has been hot lately. 5 for 5 v. Cubs a few days ago. Pirate?s hurler, Maholm, gives up a lot of hits and I hoping at least one comes off the bat of Tulowitzki.

    Orlando Cabrera ? Hot hitter, home game for Twins, KC pitcher gives up hits. Tough not to pick him. 36 year old legs playing a day game coming off a night game is a consideration.

    Tuesday?s Results: All 3 ?Kings at the Plate? players got hits. I had Christian Guzman (1-3). Kings at the Plate choices are now 9 for 9 in the three days of my experiment.

    Good Luck to all today!

  2. dragbunt104

    Wow! “My Kings at the Plate” experiment will be tested big time, tomorrow, Friday 8/14/09.
    —-Kevin Yukilis is out on suspension.
    —-Manny Ramirez faces Dan Haren in AZ
    —-Orlando Cabrera of Twins is 1 – 5 in his career vs. the Cleveland Pitcher, Justin Masterson. Does not seem fair that he is a “King at the Plate” with that kind of hitting record.

    Guys – Because of the Youklis suspension, I’m down to two picks. Someone please be my “life line,” like the Millionaire TV Show, and give me the name of a guy who can get a hit on Friday. I’m considering going outside of the “Kings at the Plate” choices because of the Youkilis suspension. There should be a 3rd guy for me to choose from not just 2.
    I will call it my wild card pick!

  3. dragbunt104

    Baseball nicknames are great. Steve Carlton was “lefty.”
    Ed Ford was “Whitey” George Herman Ruth was “Babe”
    Does Ichirio have a nickname? I know Japanese players go by their first names a lot. He should have a nickname!
    Michael Angelo was the master with the paint brush.
    Mozart could not be beat at the piano.
    Ichirio gets hits out of his bat like a magician pulls a rabbit out a hat. He is also a diminutive guy. I am suggesting that he be nicknamed “The Little Magician.”

  4. ohwow

    I’m going to pick a Cincinnati Reds player, basically picking against Washington starter Garrett Mock.

    Mock, a converted reliever, is getting hit by all opponents at a .342 batting average. He’s only given up 19 walks in 36 innings, so he’s around the plate, a good attribute in a pitcher for this game. And he hasn’t lasted more than 6 innings in any start this year, so the fallback is the opportunity to face the Nationals bullpen.

    Mark Reynolds worked for me against Mock in his last outing. Before that, I had no idea who to pick on Pittsburgh, but Ryan Braun also came through the outing before that against Mock. He seems to be a strike-thrower that can and does get hit by good hitters.

    Right now, I’m going with Joey Votto. I was considering Chris Dickerson, but I think Votto’s my guy for tomorrow. With a 7-game streak on the line, I realize this is my ‘last hurrah’ if I want to compete for the grand prize. I had a 13 game streak busted a week ago, so really I am 20 for the last 21…..but right now, that amounts to a 7 game streak.

  5. dragbunt104

    Hey ohwow,

    I was the guy who wrote a few weeks ago and gave Votto his nickname, “The Black Cat.” Why The Black Cat?
    1. He ended a 30 streak in May by being taken out of a game after he was 0 -2. He complained of dizziness and later that week was put on the DL with “Social Anxiety Disorder.”
    2. More recently he stopped the leaders streak by
    going 0-1. He got tossed out of the game in the first inning when he struck out and argued the call with the ump and got tossed from the game.
    You are right, Mock is a “train wreck.” His next job may be pitching batting practice in the Frontier League for the Southern Illinois Miners!
    The Drama mounts……….
    Should I go with Orlando Cabrera or Manny Ramirez on Friday as they are “Kings at the Plate?”
    Should I go with a wild card pick of Joey Votto and go against everything I believe in?
    Will Mock put on his “superman cap” on Friday and mow the Reds down like little leaguers?
    Will the ump call ball four on Votto in the first inning. Votto wanting to hit vs. Mock begins to argure with the ump that the pitch was a strike and get tossed from the game?
    I’ve got to sleep on this one…………


    I just started this game 3 1/2 weeks ago and i’m up to a streak of 16 for tomorow i’m having a really tough time picking someone.
    I’m thinking either votto, dejesus, crawford and a few others any suggestions?

  7. vinny1979

    I can’t believe what happened to me. I had Jeter against Romero on Wed and he got hit by a pitch in his first AB and scored a run. Than he comes up and makes an out and than gets taken out of the game because of a foot contusion. I couldn’t believe it when I read it as he couldn’t get taken out before the AB and my streak would still be going but you know what I may follow Dragbunt and go the Kings At The Plate route just to see how far I get. 8 years playing and can’t get a lick of 15 games straight yet.

  8. backrubs62

    Last 7 days, these are the hottest hitters

    1. K Kouzmanoff
    SD 3B 6 19 2 12 3 0 0 5 15 3 3 0 0 .708 .789 .632
    2. J Baker
    CHC 2B 6 19 2 11 2 1 0 2 15 2 4 0 0 .636 .789 .579
    3. M Holliday
    STL OF 6 23 5 13 2 1 1 6 20 1 4 1 2 .538 .870 .565
    4. A Gonzalez
    SD 1B 6 25 8 13 3 0 1 6 19 5 4 0 0 .600 .760 .520
    4. J Hamilton
    TEX OF 6 25 5 13 5 0 1 7 21 2 1 1 0 .556 .840 .520
    4. J Mauer
    MIN C 6 25 5 13 1 0 3 10 23 3 2 0 0 .571 .920 .520
    7. M Ellis
    OAK 2B 6 18 2 9 1 0 1 8 13 1 2 0 0 .500 .722 .500
    7. K Morales
    LAA 1B 5 20 7 10 1 0 2 5 17 1 5 0 0 .524 .850 .500
    7. D Span
    MIN OF 6 24 6 12 2 0 0 5 14 4 7 1 0 .552 .583 .500
    10. A Callaspo
    KC 2B 6 23 5 11 1 0 0 2 12 5 2 0 0 .571 .522 .478
    11. T Helton
    COL 1B 7 27 6 12 2 1 0 4 16 2 1 0 0 .483 .593 .444
    11. H Ramirez
    FLA SS 7 36 8 16 4 0 1 11 23 0 5 4 0 .444 .639 .444
    13. R Cano
    NYY 2B 7 32 4 14 4 0 2 3 24 0 3 0 0 .438 .750 .438
    14. T Oeltjen
    ARI OF 5 23 5 10 2 1 2 2 20 0 0 0 1 .435 .870 .435
    15. C Coghlan

  9. dragbunt104

    Kings at the Plate for Friday 8/14 are not good choices. What is going on here?
    Manny Ramirez (10-20) vs. Dan Haren – This would be a dangerous pick – AZ home game
    Cristain Guzman 2-4 v. Aaron Harang
    Orlando Cabrera 1-5 v. Justin Masterson
    These are not “Kings at the Plate” quality choices.
    How about some realistic Kings at the Plate choices? Like: Hanley Ramirez 3-4 v. Hammel who give up a ton of hits. Thanks to backrubs62 for pointing out Carl Crawford 20-59 v. Ray Halladay.
    That is a real track record to consider v. Halladay.

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